Tips for saving at Christmas: how to give without spending so much?

Tips for saving at Christmas: how to give without spending so much?

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New year coming and with that desire to give friends and family gifts. The big question is that excessive spending can open a hole in the family budget. So it is very important to follow tips to save on Christmas.

In 2021, even in the midst of the pandemic and unemployment, the end of the year should generate around £ 38.8 billion in the trade and services sector, according to the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL).

It is estimated that more than 86 million people are due to go shopping at Christmas. But before buying it is necessary to plan not to start a new year in the red. In this article we will bring tips to save on Christmas, avoiding excessive spending. Check out!

How to save at Christmas? 10 tips

2021 was an atypical year, with the pandemic, high unemployment and some markets in retraction. Even so, the expectation of the commerce and services sector is to earn more than £ 38 billion at the end of the year.

Christmas is the one that pulls this value up, after all, everyone wants to give a touch to that family member or friend at this party. This is so true that 54% of consumers in the country say they have the desire to give someone a gift at Christmas 2021, according to CNDL.

But how to spend without compromising finances? Below we have selected 10 tips to save on Christmas and give gifts to those you love without spending so much.

  • Buy wholesale;
  • Set a spending ceiling;
  • Make a gift list;
  • Compare product prices;
  • Enjoy Black Friday;
  • Use your credit card sparingly;
  • Never buy on impulse;
  • Escape the trips to the mall;
  • Use the “art” of bargaining;
  • Build savings throughout the year.

Find out how to follow these tips next.

Buy wholesale

The wholesale is known for several promotions and some stores even accept to negotiate the value if the customer takes more than 1 unit. Therefore, one of the tips to save on Christmas is to buy products at wholesale.

In addition to being economical, the consumer who thinks about giving gifts to many people can take advantage of differentiated values ​​when buying in large quantities.

Not to mention that some wholesalers offer an exclusive card to customers that allow exclusive product value and installment interest-free even higher than normal.

Set a spending cap

A very important factor before going shopping is to set a spending cap.

That's because when you leave to decide the gifts at the last minute you end up spending more than you can and accumulate debts unnecessarily.

One of the tips to save on Christmas is to make a shopping list. With this list it is not only possible to predict how much you will spend, but it also facilitates a previous price search to know where that gift is most important.

So, do not leave home before researching and especially before setting a budget for your purchases.

Make a gift list

Buying gifts for all your friends and family is out of the question, isn't it? Then, one of the good tips to save for Christmas is to make a short list with the people you will give as a gift.

This helps you to provide guidance for your purchases and mainly helps in those important accounts within your financial planning. Because, with this list you can put which gift you want to give, research the value, where to buy and etc.

Thus, allowing greater control over your budget and having a clear view of the expenses you will have with all those present.

Compare product prices

Price research is essential for those who want to save on holiday shopping. In this sense, websites that compare product prices can be of great help.

This, in fact, is one of the tips to save at Christmas. Sites like Buscapé and zoom enable a thorough search of product values, including the lowest price of the day, of the last month, in addition to a graph of price variation.

In this way, the consumer can see the best discount option and, consequently, the product's value in order to save money.

Another resource in this economy are the coupons that some sites offer, such as Cuponeria. Using it before making a purchase can help you spend less.

Enjoy Black Friday

New Year's Eve not only brings that period when people go shopping for Christmas, but there are also good opportunities for discounts, such as sexta-feira Negra, which takes place on the last Friday of November.

According to a google search, 54% of UK citizens will enjoy Black Friday in 2021. This is one of the good tips to save at Christmas. However, as not everything is flowers, you have to be very careful not to be deceived.

The secret on Black Friday is not to go out and buy things right away, but to research the price variation of that product first.

Buscapé, for example, shows a growth curve for that item so that you don't fall into traps and end up paying even more than the amount before Black Friday.

Therefore, taking advantage of promotions is an excellent alternative to save on Christmas, as long as you do a thorough research beforehand to take advantage of the actual discounts.

Use your credit card sparingly

44% of consumers admit that they will use their credit card to pay for the holiday gifts, revealed the CNDL. That is why paying attention to your credit card is one of the tips to save on Christmas.

Given that at the same time it can be a support for you to divide the purchase price it can become a beast of seven heads if there is no caution in its use.

So, before you go shopping for everything on the card evaluate how much you can spend and whether you will later have money to honor the invoice amount in the coming months.

Keep in mind a real value of installment accounts and if they will not weigh in your pocket and never compromise your entire limit, as you may need it in unforeseen circumstances.

Never buy on impulse

Not buying on impulse is one of the main tips to save at Christmas. In Brazil, about 43% of consumers make some kind of purchase without planning it first or because they act on impulse, according to SPC Brasil and CNDL.

This type of purchase, in most cases, ends up compromising the budget and often creates a serious financial problem afterwards. Now imagine spending on impulse having to buy a gift for all friends and family.

It is obvious that this type of attitude is irresponsible, financially speaking, and a major factor of later regret. As we said earlier, research, plan and don't buy the first thing that appears in frontas this can cause serious damage to your pocket.

Escape shopping trips

Many trips to the mall at the end of the year are synonymous with “spending a lot”. The stores put huge discount signs and often that jump in the eye instigates people to buy even without need.

We already talked about another article on how to avoid unnecessary purchases, read clicking here.

If you’re one of those who don’t miss out on a promotion, regardless of the need to buy a particular product, avoid going to the mall often at this time.

Just go to buy the gifts on your list, in case you are in dire need. Especially because today the online market offers all the options that you would find in a physical store and even with better values.

With this decrease in trips to the mall in this period you will be cutting the evil of excessive spending in the bud. So, you will not be tempted to buy something on sale, on sale and that you do not need at that moment.

Use the “art” of bargaining

The act of haggling can be extremely beneficial for those who want to save money. In fact, 81% of UK citizens tend to haggle, survey of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

Bargaining is one of the tips to save at Christmas. It doesn't matter if the discount is 5, 10, 15%, the less you pay better for your pocket.

In this period, resorting to bargains is common for the shopkeeper, he is already used to it, and it is no demerit for the consumer to try to negotiate the value of a product. Several stores offer discounts on the purchase of more than one item and also on cash payments.

This is mainly because some of them have a profit margin in which they can work, and can therefore decrease the value of the product in many cases.

Build savings throughout the year

The worst option for those who want to gift friends and family at Christmas is to leave everything to the last minute. This is because the trend is that at that time the products are more expensive.

One of the tips to save for Christmas, then, is set up a savings account for year-end gifts throughout the year.

Another alternative is go shopping for items throughout the year to take advantage of the differentiated value. If in 2021 there is no more time to set up this “Christmas savings”, start 2021 by placing it within your financial planning.

So, it is possible to spend less, calmly throughout the year, and you do not need to give up having to give people gifts.

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