Tool for digital admission process: meet HR Consultants UK

Tool for digital admission process: meet Xerpa

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THE HR Consultants UK's digital admission process tool allows data and documents from new employees to be received and organized in record time. In addition to facilitating all admission process, The software still allows:

  • the employee himself fills out his registration form;
  • the Human Resources (HR) team monitors the entire process;
  • data and documents can be accessed by accounting;
  • documents are scanned and are securely archived;
  • the HR team does all the management of the Personnel Department (DP) by HR Consultants UK;
  • document imports and exports to create statistics and generate efficient reports;
  • integrations with other HR tools are made;
  • the functionality is customized to the reality of your company.

More than facilitating, the HR Consultants UK's digital admission process tool allows the management process to be functional, effective and much more agile. Check out this post for the differentials of this software, which can enhance the work of the research team. HR of your company.

What is HR Consultants UK?

THE HR Consultants UK is technology company that seeks to humanize the UK residents labor area, through modern tools that make the relationship between company and employee less bureaucratic.

With an absolute focus on digital universe, HR Consultant UK offers technologies for HR management, which automate, integrate, streamline and optimize the work routine of companies in all branches.

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What are the benefits of the HR Consultant UK admission tool?

As has already been said, the HR Consultants UK's digital admission process tool offers several benefits that optimize the work routine of the DP. Check in detail:

The employee fills in the registration form

THE admission process already starts with the your company's face. With the tool, the new employee receive personalized messages and videos with information that will help you navigate and fill in the registration data.

To ensure that the documents are assertive, the employee can consult the registration data in the government registry base, in eSocial, through the tool itself. In addition, HR Consultant UK automatically extracts photo information from documents and checks the integrity of the data.

That done, the new employee sends the documents even before the first day of work. Admission is done quickly and completely online.

>> HR Consultant UK has developed a Admission Process Sheet. With it, you will be able to guide this entire process effectively (and without leaving anything behind). Click here and download the file!

HR monitors the entire admission process in the tool

Excellence is law, that's why tool for digital admission process allows the HR team to follow the entire progress of the process, in real time, from the first email sent to the filling in the last document.

All registration information (name, phone, address, contract, benefits, experience, terminations, etc.) and the history of each employee can be accessed by HR.

Accounting integration

Another differential of tool for digital admission process, and the integration with accounting from the company, be it own or outsourced.

THE accounting can access all information about the company's employees (admission, contractual data, etc.), streamlining contact and carrying out processes. A communication channel via e-mail is also possible within the tool itself, creating secure system between the requester and the executor.

Scan all documents and secure archiving

THE scanning documents it is a precautionary and occupational intelligence practice. HR is responsible for management of documentation for all employees, and the law requires that some documents be archived for a few years by the company. Therefore, the scanning is a way to prevent risks like damage to the paper document compromises any adverse future situation.

You scanned files streamline search processes (one-click documents) and avoid clutter in storage space (eliminates the need for physical storage of files). THE HR Consultants UK's digital admission process tool makes the registration only with scanned documents, to guarantee the organizational security.

DP management in the tool

In addition to the admission process, the tool also offers conditions for optimize the entire personal department of the company.

It is possible to send the payslips of each employee, that you can access it from anywhere. HR can also schedule, approve and organize holidays in one place. The history of each employee can be accessed in one click.

The tool also monitors the absences, offering the possibility of create, approve and reject employee requests. In a practical way, a medical certificate in digital format can be sent and received by the HR team.

All changes made to cadastral profiles can be monitored, and wages can be recorded for facilitate the administration of work portfolios.

As in the admission process, the tool also performs the shutdowns efficiently and conveniently.

>> We elaborate a checklist for the dismissal process. With it, you will be able to guide this entire process effectively (and without leaving anything behind). Click here and download the checklist!

Easy to import / export data for official reports

At HR Consultants UK's digital admission process tool, you can import any document to other platforms and also export.

This possibility is very useful for creating statistics, generating reports officers of various purposes, make benefit purchases, among others.

All spreadsheets generated in the tool are in .CSV format and can be opened in different software, as in Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, Openoffice, LibreOffice or Apple Numbers.

Integrations with other HR tools

In order to decisively optimize the work of the HR sector, the HR Consultants UK's digital admission process tool offers integration with the main HR management tools:

Customized tool for your company

HR Consultant UK still personalizes its features to the reality of your company. Custom fields allow gather specific information about employees.

The HR industry can use these custom fields to get to know the company's employees better and provide a more fun experience during the admission process, instead of asking for only the essential documents for the contract. A good idea is to ask some curiosity or hobby.

In addition, it is possible to place, in the profile of each employee, important documents and personal information. Or even ask the employee to add some information.

THE HR Consultant UK tool it was developed with the mission of reducing the bureaucracy of the company's relationship with the employee, which is why it brings the differentials that your HR sector needs.

Want more proof that HR Consultants UK's admission process tool is a game changer? So, schedule an appointment demonstration with one of our experts! The success of your management is our motivation. Click here!



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