Tools for communication with employees: the best options!

Tools for communication with employees: the best options!

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O Human Resources (HR) sector he is primarily responsible for the internal communication of an organization, so he needs to master tools for communicating with the employee. The technology offers several resources to facilitate this contact, considering the practicality, demand and time, such as:

  • email;
  • mural;
  • intranet;
  • corporate social network;
  • newsletter;
  • video conference;
  • information access platforms.

THE internal communication maintains team cohesion and alignment, avoiding noise in messages and, consequently, errors. In addition, it favors employee satisfaction through transparency and assertiveness.

In order to be worked in an intelligent and strategic way, the tools used for internal communication they must, first of all, know the profile of their target audience.

There are several tools for communication with the employee, we separated 7. Follow the post and get to know each one in detail.

Tools for communication with the employee

As already stated, the tools for communicating with the employee must know their target audience. For the tool used to be efficient, the profile of users must be considered, both to evaluate the format and the language.

Often, adopting more than one tool will be necessary to ensure that internal communication is being worked to its full potential. We separated 7 options of tools used in the best companies.

1. E-mail

E-mail may seem to be one of the tools for communicating with the oldest employee, but it is still widely used. As consolidated as it has become, the tool is seen as a daily habit.

As an option for an internal communication tool, e-mail is a great option, as employees are already familiar with and are always watch your inboxes. In addition, it is possible to schedule meetings, notify about unforeseen events, inform news, send files, among others.

2. Mural

Although it is an ancient internal communication tool, the physical mural is still widely used by companies.

The mural is a tool for communication with the employee who helps when leaving reminders, raising the team's goals, reinforcing the company's strategies, leaving organizational culture characteristics exposed. However, it is only a functional option if it is located in a space visible to everyone.

With the support of technology, many companies already employ digital version of the mural. In addition to providing a more modern and sophisticated profile for the company, the digital wall requires a single initial investment for implementation. It is an interesting cost option.

Both in the physical and digital versions, it is essential that the reports offer a very strong visual appeal, accessible language and are always up to date.

3. Intranet

THE intranet it is a corporate communication network with exclusive access to employees. It is a connection channel between units and departments, via the web, which offers the possibility for all employees to access a standardized and easily accessible message.

It is a tool for communication with the employee used to disseminate all the news of the company, provide information, training, and disseminate products.

4. Corporate Social Network

The Corporate Social Network (CSR) draws attention due to the operational similarity with traditional social networks. Despite being a novelty in the market, we can consider it as a more advanced intranet.

In addition to engaging employees more and having low operating costs, it is a cloud platform (SaaS), where all employees can participate.

Social networks have impacted the way people communicate, which is why they are being incorporated even into the corporate environment. The goal is to be more and more close to the employee.

5. Newsletter

When it comes to internal communication, it is necessary to innovate the formats and channels, in which the information will be conveyed to ensure that the message reaches the target audience with quality. THE newsletter it is, precisely, a communication tool with the employee that attracts by its differentiated profile.

Worked as a kind of magazine, the newsletter brings a summary of information and useful news for employees, in addition to productions motivational. The language is attractive and has a well-defined visual appeal.

In addition, the tool is still a space for valuing employees. Therefore, their performance can be publicized as great news. Employee satisfaction is stimulated by recognition.

6. Videoconference

With technology support, tools for communication with the employee appear to facilitate even situations in which directors, managers or employees are absent.

Due to external work or the existence of branches, many essential employees may not be present at important moments. Therefore, opting for video conference as an internal communication tool it is a good solution.

With video conferencing, regardless of where you are, it is possible to organize meetings and talk with people important to the progress of the organization's internal and external processes.

7. Information access platforms

Another technology to facilitate internal communication is the information access platform, such as a management software. HR Consultant UK, for example, allows communication with the employee to be facilitated by practicality and functionality of the platform.

By HR Consultant UK, communication with the company is facilitated from the admission. The employee himself fills in his registration data and sends the documentation. In addition, it queries information such as benefits, pay stubs, period, labor data, among others, in a few clicks.

The employee has access to the most important information in a quick and practical. He still manages to make several requests to his managers, such as salary advances (HR Consultant UKy), absences, vacations, facilitating communication.

HR Consultant UK aims to transform the relationship between company and employee, through technological tools that make this relationship less bureaucratic. Deploying a platform like this is more than enhancing the internal communication of your company, it is optimizing the work of the entire sector.

At tools for communication with the employee favor the flow of internal communication, bringing more quality to the company's relationship with the employee. Assess the reality of your sector and adopt the most appropriate tools. Create an assertive communication channel and transform the relationship of the entire organization.

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