Top English words used in business

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Top English words used in business

Table of Contents

Often, we don’t even realize how many English words are used in businessprecisely because they are deeply inserted in our day to day.

Calls became calls – especially with the popularization of these distance chat tools amid the pandemic – and many are already used to saying budget instead of budget.

In your work environment, there must already be dozens of expressions in English that you read daily.

To help, then we did an overview with some of the most popular words. Check out what will be discussed in this article first!

  • The importance of English words used in the business world;
  • The main English expressions used in companies.

Good reading!

The importance of English words used in business

English expressions are important in everyday corporate life. Many of these words take shape in the USA, or in other countries that have English as their mother tongue, and then have an impact on the international market.

In addition, the language is one of the most widely spoken in the world, and almost a preference for relations between foreign countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that the words in English used in the business world, have crossed borders and are also part of our daily lives.

However, experts warn of the beware of exaggerated foreignism. After all, we have some words that are already well rooted in the corporate vocabulary and that do not necessarily need to be replaced by expressions in another language for no apparent reason.

The main English expressions used in companies

Learning a new language is always interesting for the improvement of the professional curriculum, for the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, and also to exercise the brain through this practice.

However, on a daily basis, learning English and reinforcing this learning can also be used to ensure that you understand everything that is being communicated – whether in conversations, meetings, or through other forms of communication, such as phone calls and videoconferences.

See, then, what are the most used English words in the business world and the meaning of each one of them!


In a company’s financial department, the accountant has a relevant role. After all, this is the accountant who will handle your business numbers.

Even speaking of this department, exclusively, you can check out another article from us, which explains what is the best structure for the financial department of your institution!

As Soon As Possible (ASAP)

When people have an urgency for a particular task to be completed or performed, they can say they want that ASAP – short for “as soon as possible”.

In London, this means that this activity in question must be carried out as soon as possible – or as soon as possible, highlighting the sense of urgency of its execution.


The meaning of the word has to do with the company’s assets. In other words: the assets that will consolidate the company’s equity.

In parallel, the term is also used for the human capital that obtains an above-average performance, obtaining relevant individual prominence.

B2B and B2C

Both acronyms come from English words used in the business world. Are they:

  • B2B – Business to business -, which means a model of work done from one company to other companies. Thus, the final public is not the consumer, but another organization;
  • B2C – Business to costumer – which refers, here, to the relationship of a company with the final consumer.


For many, it refers to an individual’s professional baggage. In an interview, for example, if you ask yourself about your background, the person is interested in learning about your academic background and also about previous experiences in the field that may qualify you for the position.


The literal translation of benchmarking means reference point. But, in the corporate world, the term is used to define a comparative study to analyze the strengths and challenges of implementing it within your own company.

For example: organizations that are looking for new opportunities can research, in the competition, the strategies that have had the most effect for them, and then replicate them in a personalized way within their own characteristics.

See too: what is financial benchmark

Business Intelligence (BI)

We have already talked a lot, on our blog, about the Business Intelligence and how this technological method of collecting and analyzing strategic data is the immediate future of organizations. Through this work, it is possible to make intelligent decisions focused on the behavior of your target audience.

Big picture

Term that refers to the general or macro notion of a given issue. Thus, we are talking about something in a more general context, and not isolated or specific.

Example: we can talk about the performance of the HR department as a whole (which would be the big picture, in this case), and not only in the training area, which is an arm of the sector.


The literal translation for brainstorming it is a “storm of ideas”. And it is a method of encouraging ideas, freely, to seek new approaches to a particular problem or to achieve a goal.

The idea here is to make sure that there is a rain of random ideas until, through the different perspectives of the participants, new connections of ideas are made so that an unthinkable solution, until then, can emerge.


This is one of the main English words used in the business world, and is associated with a company’s expenses or budget – whether for a specific project or to be used throughout the year.


Acronym in English for Chief Executive Officer – the equivalent of a company’s Executive Director.


The term here refers to the position of Chief Financial Officer – the organization’s Chief Financial Officer.


The culture of feedback is already part of most companies. And it is nothing more than a return or response, in a constructive way, so that professionals know more about their performances in the company – whether individually or collectively.

The importance of this is reflected in the science of what can be improved and what has resulted or exceeded expectations. What is beneficial for the professional to be in continuous development and also for the company to always get the best out of its employees.


They are professionals who do not work with a formal contract in CLT registration and who normally develop their careers as freelancers and through specific projects in different companies – without, therefore, creating a permanent employment relationship with any of them.


One more acronym, which means for your information. Translating: for your information. The term is used to address the importance of certain information to a person – such as an email forwarded to other senders.


The popular talent scouts on the market are known as headhunters. They can act as freelancers or even within companies to ensure that that organization can always count – or keep in touch – with the great references of their respective branches of activity.

It is an excellent way to keep a radar in constant operation to attract and retain the best professionals in the job market.

Home office

Self-explanatory and very popular in the year 2021 – mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic -, the home office has become a very popular practice.

Through it, people were able to work from home, maintaining their professional activities without, with this, having the need to be in the company in person.

Just a comparative data: in 2021, 46% of companies in the country joined the home office during the first months of the pandemic.


Although the word can mean “meeting”, it has also become popular as a meeting, which can be in person or remotely – via phone or video, among other media formats.


The word has become synonymous with quality among professionals, since it means multitasking.

This has even been one of the most sought and desired characteristics among younger professionals, as is the case generation Z, who learns to deal with new technologies and skills from an early age.


Another popular term, which gained strength due to its relevance. After all, it is about your network of contacts, which are the people with whom you connect, do business, identify opportunities and partnerships and solidify your influence in a particular environment.


Usually, this English word is used as the argument for a business plan, for a sales meeting or even to present an idea to the rest of the team. It is, literally, the DNA of your idea to captivate your interlocutors.

Soft and hard skills

They are the skills, competences and aptitudes of the professionals. At soft skills have to do with a person’s natural and behavioral skills. At hard skills, in turn, are those that can be learned through qualifications – such as a specialization course in certain software.

We have a post that also explains, in a complete way, everything you need to know about soft and hard skills<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>!


It is the emerging companies in the market – like HR Consultant UK itself – that have in common the greater attention to the use of technological solutions to innovate in their respective fields of activity.

See too: get to know the most valued startups in the country – the brazilian unicorns


Usually, we can see the word trend associated with other terms as it refers to the trend. So, they are English words used in the business world with different contexts.

Marketing trends are therefore linked to marketing trends, as well as sales trends point to sales innovations, and so on.


Among the English words used in the business world, this is one that is already part of the vocabulary as it is one of the main employee satisfaction indexes.

After all, the turnover measures the number of hires and firings in a given period. If the rate is high, something is wrong with the company, and it is causing constant layoffs and a continuous leak of losses as a result of these out-of-control inflows and outflows.

Think outside of the box

An expression that many managers look for in their employees, which means “to think outside the box”. In other words: to identify new solutions for new or old problems, facing them from other perspectives and approaches.

And to you? Are there any other English words used in the business world that did not appear in this post? Share your vocabulary with us in the comments field below!



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