Traditional X Digital Admission Processes

Traditional X Digital Admission Processes

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Analog and digital remain in constant confrontation – when their integration is not possible -, but it is easy to understand which are the best options for your company. For example: the traditional and digital admission processes have wide differences and, when analyzing them closely, it is easier to assess which models are the most efficient for your company!

Regardless of the stage of digital transformation your company is in, it may be time to assess how to make your specialists' working time even more valuable. And, for that, it is important to observe the differences between the traditional X digital admission processes style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

Based on this assessment, it is possible to see that a long, troubled and poorly organized process can be highly detrimental to your organization.

He doubts? IBOPE CONECTA research shows that 36% of UK residents companies have already suffered from the loss of candidates because a selection process has extended beyond what is necessary.

But this is not the only reason why you should compare traditional and digital admission processes. In the topics below, we will make a thorough diagnosis of both for you to make your decision. Check out!

What are the differences between the traditional and digital admission processes?

Below, we will analyze the main aspects of each contracting model. Take the time to identify which of them can be better absorbed in your work routine!

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1. Organization of curricula

Even before admission, it is important to have, in your company, a good planning for the receipt and organization of curricula.

For this, your selection and recruitment sector has to be in line with the major market trends and also understand the importance of a good bank of resumes.

When this is done in a traditional way, heavy archives contain the resumes of potential candidates and require a certain amount of time to filter their employees.

Now, when comparing with the digital model, this information bank is pre-populated and can be filtered based on the saved information.

This makes it easier, for example, for your HR specialists to find the best candidates for specific positions within hundreds of other files.

2. Delivery and verification of documents

Regardless of evaluating the traditional admission processes and typesl, it is important to note that both follow the same steps.

And this implies, of course, the delivery and verification of documents by the professionals selected to join the staff. In common, too, it has the company's deadlines for returning documents that can only be delivered in person, such as the Work and Social Security Card (CTPS) (within 48 hours of receipt).

However, when comparing the traditional and digital admission processes, we can see that the online model offer more convenience, facilities and agility.

This is because some management software allows the process not to demand the physical need, of the professional future, to send documents. Just give access to the system, thus, it itself attaches the necessary documentation (which can be taken from the system itself). smartphone) and forwards through the system.

Thus, only CTPS is delivered on the first day of work, so that HR streamlines the procedures and delivers the document on time, without any unforeseen circumstances, in addition to other information that can be resolved already during the working day.

3. Integration and training

This is a fundamental step for hiring any employee, regardless of position. And, within the differences between the traditional and digital admission processes, we were able to observe new discrepancies between the models.

For example: why wait for the first day of work to integrate and train employees? Through personalized welcome messages – such as texts and videos -, the newly hired person already knows about the organizational culture of the company, what is expected of it, etc.

Unlike someone who still clings to the traditional process exclusively. For this, the work is only done after the first day of work, leaving the employee still “Disoriented” about all the information.

Through digital channels, it is possible to prepare employees as much as possible about their routine, responsibilities, behaviors and attitudes. Not to mention the company's differentials, as well as the institutional pillars of the organization in advance.

4. Hiring cycle time

Finally, it is worth noting that the traditional and digital admission processes they also distance themselves in their own time for hiring.

Digitally organized information generates more assertiveness in less time. This is because the entire admission flow can be mapped and inserted into the system. Thus, all professionals involved are made aware (through notifications) of their participation and what is missing to continue the work.

When the traditional process, in turn, requires constant communication – which, consequently, adds communicative mismatches since there is no centralizing place, such as the management software, so that everyone can follow the progress of hiring any employees.

create a digital admission process

How to find a digital admission solution?

If you have convinced yourself that there is a lot to benefit from online model, after comparing the differences between traditional and digital admission processes, take the opportunity to know the HR Consultant UK solution!

Through it, you can acquire, in your admission process:

Did you see how it is possible to go beyond the differences between traditional and digital admission processes?

Who is HR Consultants UK?

Sherpas it is the people residing between Nepal and Tibet, who play an elementary role in helping to guide intrepid adventurers who plan to climb their steepest and most challenging mountains.

Transposing this meticulous and fundamental work to corporate corridors, one of HR Consultants UK's main objectives is to reach out to guide its customers and partners to the top of their goals in a safe and self-sufficient way.

For this, the company has a wide knowledge of the sector, cutting edge technology – and constantly in development – so that your steps are safe and decisive even in unexplored terrains and a multidisciplinary team to meet and anticipate all your demands!

To set aside the differences between the traditional and digital admission processes and integrate your brand among the big companies of the future, focus on our solutions and also on all our tips and news. Be sure to like our Facebook pagetherefore and also to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!



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