Training and qualification of employees: understand the subject!

Training and qualification of employees: understand the subject!

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The training and qualification of employees is a practice adopted by the company to increase the performance of the team and enhance the daily results.

In this article we will address the importance of training and qualification of employees in the search for results in addition to tips on how the company can draw up a strategy so that these trainings are increasingly effective.

The importance of training and qualification of employees

Competing more and more for the best place in the job market, companies look for training in the way to maximize their results.

The corporate world is increasingly competitive and companies try, at all times, to devise strategies to retain talents and maintain their engaged professionals. An alternative that synthesizes this reality is the training and qualification of employees.

The strategy of the team training not only does it keep its employees more efficient in the search for results, but it also makes them more willing and satisfied.

When a company decides to invest in training and qualification of employees, she is betting on herself. The result of this investment, most of the time, is the creation of professionals better prepared to fight for their goals.

The margin of accuracy when planning to train your employees is much greater than that of error. Learning new things never hurts, and when employees feel valued, we boost their spirits and give them the feeling that their career can evolve in the company, by retain that talent.

Strategically plan the training and qualification of employees it is the first step towards achieving the goal of these formations. However, many companies do not know how to plan or what paths to follow, even with so many examples available to them. train and train its employees.

Now that you understand the importance of professional training in companies, how about learning to plan these qualifications?

Make an employee training plan

Imagine that your company offers courses that have nothing to do with the company's work or most of the activities of its employees. In addition to making them waste time, there is a possibility that you will also lose money if there is a financial investment.

For this reason, it is essential to draw up a plan, where each training has an objective, and mainly to define the themes to suit the profiles of each of the employees.

All training and qualification of employees must have an objective, built by an alignment between manager and HR professional. With that in mind, we have prepared a series of tips for corporations that wish to invest in the career of their employees.

1. Know your team and identify weaknesses

Knowing the team and the main needs of its employees is essential for the effectiveness of the training and qualification of employees. When possible weaknesses and weaknesses are identified, it is easier to plan and define the best training.

In this scenario, it becomes more than essential that managers and HR professionals able to take into account the individualities of each of its employees. To achieve this reality, it is necessary that the company is attentive to the performance of its professionals.

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2. Leverage employee skills

Enhancing skills of its collaborator, to carry out specific activities, can be a great differential in the achievement of results. Many employees enter the company and have only theoretical training as a base, when in fact they need to be trained in practice for the job.

Most corporations should adopt the training and qualification of employees as an essential object for the integration of the employee with the reality of the company. When the employee starts his activities and, from the beginning, he receives some kind of incentive, he tends to be motivated and to engage more and more in the execution of his work.

3. Be the example for your team

A very common and common mistake among companies is not to involve managers and leaders in the training and qualification of employees. Many companies still believe that these trainings are intended only for new collaborators or in specific cases for certain vacancies.

However, when managers participate in the team training , there is the possibility of creating a bond of trust with the team.

Confucius it said: “The word convinces, but the example drags”!

Employees feel more motivated and engaged when they perceive the interest of their managers and leaders for the training in which they participate. A simple participation of the superior is as if there is a demonstration that everyone is on the same path, in the struggle for the same goal.

In addition, the team sees the manager as an example of a professional who leads and demonstrates an incessant search for skills that make him / her better, encouraging subordinates.

4. Keep up with technology

Technology can be a great ally in the training and qualification of employees. Currently, countless training courses can be offered through online platforms, a fact that makes employees easier to access and less investment than they would be in face-to-face courses.

5. Know the types of training

There are countless ways to carry out a training and qualification of employees. We have selected three types of training that can help you devise a strategy to better prepare your employees for the daily search for results.

Face-to-face training

This is the most common method of training and qualifying employees. The companies offer courses in external locations or even within the company itself, the differential of this training is the possibility of contact with the trainer and the employees. feedbacks constant.

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Distance training

Increasingly common, distance learning, usually online, are a reality in the employee training plan of companies. Usually time and money is saved in this type of training, since the employee can study wherever he wants, and at alternative times.

Training in practice

Usually aimed at the formation of specific skills, in-service training consists of learning by doing. In this type of training and qualification of employees the employee performs, within the company itself, the execution of a specific task that will be his responsibility in the future.

Once you know how to assemble a employee training plan, put into practice the tips we provide and benefit both your employees and the company.

Leverage your company's results

Invest in training and qualification of employees it is nothing more than keeping the company and its team in constant growth. In addition to enhancing the skills of employees and correcting the weaknesses of teams, training increases the chances of results.

However, it is useless to offer the best course, if it is directed to the employee who does not fit with the training or workshop you have proposed.

The training and qualification of employees also tends to be a weapon to engage employees and give them a future career plan. The employee who recognizes the investment of the company in his career, tends to work more willing and motivated.

Now I ask you a simple and objective question: is investment in qualification courses the only element taken into account for hiring and promoting employees? The answer is no! Do you want to know why? Learn how to promote an employee without making mistakes ”.



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