Training with the CPF: how does it work?

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1 Who is the CPF for?

This is its main novelty: this new Personal Training Account covers a much broader scope than the old DIF (Individual Right to Training). “The CPF is a universal right, that is to say a right common to employees and job seekers,” explains Gilles Pouligny, deputy general manager in charge of continuing education within the IGS group. In fact, it is a mechanism for access to training that does not take into account the person's original status. With this reform, we wanted to combine what relates to the employability of the person with the development of the performance of the company. “

2 What training can we claim?

“For the moment, we have the first lists of training courses which will be refined over time,” observes Françoise Gérard, coordinator of the Winter University for vocational training. Precision is useful : unlike the DIF, eligible training courses will appear to be more limited, but theoretically more in tune with the reality and the needs of the working world. “A priori the system is designed so that we offer you choices that correspond to your situation”, insists this specialist, for whom the CPF is particularly aimed at the least educated profiles. “It is also a device to help the less qualified to better manage their careers. These training courses correspond to promising and promising professions. They provide a minimum base of skills which should, in the long term, make it possible to promote greater equality of opportunity. “

3 How many hours… and for how long?

Here again, better than the old DIF (120 hours over six years), this new system gives the right to 150 hours of cumulative training over seven and a half years (24 hours per year the first five years then 12 hours the following years within the limit of 150). “The originality is to create a portable right to training whatever the situation of the people in relation to employment, analyzes Jean-Philippe Cépède, director of the right training center at Center Inffo, the national expert center on training and guidance for adults. It is a counter mechanism which accumulates hours. And it is the person who decides how to use them. »Attached to the person, the CPF will thus support those concerned throughout their professional life. And above all, everyone keeps their rights to training if they find themselves unemployed or change jobs.

4 How to find a training?

Any employee or job seeker can access and manage it via a secure personal space (see box). All he has to do is find eligible training leading to certification. “The social partners have drawn up training lists,” continues this expert. So, normally, employees and companies should find their account there. The idea is to make it a tool for securing professional careers with training identified as useful in the labor market. Concretely, an hours account, which can be viewed on the Internet, allows everyone to follow the hours acquired and their use.

5 Do you need permission from your employer?

“”Unlike the DIF where he had to obtain the agreement of his employer, the employee can use his CPF without necessarily requesting it”, explains Françoise Gérard. In practice, he will obviously have to follow his training outside working hours for this. Otherwise the agreement of the company remains essential.

6 And so far, how does it work?

Those concerned testify: the first steps of the CPF, last year, were difficult. One year after its launch, only 10% of the working population (out of 23 million potential beneficiaries) would have opened a CPF on the dedicated portal. “But it is a year of transition, nuance Gilles de Pouligny. The CPF probably does not start fast enough, but it will gradually take hold. The Ministry of Labor has launched, since October, an information campaign on the web intended to guide future users of the personal training account and everyone agrees in particular on the need to enrich eligible training …

>> Find all Kelformation training courses eligible for the CPF

How to activate your account

Since January 5, 2015, any person, employee or looking for a job, can activate their personal training account (CPF) on a site dedicated to this system at the address:

The process is easy and includes three steps (there are even tutorials online to support users). All you need to do is have your Social Security number and a valid email address. The hours of the CPF do not have to be entered by the interested parties: since 2016, they are normally transcribed automatically according to the information provided by its employers. Likewise, the balance of the hours of the old DIF not consumed must also appear on the interface.

To understand the mechanics and operation of the training account, you can also go to the very complete site To search for training, you can go through a multi-criteria search according to your status and region of residence.

Finally, it is important to know that the lists of eligible training courses are accessible and regularly updated. Everyone can consult them on a dedicated page on the official website of the CPF.



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