[Tutorial] What is People Analytics and how to apply it to HR

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[Tutorial] What is People Analytics and how to apply it to HR

Table of Contents

Have you heard or know what is People Analytics? It is a new term used to analyze and interpret data from varied sources. It refers to the processes of:

  • collect;
  • organization;
  • big data analytics.

All information is related to the behavior of users. They can be used by companies to monitor the conduct of their employees and still have useful information for:

  • anticipating trends;
  • improve your strategies;
  • make more accurate decisions.

This trend has become important in several organizations but, although it can be applied in many sectors within the company to optimize investments and resources spending in each area, it has been a great ally of HR.

The Human Resources department has been able to obtain and evaluate useful information on the behavior of all employees. This helps the company to manage talent, developing the best ways to retain them.

The industry can also rely on powerful insights into new candidates, facilitating recruitment and selection.

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What is People Analytics?

But, what is People Analytics in practice? It is known to be a data analysis applied to people management.

Your goal is to improve the quality of decision making corporate in relation to your business.

Along with Big Data, this methodology promises to revolutionize the HR management process, providing new ways to understand the large volume and complexity of the mass of data constantly generated by society.

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It is necessary to understand what People Analytics is and what it is NOT. In this case it is not a tool, but rather a methodology.

With the appropriate use of technology, companies can integrate different solutions to decompose and analyze information and reach assertive decisions.

Why should I adopt People Analytics in my company?

Companies are increasingly dealing with a highly competitive market and with even more demanding customers, who have new needs.

To be able to keep up with all of these changes and keep ahead of your competitors, understanding your consumers and anticipating new trends is essential.

But how to achieve this?

The best way to be successful in this scenario and to offer a personalized and innovative service to customers is to bet on a well-designed process that puts People Analytics into practice.

Companies have already had their first contact with Big Data analysis to optimize your resources in general. Now, it's time to focus on internal users.

Working your employees so that it is possible to highlight talents and skills and, thus, forming a more efficient and productive team every day, is essential for the good results of the business.

Present among HR trends, the sector will finally be able to optimize people management, dealing with more accurate and reliable data. Thus, it will be possible to create more agile and intelligent processes for retaining professionals.

Having a management system that incorporates the analysis of the People Analytics methodology, helps your enterprise by choosing the right professionals so that it is possible:

  • increase efficiency operational;
  • generate greater engagement among the leaders of each sector;
  • bring greater agility for HR to deal with the various other issues in relation to the company's employees.

The higher quality of data analysis makes HR more strategic, which will help you to react faster and more assertively in the face of market challenges.

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But, how do I implement People Analytics in my business?

Because it is a trend that requires modern technologies and trained professionals to perform data analysis and interpretation, many companies do not know how to start developing the procedures that involve People Analytics. For this reason, they run the risk of failing to reach the great potential offered by it.

Many companies face challenges in adopting this methodology, mainly because they deal with methods and decision making based on traditional strategies.

To overcome this barrier, the HR team must be able to share the results analysis with its managers, clearly transmitting the possible improvements with the information generated.

By helping executives to trust and use the insights generated, it will be possible to mature decision making and thus create a successful People Analytics project.

For your company to start this implementation, some guidelines may be essential.

1 – Start with old problems

To be able to perform the performance evaluation of this strategy, you can start with an analysis of an old problem.

Search for faults that have hindered business for some time and focus on studying the situation.

Analyze all the questions that involve the problem and always keep in mind that the process will be seeking to answer objective questions that can really improve the situation.

Performing a test analysis will help you better understand what People Analytics is in practice and how to create the best strategy to achieve the expected results.

2- Choose a suitable tool

It is essential that you look for the ideal tool for your analysis. They must be able to meet your demands.

After all, relying on People Analytics is not just about raw data, but about how you will use it.

To do this, define where you should look for information and how that data can make a difference to your business' strategic decisions.

3 – Do not discard the information already collected.

Even if it does not use People Analytics, every company has a system of metrics provided by the HR system.

It is important not to discard them.

Try to start with the data you already have and, little by little, add the new information collected.

4 – Share the results

It is important that HR leadership involves the team, creating a communication channel to expose the results achieved with the benefits of this methodology.

Try to explain what People Analytics is and how it will positively impact the development of each one.

In this way, it will be possible to evolve the organizational mentality and culture that it is necessary to align the insights generated by the analyzes with decision making.

There is no right time for a company to adopt this methodology in its business.

Regardless of the size or segment, the people involved in a company's transactions – both employees, partners and customers – are essential to staying in the market and benefits implementation can be decisive today.

The way your company deals and manages people, analyzing the main HR indicators, has directly impacted on the results achieved.

Therefore, having a intelligent analysis of all the needs, skills and other important points related to the agents of your business, it has become a fundamental tool to improve the relationship, both internally and externally.

In addition to helping HR develop measures to develop and engage all employees.

Manage human resources intelligently with an HR management system.

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