Two insights into the learning needs of your employees

Twee inzichten in de leerbehoefte van jouw medewerkers

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We humans increasingly need autonomy. As an employer, it is important to leave initiative and responsibility with the employee and to take on a facilitating role. Certainly the youngest generation – but not only the youngest generation – wants to be in charge of their own development and thus also of their own knowledge profile. In this blog two developments that underlie this.

The desire for freedom of choice

Our penchant for personal freedom of choice – just to avoid the controversial concept of individualization – is increasing, especially among the younger generations. This also has consequences for the way people want to learn. No standard training offer or traineeship fits with this. Employees want to keep control of their own development, make their own choices and are less willing to follow the defined path of an employer. As an organization, it is important to facilitate this development need with a flexible and personalized learning process. An individual learning and development budget, as envisaged by the government, would tie in well with this.

Knowledge profile in your own direction

Technologies such as artificial intelligence make it easier to tailor education that suits you as an individual. It helps make learning more personal and proactive. The need for an individual learning profile does, however, raise questions about ownership of the learning process. The quantified-self movement connects seamlessly with this. This is a movement that advocates integrating technology with aspects of everyday life to map information about yourself. With that information you can recognize patterns and then use them to become healthier, smarter, fitter and happier. By integrating more and more technology into your life, you as a person collect a lot of information about yourself and then continuously learn from it. The ownership of knowledge no longer lies with a central body, such as an employer, but with the individual himself. This process can also be made transparent with blockchain applications. If it is so logical that you own your own knowledge, it is actually just as logical that you also have control over your own knowledge profile. That knowledge profile must therefore be able to take and manage with you throughout your career.

Respond to this

Most employees invest in knowledge because they have a goal in mind. They are working towards a dot on the horizon that they want to reach in five, ten, fifteen years. When they switch employers, the knowledge they have gained is still in their heads. The diplomas and certificates still belong to the employee. But they often have to leave the knowledge profile behind, in an online filing cabinet or an LMS system. That profile must be rebuilt at the next employer. And that is, in view of the current developments, actually no longer of this time.


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