Two unexpected tips from Christine Lagarde for a successful professional life

« Je n'avais pas de plan de carrière », confie Christine Lagarde.

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Christine Lagarde who reveals herself in front of the cameras, it gives advice on career plans, leadership, confidences… some expected (work hard, travel, learn as many foreign languages ​​as possible) and others more personal, sincere, but above all, poetic! These are the ones we have chosen to relay.

Cultivate love and trust

Who would have bet on the love between collaborators as a key element to flourish at work? Not us, but Christine Lagarde, yes. For the President of the ECB, our loved ones, in personal or professional life, bring us all, in their own way, affection. This love is essential since it gives us the confidence to progress, accomplish ourselves, develop our skills and above all, face the difficulties of the professional world!

Christine Lagarde says she applies this advice in her career. ” What I've tried to do as a leader in every organization I've led is to inspire trust “, she confides. Finally, the trust you receive is a “treasure” to cherish and share with your colleagues.

Conclusion: take all the love we have to give you, give it back, and you will be a fulfilled employee!

Don't have a career plan

Have you ever looked at your colleague and told yourself that he is lucky? Opportunities regularly present themselves to him, while on your side, everything is monotonous and nothing is on the horizon. Don't worry, there may be a solution. According to Christine Lagarde, it's not a question of luck but rather of state of mind. “JI didn't have a career plan”, she says. “Sthere is one thing that I have learned from life, it is that if you ask yourself too many questions, the opportunity has time to slip through your fingers. “.

Conclusion: Identify the opportunities that present themselves to you and seize them! Don't plan your career, let yourself be carried away…

So, ready to follow his advice?

Leadership, self-confidence… career advice from Christine Lagarde


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