Understand how cultural intelligence can be an advantage for your company

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Understand how cultural intelligence can be an advantage for your company

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Exercising the cultural intelligence of his team makes the international trips, necessary for the development of the organization, take place without disrespectful incidents because his representative was not aware of the culture and customs of the people with whom he sat at the conference table. .

When the President of the United States, Donald Trump, paid a visit to Queen Elizabeth in the United Kingdom, international negotiations were in the background, since the headlines accounted for the gaffe committed by the government to the walk ahead of the queen. This highlights the importance of cultural intelligence.

Through it, the international trips that its employees undertake on a daily basis become safer with respect to any unintentional disrespect, like the one committed by Trump.

And make no mistake: each culture has its particularities. And that includes habits that, for many, are commonplace or banal – and even disgusting -, but that is of great value to other nations.

So, understand here the importance of cultural intelligence, and how to disseminate it in your company’s routine!

The challenges and risks of cultural intelligence

HR specialists and the leaders of each team can pay more attention to the characteristics of their talents that, internally, increase the company’s results, but sin in international meetings.

In general, this is because these employees have a deep understanding of the characteristics of the people on the other side of the table. And, when it comes to an occasion when foreign lands, both the evolution of the conversation and the approach and body language are completely different.

In fact, there is already a market study highlighting the challenge of these stars, which in a native environment stands out, and face greater strangeness when they are not in a “comfort zone”.

This is because, in general, they are used to being the observers, of the location, and they don’t have to struggle to fit in with the environment.

It is worth mentioning that these vexing meetings can embarrass not only the professional, but the brand’s reputation. And, when we speak in modern times like ours, it is easy to understand the possibility of such an incident going viral and causing greater discomfort among those involved.

The importance of developing cultural intelligence

If your company engages in a lot of international conversations, with frequent visits here and there, the development of cultural intelligence is absolutely necessary.

Therefore, do not consider this continuous exercise as a preventive measure, exclusively, but a job to increase the cultural value of your organization and expand that relevance to your human resources.

This, therefore, has everything to positively impact the company’s financial result, expand the commercial horizons that you can keep an eye on in the short, medium and long term, improve the evolutionary aspects of the professionals and, of course, ensure that your interlocutors are treated with as much respect as possible.

So, take a look at our tips for you to develop the cultural intelligence in your company:

  • take a culture intelligence test with the people who are most involved with foreign traders, and identify what their average level of knowledge is;
  • share the results, and point out where the points of improvement should be focused most urgently and diligently;
  • develop activities for employees to learn and engage together with theory and practice. Thus, everyone will feel part of this change, without the need to embarrass someone who has obtained a result inferior to that of another coworker.

It was possible to understand how the cultural intelligence is it important for organizations, and what are the first steps towards its implementation? Now, put this work on very short notice, and share our post on your social networks. Thus, your colleagues and manager will also get involved in the project and facilitate its implementation!



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