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Due to the need to innovate and increase the competitive advantage of organizations, the Y career emerged to value the professional with greater technical knowledge.

In the Y career, there are alternatives for those who stand out in the market, but do not have the objective of assuming only a managerial position.

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How did the Y career come about?

In the past, good professionals had three career possibilities: assuming a management position, staying in the same position for a long time at risk of remaining stagnant or seeking new opportunities.

In other words, the hierarchies in the institutions were rigid and few people had the opportunity to reach a higher level in their area of ​​expertise.

With the appearance of the Y career, the career plans were changed, as well as the career transition became more accessible, allowing the professional to choose to focus on knowledge management. In this model, there is a greater appreciation of technical knowledge, which is as fundamental as strategic and managerial knowledge.

In this way, a professional considered technician can become an excellent specialist and, even so, be recognized in the same way as a manager, including financially.

For example, the career in W is very different from that in Y: you are either a leader or an expert. On the other hand, the career in Y focuses on the trajectory of the specialist, without forcing him to hold a leadership position, the career in W goes the opposite way.

Characteristics of professionals who can bet on Y career

As it represents a change in the traditional paths of professional growth, specific characteristics are required, such as the ability to innovate, solve specific problems and knowledge.

In the case of innovation, it is necessary to be ahead of the market to develop products and services and beat the competition. In addition, it is necessary to be able to solve complex problems and overcome organizational obstacles.

In the market there is a shortage of specialized professionals with great talents.

For this reason, the scenario is favorable to professionals who aspire to a Y career, that is, who are highly technical in a certain area and should be valued precisely for that reason.

These are the professionals capable of increasing the competitiveness of a company, making it more efficient and solving specific aspects.

Those who choose this career model are not restricted and prevented from becoming a manager in the future.

On the contrary, it is specializing to the point of being able to assume various roles according to the need of the situation and adding functions according to the demands of the market.

So it is a great advantage to be that person in a time of tendency and need.

Patricia Fadini

VP & Partner



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