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Executive Search

We are going through an era of valuing human resources, a time when no company wants to waste time and money doing wrong hires or that do not help to add value to the teams.

In the executive area, this characteristic is even more visible. After all, for a key position within the structure it is very important to find a candidate who has experience, market knowledge, networking and sufficient managerial skills to bring the expected results.

It is within this context that the figure of Executive Search emerges. Do you know what it is and what the advantages of this service? Read on and find out!

What is Executive Search?

Executive Search is a consulting service provided by a specialized HR company. When a company needs to find the perfect candidate for top management positions, it can hire a headhunter, who will actively work to find the employee who best fits the requirements of the position and who fits the company's culture.

In practice, the main difference is that with this service the headhunter is able to find professionals who are not looking for a job (and who would certainly not see your vacancy ad). In other words, the Executive Search service works with an active search for candidates, including those professionals who are already employed but who may have a great “tune” with your company.

The headhunter will be responsible for the entire selection and recruitment process, which involves from the profile survey to the interview and selection of the best candidates, always taking into account what the company needs and wants for this very important position.

What are the benefits of this consultancy?

Making the wrong hire can bring a lot of damage for any business. When the position is of extreme importance and with high decision-making power, as in the case of executives, this mistake can be fatal and compromise several important strategies for growth and profitability.

Thus, having an Executive Search consultancy can help in several areas. See the main ones.

Active search for candidates

As we said in the previous topic, most of the time, the ideal executive for your staff is already employed. And that's why he won't be in the habit of analyzing job vacancies, that is, he'll end up not contacting you.

By having a headhunter, this search will be intensified — not only being recruited in traditional ways, but also involving an active search for professionals already employed.

This only happens because a good Executive Search has networking enough and good tools that allow you to find candidates with different profiles, in addition, of course, to “bridge” these people, “selling” your company to them.

long term savings

Bad contracts invariably end up leading to losses. If not with poor performance and employee income, at least with the bureaucracy and taxes involved in the dismissal process.

A good executive will help your business succeed, after all, he will share the same vision and culture as your company. Although an Executive Search consultancy may have a higher initial value than traditional processes, it will certainly help you to save in the long term and achieve even better results with employees aligned with your goals and expectations.

Reduces the number of applicants and increases the quality

On a traditional selection process it can be common to receive a large number of resumes. However, when the evaluation begins, it is usual to notice that few fit exactly the profile required for the vacancy.

With a good headhunter, the number of candidates presented to the company will be smaller. However, the quality of this team is high and they all have a profile suitable for what is expected of a great executive. This reduces the time spent in the selection process and even more guarantee of finding the right collaborator for the role.

Improves the image of the contracting company

If your company doesn't have a very good image with candidates or is still in a structuring period, for example, having a headhunter can be a great solution.

After all, instead of the candidate being probed directly by your company, he will receive a proposal from a trained professional, who will even be able to work to “sell” your business, improving your company's image as a contractor.

This is fundamental, after all, a company that is seen as a good place to work can always attract more qualified people and retain talent.

Helps you find the right professional

In selection processes, it is common for CVs to have a great deal of weight, but they are not always consistent with what the candidate actually has in terms of potential or experience.

A good consultancy Executive Search goes beyond resumes and can analyze the candidate in a more global way, understanding how this professional can contribute to your company.

This process happens in reverse. In other words, the first step of the headhunter will be to understand in a deeper way what the contractor expects from this professional and why they need him so much in their staff, thus defining a more correct profile.

Neutral assessment of candidates

Carrying out a selection and recruitment process internally is not always synonymous with impartiality. After all, he will be subject to opinions and even issues of internal disputes.

An Executive Search consultancy works independently and does not have this institutional bias. That is, it can carry out a neutral and more objective assessment of candidates, with greater impartiality.

In addition to all these advantages, a good headhunter is able, mainly, to map the market reality, identifying candidates in different segments and even in other locations.

The research carried out is so in-depth that it can work as a managerial and strategic tool for the contractor, helping it to identify talents inside and outside its staff and also to prepare for face the competition.

Precisely for all these reasons, Executive Search consultancy and the presence of the headhunter have been so sought after, helping contracting companies to achieve even more interesting results and to have the best professionals available in the market in their executive team.

So, after reading this content, do you believe that the Executive Search service can help your business find the right professional? Contact one of our consultants and find out how we can help you!


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