Understanding employees can be the secret to success

Understanding employees can be the secret to success

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All good manager knows that employees are one of the main instruments of value for any company, since its operational quality is directly linked to motivation personal. For this reason, understanding employees is an essential strategic measure for organizational success.

To understand employees, your company just needs to follow these simple steps:

  • talk to employees;
  • research skills and talents;
  • commit to the team.

This process may seem challenging, especially for larger companies with a significant volume of employees. However, knowing as much as possible how each employee can contribute to the overall success of the business and strengthening your organizational relationship is an investment without error.

If you want to know more about the importance of this interaction, we recommend reading of this material on organizational culture.

And to decipher the secret of the success of the biggest companies in the world, keep following this post and learn to understand employees to further optimize their results.

Why is understanding employees a competitive strategy?

One of the main differentials of quality in management is the capacity of the leadership create strategies that put the organization at an advantage in the face of market competition.

For this, as important as exploring the possibilities of the external scenario is to know the opportunities of the internal environment. In other words, managers must understand employees and have a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

It is essential to be aware of the skills and talents individual employees, in addition to their personal and professional motivations, current excitement about work, career plans, opinions, preferences, needs, identification with the company's mission, vision and values, and so on.

With this information, institutional actions can be customized to a management style that encourages the workforce and internal communication to reduce information noise.

Managers now have a wealth of data to motivate their employees in a healthy and strategic way. And so, draw up plans that effectively talk to the organizational reality and enhance your productivity.

How to know the opinion of the employees?

Each company has a specific reality and demand, however, we have separated 3 steps that can guide this initiative with quality in any organization. Check it out below!

Talk to employees

First of all, managers should talk to their workforce. It is very important that this contact is made individually, so that the interest on the opinion of each employee is presented in a legitimate and official manner.

Research skills and talents

Research the special skills of each employee. Here it is worth talking to other managers or even other employees. Thus, it becomes possible to identify strategic talents to optimize the company's earnings.

Commit to the team

It is essential that managers promote opportunities that help employees achieve their goals. goals. In this way, they are motivated by professional support and recognition, reducing turnover rates, improving quality of life at work and boosting your income.

What steps to take to understand employees?

To understand employees at a deeper level, the company must adopt some changes and special care. Check out some tips of what managers can accomplish!

Satisfaction survey

THE internal employee satisfaction survey it is an essential tool to check the state of contentment of each one and to identify which factors are hindering the full exercise of their function.

Understanding these issues allows managers to create strategies that guarantee a more pleasant corporate environment, offer conditions that enhance productivity, develop personalized benefits, provide training and professional development opportunities, improve talent retention rates, among others.

“One to one” meetings

Another activity that can help managers understand employees is regular individual meetings or “One to one”.

As the name implies, this type of meeting involves only two people, the manager and an employee, precisely so that the level of the conversation can be higher.intimate and specific. It is a practice that reinforces the appreciation and recognition of leadership by each employee.

Reverse feedback

Feedback is essential for strategic alignment, so it is very important to develop a culture that encourages this practice.

Just as the company must offer feedback on the employee, he must also give his opinions on the evolution of the organization. Listen to your feedback on the institution, your time on the market, your participation in the overall performance, your ideas, your opinion on the result of some strategic activity, and so on.

Open organizational culture

Another interesting tip is to adopt a open organizational culture, aiming to make it more accessible to the internal public. Habits, beliefs, norms and even values, which are already incompatible with the reality of the company and the team of professionals, can be redefined to reinforce the personal identification of employees and their commitment to institutional evolution.

An open culture allows them to dare to expose and create new methods and procedures, effectively participating in the construction of the company's identity.

Mentor Manager

To understand employees in depth, a special tip is to work this process as a mentoring. Through guidance, the relationship with employees gains more intimacy, trust and respect.

The figure of the mind reinforces the leadership position of managers, but not for the authority of the position, but for the admiration. The employee starts to see him as a thought leader, who is concerned with the future of his career and with his opinions. So mentoring can be a way to keep the workforce motivated to grow even more.

Understanding employees can be an investment of medium to long termhowever, it will ensure the well-being and motivation of your organization's most valuable asset: employees.

With some transformative measures, good conversations and a lot of attention, your company's managers will be able to know the secret of the success of the biggest companies in the world!

So, does your company understand its employees? What actions does she take for this? Tell us here in the comments!



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