VR and VA: are these benefits still worth offering?

VR and VA: are these benefits still worth offering?

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A change in habit that this year of the pandemic caused was: a reduction in the use of food stamps and an increase in the consumption of supermarkets. In other words: you have a business with in-person or in-person work positions. home office – or both – the VR and VA still have a lot of value for your business.

If you have not yet applied one of these corporate benefits, or do not know how to apply them according to the average profile of your employees, continue with this reading! Next, we'll explain what the benefits behind investing in VR and VA are for employees in order to boost your organization's growth!

The importance of corporate benefits

Corporate benefits remain, year after year, one of the main HR trends. In general, these are options that make it easier for the employee – inside and outside the company – and that translate into advantages directly or indirectly associated with the improvement in the company's day-to-day activities.

For example: motivation and productivity are boosted with a good benefits package aligned with the profile of its staff. Not to mention that this strategic planning helps to earn even more the monthly salary of people, who have these benefits as weight aids in their routines.

Even so, VR and VA are so important to people. Acronyms for food stamps and food stamps, both have to do with people's nutritional routine, but with different applications and the possibility of offering both to your team.

The food stamp

The VA, specifically, is a benefit that consists of a monthly credit to the worker – usually, by means of a magnetic card – to be used in the purchase of food items.

Recalling that this is not an obligation of the employer, but a benefit that can help too much to guarantee a balance in the UK residents's income. Something very positive, since more than half of the consumer's income goes to food.

So, it can be something to be considered if your company has a food court, for example, or even if there is the possibility of taking food from home. Many organizations that offered basic food baskets even migrated to food stamps instead.

List of establishments accepting food stamps

It is not a rule, but some common places that tend to accept this benefit are:

  • hyper and supermarkets;
  • bakeries;
  • butchers;
  • grocery stores.

And establishments that, in general, sell ingredients and inputs. Consequently, it is unlikely that your employee will be able to use the VA to purchase ready meals in bars and restaurants (unless it is in one of the aforementioned commercial locations).

In fact, the same challenge applies to products other than food, such as alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, among others. This is foreseen in Law by the Ordinance No. 03, of March 1, 2002. The punishment for flagrant type is foreseen for the establishment, only.

However, it is worth a point of attention: offering food stamps directly influences the balance of employees' accounts. So, take the opportunity to save reading our article that explains better the seven questions you should ask before buying something! Thus, you can better guide employees to always be in financial health;

Food stamps

Now we’ll talk about what food stamps are. Quite popular for the worker (especially those in CLT regime), the VR is a monthly benefit whose monthly credit is deposited based on an average for the employee to buy ready meals.

List of establishments accepting food stamps

Between VR and VA there is this main difference: as a rule, food stamps are accepted only in places that provide ready meals, as are the cases of:

  • restaurants;
  • bars;
  • snack bars;
  • networks of fast food.

Among other establishments of its kind. A common example is the presence of a restaurant inside a supermarket. There, who can accept the use of VR is the restaurant itself, not the establishment where it is located.

The advantages of offering VR and VA to employees

As previously highlighted, there are several positive points to be highlighted when considering the application of VR and VA in the company. Below, let's talk more about some of them!

Attracting and retaining talent

A point of evidence with the offer of this type of benefit is the interest caused in the job market. Professionals at your company can be more motivated to work to secure their positions, while the available talents can give preference to your organization, precisely, by having a diversified and attractive benefits package.

Complementary benefit: this all adds up to a more positive vision and reputation of the company, in the market as a whole.

Motivation of professionals

Based on the above point, VR and VA can serve as a stimulus for professionals. First, to remain employed in the company, but also as a natural increase in the level of satisfaction.

Thus, people will work happier and more committed to return the attention and care dedicated by the company. It is, after all, a beneficial exchange for everyone.

Not to mention that, in the case of food stamps – which reduces the impact of purchases on the employee's budget – the benefit adds to the financial well-being of its employees as well.

Cost reduction

A benefit that directly affects the company is the reduction in tax costs. That's because, VA helps in reducing such charges – this is the case of the EHIC and FGTS paid on the employee's salary – and an order of 4% in the IRPJ to be paid.

It is also more objective logistics for the company. Imagine how much this can be reduced if, currently, your organization provides basic food baskets to employees? With food stamps, you just need to distribute each person's magnetic card, and take care of the deposit of credits monthly.

Less bureaucracy

This topic is a complement, since the positive points mentioned in the previous topic lead the company to a less bureaucratic routine. This speeds up time, productivity and minimizes errors on a daily basis. Issues that, taken together, make all work more efficient.

Increased productivity

We can mention productivity, here, in two factors: as a stimulating impulse, mentioned in the first benefit of this list, but also as a response to greater care with quality food.

With professionals having the possibility to choose what to eat or to cook their own menu with the help of VR and VA, respectively, it can be considered that good nutrition brings more disposition, health and quality of life to people.

There is a great tip, including: have you considered offering a Worker Food Program style=”font-weight: 400;”>? A good way to invest in people's quality of life.


With VR and VA, everyone wins: the company and the employee deal less with large volumes (in the case of the basic basket) and cash. Not to mention that the magnetic cards – which are configured in the object of use of the VR and VA – have individual security measures.

Thus, even if the employee loses or has his card lost or stolen, he can keep his balance protected until he requests a duplicate from him.

The most common questions about VR and VA

Many companies that have not yet migrated to these popular benefits they may not have done it for a simple reason: lack of knowledge about the subject.

To help resolve this, below we have retrieved some of the most researched questions so you can stay on top of everything about both benefits!

Granting more than one benefit

Companies can offer VR and VA, yes, or just one of them. As we highlighted, the breadth in the offer can be something that really adds to the reputation of your organization, although it is not a rule.

Minimum deposit amount

In general, there is nothing in the labor legislation that defines a minimum or a ceiling for the deposit of this type of benefit.

However, it is up to the company's strategic planning to understand what is the average expenditure of people with food, in the surroundings where it is located, and with food.

This allows the composition of a benefit that serves, sufficiently, to meet the needs of the employee without him having to supplement, monthly, with his own salary.

Discounts on salary

Although there is no minimum discount amount in the professional's payroll, the legislation regulated a ceiling for the discount: it cannot be higher than 20% of the employee's remuneration.

Thus, even symbolic discounts become, in fact, a benefit that does not interfere with the employee's monthly income.

Another point of attention is the concession of VR and VA in specific cases, such as on vacation, leave and leave. And this has to do with the company's policy, having nothing foreseen in the law that determines the continuity – or not – of the benefit in these particular situations.

The implementation of VR and VA in the company

To implement VR and VA – or just one of them – the first step is to search for the type of benefit that will best meet the profile of employees.

Then, do a market research and identify which are the best service providers in this type of benefit management. As a result, the transition will be made easy, simple and even economical.

However, it is worth the tip: think about what your employees need. This will easily guide the decision between choosing between VR and VA or even the availability of the two between your company's benefit packages.

And when the doubt arises whether it is still worthwhile to offer VR and VA to your employees, just evaluate the amount of benefits that these benefits can bring to your company, then, for sure, the answer to this question will be positive: yes, it's still worth it!

We hope this information has helped, but remember that if you have any questions about the subject or want to share your experiences, leave a comment in the field below!



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