What are the employee’s salary discounts allowed by law?

What are the employee's salary discounts allowed by law?

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There are many worker wage discounts permitted by law and your company must know them in detail in order to compose a fair pay for the employee and in line with current labor requirements. Among the main ones, we can highlight the following:

  • EHIC;
  • IRRF;
  • union contribution;
  • early warning;
  • unexcused absences;
  • transportation vouchers;
  • meal ticket;
  • Culture voucher;
  • payroll loan;
  • salary advance.

Newly founded companies, or already established in the market, and focused on their growth, tend to run into new information and labor requirements that can cause losses and other aggravating factors if HR does not strictly comply with these rules.

Hence, the fundamental importance of knowing which are the allowable worker salary discounts by law. Something that facilitates the elaboration of the payslip, as well as its periodic maintenance in the following months.

Whether this is the current or short-term moment to be experienced by your organization, it is time to clear all your doubts! Continue with this reading and learn what are the allowable worker salary discounts by law and see how to apply them in payslip!

What are worker wage discounts allowed by law?

Inside the CLT (consolidation of Labor Laws) there are the elements that must be slaughtered, on the payroll of each employee, according to the social security and federal legislation.

In addition, worker wage discounts allowed extend to judicial issues (this is the case, for example, of determinations imposed by the courts, such as alimony) or even to allowances authorized by the professional.

No wonder, many companies may wonder if any discounts are or are not permitted by law. And that is where it is worth understanding them so that they are absorbed organically in the reality of your business.

Especially, because these discounts are foreseen in accordance with the article 462 of the CLT, where it says that the employer is forbidden to make any discount on the employee's salary, except in the event of advances, provided for by law, collective agreement and damage caused by the employee.

What are the discounts provided by law?

Below, we have an overview of the main discounts on the worker's salary allowed by the current CLT laws. Check it out, and understand how – and why – they are applied!


The social security contribution is determined by labor legislation so that part of the salary is allocated monthly for retirement purposes, among other benefits.

There is a table that is updated periodically, and that is reflected in the percentage collected for the EHIC – and that varies between 8%, 9% and 11% maturities, according to the employee salary range.


The Withholding Income Tax has to do with the retention of the IR directly on the payroll – and, it is worth saying: it is also made from the employee salary range.

For this purpose, the average periodically changes, too, and may result in the professional being exempt from the payment of the IRRF or, even, having proportional discounts with the following rates:

Union contribution

Depending on its niche, the union demands the mandatory collection of a fee that is also within the limits of deductions from the worker's wages allowed by law.

It always occurs in the month of March – once a year, which also translates into a day's wages on the professional's payroll.

It is worth mentioning, however, that this rule is being revised, which may change it in the short term.

Early warning

The prior notice tends to come in the face of the occurrence of a noncompliance, by the employee, of the period agreed with the company.

If he stopped going to the company when he was still in that period, therefore, the amount can be deducted from your salary.

Unjustified absences

Absenteeism, in itself, already brings many losses for the company. Especially, if it occurs through a series of faults not justified.

In these situations, the organization is endorsed by labor laws and can apply worker wage discounts. The same is true even if the professional has been suspended due to disciplinary reasons.

Transportation vouchers

Companies may consider discounting the proportional value of transportation vouchers, from their professionals, in the amount of 6% on salary.

Meal ticket

Other benefit that organizations have the right to request the payroll discount, the meal voucher corresponds to the total of 20% of what is received by employees to have their meals.

An example: the monthly calculation must be made based on the working days of each month. If professionals are going to work 20 days in May, for example, and the amount per day is £ 20, employees are entitled to £ 400 in that month.

Accordingly, the amount to be discounted is £ 80 – equivalent to 20% of the meal voucher of the month, therefore.

Culture voucher

Here, deductions from the worker's wages allowed by law are flexible. In other words: optional according to the criteria adopted by the company.

Attention, only: this discount ncannot exceed 10% of the amount applied for the benefit.

Payroll loan

According to the changes made to the Law 13.172 / 2015, you deductions from the worker's wages allowed by law started to have one more element: the payroll loan.

Thus, with the employee's authorization, it is possible to make the discount directly on the payroll, also extending to other financing.


When the court orders an official to bear the alimony, the company must bear the decision and facilitate the process so that the amount allocated to the benefit is deducted from the payroll.

Salary advance

Finally, we can mention the popular “OK” as one of the main deductions from the worker's wages allowed by law.

With it, the fragmentation of wages can occur through the determination of a collective agreement, even fractioning the percentage that will be advanced. Or, even, based on an agreement between the organization and each of its employees.

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