What are the favorite companies of freelancers?

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En France, les travailleurs indépendants sont estimés au nombre de 3,5 millions, soit 12 % de la population active, selon les derniers chiffres de l'Urssaf.

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Posted on Jan 7, 2022 at 7:00 amUpdated Jan 7, 2022, 8:08 AM

What if it was the freelancers who rated the companies they collaborate with? This is the challenge of the first ranking published in preview on Friday January 7 on the HR Consultant UK website and developed by Comet, a platform for connecting freelance workers in the tech industry with large groups.

The 992 respondents * (freelancers surveyed online, between November and December 2021) spontaneously ranked their best collaborations. If a total of 647 companies were cited, here is the cream of the crop …

BNP Paribas, big winner of freelancers

For “the overall experience”, BNP Paribas won first place in the general ranking, ahead of Renault, Société Générale, TF1 and L'Oréal. Note: this question was asked in an open manner, without subcategories.

In detail, three criteria were assessed: 1) communication, 2) integration of freelancers into teams and 3) recognition. Each of them is also the subject of a separate classification.

On the communication side, Renault is number 1, ahead of Crédit Agricole and London Télévisions. This criterion makes it possible to estimate the degree of clarity of the description of the mission, the accessibility of the information to understand it and the exchanges on the evolution of the current project (roadmap, stages, progress, etc.).

For the second pillar, Allianz and Les Mousquetaires lead the ranking, tied. Next come Pernod Ricard, Oui Sncf and PolyConseil, a consulting firm specializing in IT. This involves evaluating the integration of freelancers into the teams, the possibility of participating in intra-company events, their leisure activities and / or parties.

Finally, in the third category, Société Générale is seen as the “most grateful”, ahead of Engie, Generali, Kering and Natixis. To do this, the respondents decided on the following aspects: experience feedback during and after their assignment, the company's willingness to assign them responsibilities, and its ability to recognize freelance skills.

3.5 million freelancers

In total in London, 3.5 million self-employed workers (including 1.7 million self-employed), or 12% of the working population, were identified in 2021 by Urssaf. But, it is difficult to know the proportion of the latter specializing in tech and data at the national level.

Be that as it may, freelancing is attracting more and more active people, ready to choose independence rather than salaried work. This is evidenced by the breakthrough of freelance collectives and the growing number of platforms dedicated to connecting companies and freelancers, such as Malt, Fiverr, Upwork, Cooptalis, Izyfreelance, etc.

To note

* The study was carried out with 992 freelancers, a majority of them in tech, who use the Comet platform or who responded to their survey on social networks, between November and December 2021. In total, the platform says it has requested more than 14,000 people.


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