What can Google’s organizational culture teach you?

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What can Google's organizational culture teach you?

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That Google is reference in corporate culture, everyone already knows. Its organizational policies have a lot to teach about people management and management strategies. retaining talent.

It is not for nothing that companies all over the world, of different branches and size, seek to know the pillars that support their organizational culture. Some of them are:

  • collaboration;
  • informality;
  • agility;
  • innovation;
  • quality;
  • mobility.

Countless cases prove how different it is to work at Google. After all, in what world can you take your dog to work, choose the time to enter, use business money to decorate your table, have an exclusive breakfast, receive massages during working hours, play with friends at any time of the day , among other numerous differentials?

The pillars of Google make it a model to be followed, and your company can learn a lot by knowing the details of each one in depth. Follow the post, get to know these particularities and learn to enhance the organizational culture of your company. Good reading!

What is organizational culture?

Organizational culture, roughly speaking, it is the name given to shared habits, values ​​and behaviors in a work environment. This set of beliefs defines how a particular company conducts its business.

When well structured and implemented, culture is able to enhance the organization's competitive advantages and improve its positioning in the market. In addition to gaining more commercial visibility, it is also valued by its own workforce, customers and strategic competitors.

Regardless of the elements that make it up, the internal culture must be clear and consistent with the business purposes. With it, employees must be able to identify the benefits of integrating this team, understand collective goals, share dreams and live this truth every day.

If you want to know the components of an organizational culture, we recommend reading this material here.

How does Google's organizational culture work?

Founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, in Menlo Park, California, west coast of the United States, Google is a technology company, which has become an undisputed symbol of innovation, success and leadership.

In addition to offering the most famous virtual search server in the world, the company also extends services such as Gmail, Blogger, GTalk, Google Earth, Google Translate, Orkut, YouTube, and also internet advertising services such as AdWords and AdSense.

In view of this range of activities, the quality of people management is an essential part of its strategic planning. Therefore, one of the qualities that most stands out in the global market is its organizational culture.

With more freedom and creative autonomy, Google employees can choose much of the characteristics of their own working hours, such as hours worked, dresscode, breaks, leisure and entertainment activities, among others. After all, everyone knows how works and produces better.

It is worth mentioning that this freedom does not mean lack of responsibility. On the contrary, the demand for results and the expectations for excellence are very high. A multitude of benefits are offered to enhance the skills of your talents, reinforce your satisfaction with the organization and optimize your performance.

Another distinctive feature of Google is the offering the same advantages and benefits to all its employees, regardless of position. Any collaborator receives participation in the company's profits and shares, strengthening the team's sense and uniform appreciation of its workforce.

What are the pillars of Google’s organizational culture?

Google's organizational culture is based on fundamental pillars, see below.


Google's mission is to facilitate access to information worldwide, so they have offices in more than 60 countries so that this content can reach the largest number of people. Its search interface is translated into more than 130 languages, being able to provide applications and products in languages ​​and formats accessible as much as possible.

Even with geographic limitations, Google's organizational culture encourages collaboration, after all, the goal is one. With the responsible participation of each employee, it can be achieved with more agility and quality.


On Google, work is always challenging, but it can and should be fun. They believe that incredible and creative ideas are more likely to come up when the organizational climate style=”font-weight: 400;”> it is dynamic and stimulating.

The team's achievements are emphasized and the pride of individual achievements is exposed with clarity and transparency, which contributes to the success of any goal.


Agility is another pillar of Google’s organizational culture. O time is taken as something valuable, therefore, all programming structures focus on optimizing this resource.

When accessing the web search server, the user wants immediate answers. And Google wants to satisfy you with quality and efficiency.


As a technology company, innovation is an essential pillar of Google’s organizational culture. In addition to structuring innovations that can be used anywhere in the world, the company offers new and transformative experiences.

By offering these intelligences and interacting with the user, the company develops technologies that facilitate everyday activities on the web and improve those that already work satisfactorily.


Another essential pillar is quality. For Google, the best is the starting point, not the finish. With very high expectations in its workforce, the company develops projects aiming for excellence.

Google is aware that goals established by them cannot yet be reached. However, it is through the effort to achieve them that he will go even further than expected.


Mobility is a reality in much of the world, so Google works so that access to information is available anywhere and anytime.

He leads the way in providing new technologies and solutions for mobile services that help people perform numerous tasks on their cell phones, from checking emails and the event calendar to watching videos, not to mention the many ways to access Google Search over the phone.

What benefits does Google offer?

Now that you’re familiar with Google’s organizational culture, here are some of the organization’s unique benefits.

  • allocates a budget to education (so that employees can take language courses, MBA's or postgraduate courses);
  • it frees up 20% of working time (which is equivalent to one day a week) so that employees can dedicate themselves to personal projects.
  • gives individual autonomy to all employees, regardless of position;
  • allows Communication free and debates between collaborators;
  • allows you to choose the hours of entry and exit of the office (flexible routine);
  • offers balanced and free food;
  • yoga and meditation classes;
  • offers entertainment games (ping pong tables, foosball, video games, among others);
  • leisure and rest areas;
  • releases the presence of pets (pet friendly);
  • allows its employees to use technologies even before their launch (smartphones, tablets and chromebooks);
  • offers 18 weeks of maternity leave;
  • encourages the practice of physical activities (offering free gyms, forming teams of employees for competitions; using scooters to move around the office, etc.);
  • adopts a horizontal structure (professionals are divided into small work cells);
  • offers a budget for decorating the workspace;
  • constantly encourages innovation (there are no judgments, so employees feel safe to take risks, give ideas and actively participate in discussions).

How can Google's organizational culture inspire your business?

Here are some facts from Google's organizational culture that can inspire your business to build more efficient people management and optimize the chances of achieving more promising results.

1. Pay attention to the selection process

To ensure the recruitment of the best talent in the market, Google carries out recruitment processes careful and meticulous selection, in which characteristics that go beyond technical and intellectual skills are analyzed. Creative, strategic, innovative and cognitive skills are assessed.

2. Value HR intelligence

Google uses the numbers and data accounted for by the Human Resources as an empowering guide for the development of its employees.

This information allows us to identify points to improve, correct, adjust and change, that is, they facilitate strategic decision-making.

3. State your mission, vision and values

Google maintains its mission, vision and values ​​clearly articulated to cultivate an environment in which employees understand their role and value in the organization. In this way, they know why they do a particular activity and adore it for the purpose it achieves.

In other words, your work is arranged with something that generates value and real impacts on society.

4. Recognize employees

Google values ​​its workforce above all else, so it offers benefits odd. One of the ways in which he recognizes good work and encourages its optimization is by giving part of the company's own actions to the outstanding talents.

Mistakes are also celebrated there, but aiming to encourage new ideas and convey understanding, after all, no one is exempt from failures.

5. Create a democratic atmosphere

Another interesting point of Google's organizational culture is its organizational structure, which assumes a horizontality without many authority figures. The teams are composed of a smaller number of managers and the administration is collaborative.

There, an open and democratic environment is encouraged, enabling employees to express their opinions and ideas without fear.

6. Be transparent with the team

Google's organizational culture also encourages transparency, which is why it holds weekly meetings with employees from units around the world to discuss strategic issues.

Exchanging information and ideas with this frequency and transparency allows employees to remain up-to-date and aware of their role in the business objectives and to feel that they are a fundamental part of the organization.

7) Stimulate the owner culture

Finally, another important feature of Google's organizational culture is that it encourages the feeling of owning the business. Whether to celebrate an achievement or to deal with any failure, employees are trained to get involved in the affairs as if they owned Google. The effort to potentiate or correct the situation in question is significantly greater.

Having talents that are motivated by challenges and that face issues with an owner mindset is an immense asset for people managementafter all, motivation and commitment are undeniable.

Did you see? Organizational culture is an essential part of managing the most valuable instrument of any organization: employees! Study the organizational culture from Google and get inspired.

Much more than blindly seeking financial returns, with this study, your company can enhance the bonds of commitment and affection with the workforce, optimizing your satisfaction, motivation and recovery. The enhancement of results is an inevitable consequence.

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