What do employees want? See tips to motivate your team

What do employees want?  See tips to motivate your team

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A few years ago, when we asked ourselves “What do employees want?” the answer was simple: a good salary and stability. However, nowadays, the demands of employees go far beyond that. Like recruiters, they are also much more selective when looking for job opportunities.

In addition to offering a good package of remuneration, it is necessary to attend to a series of needs of the professionals to stand out in the war for talent.

With that in mind, we have listed in this post the main wishes of employees in the job market, so that your company can prepare properly:

  • Sense of purpose;
  • Professional growth;
  • Leaders who know how to listen;
  • Balance between personal and professional life;
  • Recognition and appreciation;
  • Attractive work environment;
  • Good remuneration and benefits.
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Sense of purpose

Of course, the biggest goal of every company is profit. But that alone is not enough to create identification with employees and really engage them. In this case, it is necessary to have well-defined values ​​and culture, with a sense of purpose that permeates all the company's activities.

For the new generation of professionals, it is very important that the place where they work has a positive impact on the community. They want to be in companies that fight for the same cause that they believe in, such as social equality, preserving the environment or using the economy for a better world, among others.

If they can connect their personal purpose to the organization's purpose, they will become much more willing to make the business thrive.

But these values ​​cannot be just in the discourse, but present in all prices and shares of the company. Otherwise, this will further frustrate employees, who may feel cheated and go looking for another job.

Professional growth

In an increasingly competitive market, what employees want is chances of growing professionally. Leaving employees stagnant, without opportunities to learn and carry out new activities, is one of the biggest reasons for demotivation in the market.

If your company does not meet this need for employees, they will surely look for a place to do that for them.

It is essential to draw up a career path personalized for each employee. It must be accompanied by constant feedback from the manager, so that the professional knows exactly what to do or not to do to achieve the goals set.

Invest in training it is another fundamental measure. Perform trainings, lectures and workshops focused on the evolution of teams, so that everyone has a chance to develop and achieve great achievements in the company.

Leaders who know how to listen

Among all that the employees want, be heard by leaders it is one of the most important points for any employee.

Employees are often much more knowledgeable about a subject than their superiors. Having the chance to expose their ideas and opinions is very important for them to feel valued in the team.

Giving employees freedom to actively participate in projects is a great way to extract what they have best, in addition to increasing the volume of interesting ideas for the business.

You also need to know how to listen when employees have some feedback on the leader's performance. Many managers have a hard time accepting this, but listening to what employees have to say can bring new insights to improve people management.

Balance between personal and professional life

Work is an important part of anyone's life, but it is not the only one. We all have other commitments and we need to enjoy life outside the office. Therefore, one of the benefits that employees want is the balance between personal and professional life.

Excessive overtime, short breaks and holidays that are always postponed are the perfect ingredients to leave a unmotivated employee. To avoid this, try to keep a fair journey and have flexibility in schedules when employees need it.

Of course, sometimes the employee will have to stay late to complete an important task. But it is also fair to make him feel free to go to his son's school meeting, go to the doctor or work from home when necessary. All of these orders are very reasonable, and the company should not put any obstacles in order to fulfill them.

Recognition and appreciation

Every business needs to keep in mind that employees want recognition for good work. Knowing that effort is seen and valued by the organization makes the employee more dedicated to his activities and projects, achieving even better results. It is a classic example of positive reinforcement.

This recognition can come in several forms: a bonus, a raise or even a word of thanks. As simple as the attitude may be, it can be enough to help keep the quality of service always high.

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Attractive work environment

Employees want a work environment where they feel comfortable. Therefore, try to create a creative, dynamic space that stimulates the quality of life. Some companies that are a reference in people management, like Google, they do it with mastery.

How about a relaxation room or a games room so that employees can take a break at certain times of the day? Offering free snacks, informal dress code and other pampering inside the office are also great measures. All of this favors well-being in the day-to-day work, which makes the team much happier and more productive.

Good remuneration and benefits

As much as the remuneration package is no longer the only factor to be considered, it is an important demand to be met. After all, in addition to having job satisfaction, everyone wants to be in a place that allows a comfortable life and the fulfillment of dreams, such as travel and the acquisition of goods.

If your company is not able to stand out on the fixed salary, be creative in benefits and variable pay. A good goal and productivity reward program can be an interesting way to attract ambitious and competitive talent, which will help to improve business results.

Now that you know what employees want, how about putting what you’ve learned into practice? Knowing the needs of employees, you can draw a effective plan to serve them. Thus, the company guarantees a team that is always motivated and satisfied, which will generate great results on a daily basis.

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