What do the best companies to work for have in common?

What do the best companies to work for have in common?

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Every year, a ranking of the best companies to work for in the country is released. These organizations are thus recognized because they adopt a set of practices and strategies that value the quality of the Desktop and the satisfaction of its collaborators.

Consequently, its results are surprising and the competition for a job vacancy is ultra competitive, which ensures the admission of the best talents in the market.

But after all, what do the best companies to work for have in common to achieve such balances? Some of the fundamental practices adopted by them are:

  • well-structured people management;
  • archived career plan;
  • training stimulated constantly;
  • personalized benefits;
  • balanced personal and professional life;
  • healthy work environment;
  • flexible organizational policies;
  • social and environmental commitment.

If you want to know good practices to achieve better results, we recommend reading this article here.

Now, to understand more deeply what the best companies to work for have in common, keep following this post. We separate the main information about the conducts adopted by them, to help your company transform them into a decoy of new opportunities. Good reading!

What are the best companies to work for in Brazil in 2021?

According to the Glassdoor, one of the many companies that carry out the annual ranking, what the best companies to work for have in common is concern for your workforce.

That is, they invest in several operations and offer benefits that directly impact your satisfaction with the company. Later on we will explore these qualities in detail.

Below are 15 UK residents companies out of 50 identified as the best options to work in Brazil by the ranking in question:

  1. CI&T
  2. Petrobras
  3. Nubank
  4. Magazine Luiza
  5. Loggi
  6. Azul – UK residents Airlines
  7. Globosat
  8. Ambev
  9. Banco BV
  10. Icatu Seguros
  11. B3
  12. Suzano
  13. Senior Systems
  14. Braskem
  15. BRQ

What do the best companies to work for have in common?

As we said, what the best companies to work for has in common, including those mentioned above, is a set of practices and strategies that value their main value instrument, the collaborator.

Get to know the most important actions now and learn how to transform them into optimization tools for your business.

Well-structured people management

As the focus is on the employee, what the best companies to work for has in common is a department of Human Resources (HR) strategic and well structured.

That means your ability to meet the real needs, demands, desires and preferences of employees is expressive. THE people management style=”font-weight: 400;”> ensures that quality.

An example of a company that stands out for having a unique relationship with its own workforce is Magazine Luiza. The retail chain has an organizational culture that constantly encourages this care, which is why it disseminates quality of life programs, technical training, personal development, reinforces essential values, and so on. Your HR is seen as a reference throughout the country.

Architectural career plan

Another assignment that the best companies to work for has in common is the offer of a career path, that is, the opportunity for growth within the business.

Most of the positions at these companies require high performance and absolute commitment, so it is essential to attract and retain the best talent in the market. One strategy adopted for this is architect a rapid professional rise for the professionals in the spotlight.

An example of a company that stands out for its career opportunities is Ambev. The brewery, which has more than four thousand candidates per vacancy for a trainee program, offers high salaries since the beginning of the career and extends specialized training, which can quickly take this new employee to a management position.

Training stimulated constantly

What the best companies to work for has also in common is the investment in learning your workforce.

In addition to structuring your career plan, the offer of training programs, training, courses, workshops, immersions, lectures, among others, is also a significant incentive to retain talents.

A company that stands out for this offer is Suzano. The pulp and paper company extends several learning programs, such as Suzano Talks, an event that invites entrepreneurs from different areas to share strategic knowledge; ELOS, a training aimed at high performance and potential professionals; general training (safety, technical qualification, leadership, among others).

Personalized benefits

Another behavior that the best companies to work for has in common is the investment in benefits. More than offering massive advantages, the best organizations extend personalized options, considering the real demands of your workforce.

As we have seen, they have highly trained HR teams who are fully aware of these needs. Thus, your benefits portfolio becomes one of your great competitive advantages.

One company that offers strategic benefits is Azul. In addition to the benefits required by law, the airline also guarantees free and unlimited tickets to its employees and dependents (children and spouse), for all destinations it operates. Only the boarding fee is charged and reservations are made on a Stand By basis.

What's more, Azul still has agreements with other international companies and extends discounts on hotels, car rentals, among others.

Balanced personal and professional life

Every company that enters the ranking allows its employees to balance their personal and professional lives. After all, what the best companies to work for has in common is the concern for the happiness of their workforce.

In other words, these organizations are flexible, socially diversified, more informal, innovative, extend benefits that meet the demands of personal life (daycare assistance, maternity and paternity leave, workday malleable, culture aid, etc.), among others.

Nubank is a clear example of this strategic configuration. Fintech has a young organizational culture, which is very focused on personal issues. In addition to investing in diversity and humanization, it also offers several activities that stimulate pleasure and well-being in the workplace (foodtrucks, casual dress, debates about films, volleyball, knitting, language classes, etc.).

Therefore, in addition to considering professional development, what the best companies to work for has in common is the investment in the contemplation and satisfaction of your professional team.

Healthy work environment

The quality of the work environment, interpersonal relationships and the spatial infrastructure is directly linked to the productivity of professionals, isn't it? Therefore, another assignment that the best companies to work for has in common is the be careful with the organizational climate.

The managers of these organizations strategically structure the work environment, always aiming at developing the operational team to ensure business results.

An example of this type of investment is CI&T. The UK residents multinational of digital solutions ensures a healthy environment from the careful selection of its employees.

Their culture is a fundamental guide that values ​​an environment of respect for all people, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, physical appearance, body dimensions, race or religion. The stimulus is for the union, singular importance and for the voice that she gives to her work force.

Flexible organizational policies

What the best companies to work for has also in common is flexibility. Changes in planning, congested network traffic, high levels of stress, heavy traffic in large cities; unpredictability is countless, which is why these companies adopt flexible organizational policies.

The current economic crisis brought about by the new coronavirus pandemic and the measures adopted as emergency solutions are proof of the importance of flexibility for business survival in a constantly changing market.

One company that deserves attention for the adoption of flexible strategies is Loggi, a logistics startup. With the arrival of quarantine, the company innovated one of its main entry and exit programs welcome, Xboarding, making it 100% online.

Even though it was carried out remotely, all those involved preserved their participation, even the presidency. In other words, flexibility allowed the company to continue to hire and train its employees, adapting them to their culture and fundamental purpose.

Social and environmental commitment

Finally, the last attribute that the best companies to work for have in common, which we will address here, is their socio-environmental commitment.

In view of the growing and urgent need to preserve the planet's natural resources, the social and environmental commitment of companies has become a fundamental issue in choosing the current generation of professionals. This is because the lack of this care can reveal the company's unpreparedness in dealing with its own human issues.

An example of a company that is already committed to this care is the petrochemical Braskem. In order to improve people's lives through sustainable solutions, the company invested around £ 26 million in social responsibility projects in Brazil.

In addition to actions that foster the national petrochemical industry, the company supports socio-environmental, cultural and sports projects.

Why is investing in this set of practices important?

It is a fact that many entrepreneurs still have doubts as to whether the investment in a more pleasant work environment really has such a relevant return.

However, the evidence is quite obvious. A healthy workplace, which strengthens a pleasant organizational climate, improves interpersonal relationships, stimulates creativity and gives more autonomy and freedom, obviously impacts the employee's well-being and satisfaction.

Being fully satisfied with the environment, productivity, motivation, commitment, are inevitable consequences.

Therefore, whatever the segment, profile or size of the business, what the best companies to work for have in common is the strategic way in which they deal with the needs of their workforce.

Your company can also structure practices like these, improve its results and reputation with candidates and the market itself. Who knows, maybe she won't be included in this ranking in the future either?

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