What documents does your company need to comply with eSocial?

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What documents does your company need to comply with eSocial?

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The changes that are taking place in relation to Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) in eSocial have recently left many professionals in doubt about the documentation that needs to be up to date.

After all, what are the documents that need to be updated, what are the benefits of this new approach to eSocial and how can my company be compliant?

In this content, we will cover everything about this subject. Check out!

What documents does your company need to adapt to eSocial?

There are 7 documents in all:

1. PCMSO – Occupational Health Medical Control Program (NR-7)

NR-7 defines the obligation for all employers to prepare and control the PCMSO, with a view to preserving the health of their workers.

2. PPRA – Environmental Risk Prevention Program (NR-9)

NR-9 determines the obligation for employers to implement the PPRA, the objective of which is to preserve the health and integrity of workers. PPRA actions must be at the establishment (branch) level.

3. Technical Report on Unhealthiness (NR-15)

The NR-15 defines what are considered unhealthy agents and the conditions of unhealthy conditions.

4. Technical Hazard Report (NR-16)

NR-16 describes which jobs or operations are dangerous.

5. AET – Ergonomic Analysis of Work (NR-17)

This Regulatory Standard aims to establish parameters that allow the adaptation of working conditions to the psychophysiological characteristics of workers, thus providing maximum comfort, safety and efficient performance.

6. PPP – Social Security Professional Profile (Social Security)

The PPP is a form that has fields that must be filled in with all the employee's information, such as the activity he / she performs, the harmful agent to which he / she is exposed, the intensity and concentration of the agent, clinical medical exams, in addition to data related to the company.

The form must be completed by companies that carry out activities that expose employees to harmful chemical, physical, biological agents or associations of agents that are harmful to health or physical integrity (origin of the grant of special retirement after 15, 20 or 25 years of contribution) .

In addition, employers and institutions that admit workers as employees of the Environmental Risk Prevention Program and the Occupational Health Medical Control Program, in accordance with Regulatory Standard No. 9 of Ordinance No. 3,214 / 78 of the MTE, must complete the PPP.

It is important to remember that PPPs must be issued until the entry of eSocial. This means that the company must physically provide all its employees with PPPs by June 2021. The other documents must be kept physically in the company, as is done today.

7. LTCAT – Technical Report on Environmental Labor Conditions (CAT – Social Security)

This Technical Report is instituted by the National Institute of Social Security – INSS, and is used to grant or not a special retirement to workers who are exposed to harmful chemical, physical and biological agents or association of agents harmful to health or physical integrity.

It is important to note that this Technical Report no aims to characterize the Unhealthy and much less the Dangerousness. Its objective is to grant or not a special retirement to workers exposed to harmful agents and agents harmful to health or physical integrity.

Which OSH events should be sent to eSocial from July 2021?

The OSH events that must be sent to eSocial as of July 2021 are:

Event S-1060 – Table of Work Environments

This event is used to include, change and delete records in the Employee / Taxpayer / Public Agency's Table of Work Environments. The information in this table is used to validate the Environmental Work Conditions event. The working environments of the company in which workers are active must be informed.

Event S-2210 – Work Accident Reporting

Event to be used to report an accident at work, occupational disease or death by the employer / taxpayer / public agency, with the employee removed or not from their work activities. It must be sent until the first business day of its occurrence and, in case of death, it must be sent immediately.

Event S-2220 – Occupational Health Monitoring

This event should be used to monitor the health of the worker during their employment contract, with information related to occupational health certificates (ASO) and their complementary exams. It must be sent by the 7th of the month following the exam.

Event S-2221 – Toxicological Exams of the Professional Driver

This event was created recently to provide information regarding toxicological tests of professional drivers.

Event S-2240 – Environmental Work Conditions – Risk Factors

Event to be used to register the connection of each worker to the environments in which they perform activities (event codes S-1060). It will be individualized to which risk factors in the environment the worker is exposed to, as well as to the description of the collective and individual protections used and their effectiveness, and the information on dangerousness and unhealthiness.

It must be sent until the 07th of the month following the occurrence, before the monthly events of the employee's remuneration, and in cases of alteration or termination of activities carried out in the environment.

Event S-2245 – Training, Training and Simulated Exercises

This event must be used to register the mandatory training in accordance with the NRs. It must be sent by the 7th of the month following the end of the training, qualification or simulated exercise.

As it is a complex and comprehensive area, it is essential to continuously train and train employees to promote solutions for risk and accident prevention, inspection control, project, schedule and analysis and action plan, in order to obtain efficient results. for the worker and company. After all, promoting health and safety in the present means saving resources in the future!

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