What does a program offer to professionals?

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It is common that, regardless of the area, professionals are afraid of a career transition. But, nowadays, more and more companies appear concerned with their talents, mainly in this moment of so many changes.

Do you want to know what the benefits are and what a career transition program offers? Follow the reading!

What happens at the moment of shutdown?

How do professionals feel after being informed that they have been dismissed from the company? What to do after receiving the news? Regardless of the company's reasons for making this decision, this is always a delicate moment, both for the employer and the employee.

It is a relationship established with such intensity of time, dedication and expectations that, when broken, it cannot be pleasant for both sides. What can we do to alleviate this situation?

The program career transition it is an alternative that benefits everyone involved. The employer can continue to contribute to the development of the professionals who helped in the company's results.

And, in this very delicate moment, he will have the support of specialized professionals, having a transition Softer. Collaborators can even take advantage of this moment to get to know each other better and seek opportunities that are more in line with their interests.

How does a career transition program work?

And how does this program work? There are several ways to help professionals in this time of transition and they vary according to individual needs.

Some employees are emotionally shaken after the termination, active listening and the performance of specialized professionals contribute significantly to the new phase, helping to rebuild image and self-esteem.

However, as most professionals are looking for a replacement, market preparation is an important job for this moment. Many professionals work for a long time in the same company and have no idea where to start.

This work may involve:

  • Elaboration of the curriculum making it more attractive to the market;
  • Guidelines for using LinkedIn and other tools in a consistent and proactive manner, assisting in the search for opportunities and networking;
  • Feedback on performance in interviews and guidance on what can be improved to be successful;
  • Guidance on the possible steps you may face in selection processes, such as tests, videos and presentations

In addition to this preparation, another benefit to the professional is the development tools that aim to strengthen self-knowledge and provoke reflections that help in the improvement of some behavioral aspects and in the construction of a more solid career plan, aligned with the professional's real interests.

For example, self-knowledge, defining purpose and mission, are fundamental to find something that really makes sense and brings more professional satisfaction. And this moment, which at first can be challenging and distressing, can become a period of internal reflection and meeting true tastes and aptitudes.

Thus, in this internal journey, some professionals end up finding a different career alternative than the one they were dedicating themselves to, changing their area of ​​practice or way of working, such as becoming a consultant, teacher or entrepreneur, obtaining greater contentment and feeling more fulfilled .

Benefits of the career transition program for the organization

And what does the company gain by offering a program to the professional she is terminating? In addition to humanizing such a delicate moment and contributing to the development of professionals who helped in the results, the brand and credibility with society are strengthened and recognized as a company that cares about its “human resources”.

In addition, in times when the quality of life and the company's actions with society are being increasingly valued, this type of benefit can be important for retaining internal talents and attracting good professionals who prioritize working in companies that have that focus.

Therefore, everyone can benefit from this type of program, professionals, companies, society with more satisfied people who are able to produce better and maintain healthier relationships.

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Leila Curado

Transformation and Transition Consultant



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