What is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

Wat is een Learning Experience Platform?

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Facilitating learning and development can now be done in many different ways. We are all familiar with the traditional LMS systems with which you have one central place where training or other learning materials are offered in a closed environment that is managed by an administrator.

Such a closed system is actually outdated. Nowadays knowledge is available everywhere and is no longer only accessible via an LMS. This is where a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) comes in.

According to Josh Bersin, the LXP market is there because the idea behind the traditional LMS is very outdated. According to Bersin, an LXP has the philosophy of “learning on the flow of the job”.

What is an LXP?

A Learning Experience platform (LXP) is a personalized, social, online learning experience for employees. It is an open ecosystem in which the student is central.

Where in a traditional LMS mainly the administrator (and therefore often the organization) is central, with an LXP this is the student (or employee). Employees therefore have the opportunity not only to acquire knowledge that an organization offers, but can also actively look for external knowledge.

This does not mean that a traditional LMS is no longer useful, but that it is no longer central. The LMS has become part of the bigger picture at an LXP.

Specific features of an LXP

While there are not yet an extremely large number of LXPs in the market, most LXPs have many similarities. Specific features are, for example:

  • Gamification
  • Content Market Place
  • Knowledge areas / channels
  • Curations
  • More focus on the student
  • Focus on skills instead of roles

You get an optimal learning environment by getting and keeping users engaged. Gamification plays a very important role here. Gamification uses game principles and game techniques as a learning tool. Games give people a sense of community and fulfillment, and they provide clearly defined and attainable goals. By using gamification in the learning process, people learn faster and more effectively.

The content market place is an important part of an LXP. Some LXPs provide their own content market place, while others integrate it externally. A content market place provides employees with content, which they then select themselves to meet their knowledge needs.

Within so-called knowledge areas (or channels), content about a particular topic is collected in a structured and smart way. Knowledge areas are therefore able to bring together online training courses, classroom training courses, PDFs, YouTube videos, etc., sorted by subject.

Trends in learning whitepaper

An important strength of LXPs is the fact that content is curated. The content is not one big collection box with knowledge, but is collected in a smart way, whereby the community and possibly the administrators provide for the curation of the content.

Nowadays, as an organization, you no longer only meet the knowledge needs that are needed on the work floor, but you also have to offer employees room to develop themselves broadly. This shifts learning and development towards the employee and there is a great focus on skills instead of roles.


We just went into it: an LXP and an LMS are very different from each other. While you wouldn't think this at first glance, there are definitely a myriad of differences:

Focus on

The student

The manager


Open (ecosystem)

Closed system

Way of learning

On the job (practice)


Gain knowledge through

Social learning


When we summarize the above, you can actually say that an LMS is really a learning system, while an LXP is a learning experience.

LXP in the London

In the London LXP is not very well known yet. Nevertheless, we are gradually seeing more and more awareness and interest in LXP among HR and L&D professionals.

It is not surprising that there is increasing interest in LXP among these professionals in the London. As far as we are concerned, an LXP is the future and is fully embraced by a large number of our customers.

Do you want a first introduction to the LXP of HR Consultants UK? Then contact us without obligation and we will be happy to give you an online demo.



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