What is advanced analytics + 5 benefits of this technology

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What is advanced analytics + 5 benefits of this technology

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Who understands what is Advanced Analytics has bigger decision-making ability it's from do predictive analytics. With that, we detect patterns, generate information and anticipate good deals. For this, other tools and technologies are used, such as Machine Learning it's the Data Mining, between others.

Analog and digital processes are no longer discussed today. THE digital age it is here to stay and is consolidated in 21st century society.

With this, the main challenge for companies lies in knowing the best technologies to anticipate trends and develop continuously.

That's why we would like to talk in this post about Advanced Analytics.

If you haven't heard about the technology, this is a valuable opportunity to get to know it and understand how to apply it in your company.

For those who already know, we have some interesting tips for you to convince yourself to give a greater study on the subject.

Follow us on this reading and learn all about what it is Advanced Analytics and the benefits of using it.

What is Advanced Analytics?

At a time when we even have the digital talents as a concept to identify the future of the workforce, it is essential to be on top of the major technological trends.

The ball is the Advanced Analytics, a breakthrough for everything Big Data has been collecting over the past few years. All because we are closer and closer to using navigation data online to generate insights and relevant business opportunities.

What does that mean? That through the Advanced Analytics we have greater capacity for decision making and predictive analytics. With that, we detect patterns, generate information and anticipate good deals.

For this, other tools and technologies are used, such as Machine Learning and Data Mining, among others that reinforce the use of its database.

Do you want to know more about data collection and its strategic use? Leave this article separate, then, about everything you need to know about the Business Intelligence (BI). For sure, it will enrich everything we will see throughout this article!

Why is data usage so relevant?

Nowadays, we are able to identify all the behavior of a user when accessing your website. It is possible to know which pages were accessed the most and even how long it took on each of them, among other information.

With this data, you monitor the best actions that can help the user to have a more positive experience and that concludes in an eventual sale, whether in the short, medium and long term.

O Advanced Analyticstherefore, it applies in this situation to contribute to the storage, processing and analysis of data so that the processes (internal and external) can be continuously improved.

Key benefits of Advanced Analytics


Only with what we have already highlighted, it must have been noticed that Advanced Analytics serves as a compass. It points out the best direction to follow according to your goals, having the entire route traced for you to accomplish them.

It is worth mentioning, however, all the positive aspects that the use of this technology and techniques brings to your company, as we will see below!

1- Alignment between areas

Internally, Advanced Analytics offers greater integration between the main areas of the company<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. By centralizing the data, for example, it is easier to follow all the processes, to know the progress of each stage and, even, if the performances are below or within the predicted.

It is worth mentioning here that communication is also improved. If everyone seeks data from the same source, the obstacles between sectors are diluted, as the whole process becomes more fluid and transparent.

2- Reduction of errors and risks

Accumulation of data can help to visualize where the main errors and productive bottlenecks are occurring. For example: the rework in a given sector constantly slows down the production schedule. And this can be seen by the number of changes to your data.

Thus, it is possible to take measures quickly that will no longer harm work and, who knows, they may even guarantee a better qualification for employees who have been wrong.

In the case of risks, the Advanced Analytics follows the same path: the data generated and obtained can be analyzed to identify potentially harmful situations. This facilitates the anticipation of actions that can reduce setbacks on a daily basis.

3- More productivity

With fewer risks, errors and more alignment between areas, it is easy to predict that productivity is an element present in the corporate routine.

Not to mention, of course, that the use of integrated and automated solutions is essential for this. After all, it keeps its employees in a more strategic position, in the company, and with less and less bureaucratic and repetitive activities. Which, by the way, helps to reduce process errors as well.

4- Improvements in decision making

This benefit of advanced analytics we have already listed, as it is part of everything that has been said so far. If you have more data that contributes to the planning and execution of strategies, your decisions are widely valued.

This ends the possibilities for choices based on instinct or the option for less risky hunches. THE reliability and accuracy of the data makes the hits constant in your company.

5- Generation of insights and diagnosis of deficiencies

It is worth noting that Advanced Analytics converts the collected data into reliable diagnostics of customer performances, strategies and behavior.

As we have already mentioned, this becomes new insights and also in the diagnosis of eventual deficiencies and problematic situations that until then have not been identified.

Even so, this technology and combined actions can serve for you to continuously improve the relationship with employees – better training and actions that will promote the retention and attraction of talents.

As for the market, these personalized actions focused on constant improvements can attract new customers and, above all, retain those who already buy from you.

Use Advanced Analytics data to assess financial health

Did you see how there are several benefits to be reaped with the use of Advanced Analytics? The information you collect can also be used to analyze the financial performance of employees.

Understanding its needs, the company can adopt current solutions that will transform the relationship with money.

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