What is an individual development plan: how and why to invest in your employees?

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What is an individual development plan: how and why to invest in your employees?

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What is an individual development plan? Also called PDI, the individual development plan is a project that systematizes actions to be taken in order to achieve a certain purpose through personal and professional development.

It can be said that the PDI is nothing more than a road map to be developed by the individual so that he can move and walk in the sense of where he would like to be or who he would like to be. That is, it is a project what vision development of a person.

Next, we will better understand what an individual development plan is and how you can build one for your career. and for your collaborators Continue reading!

What is an individual development plan?

The process of making an individual development plan starts with an analysis of the current situation of the employee, for this it is necessary:

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Below, we list the advantages of investing in an individual development plan for your company's employees, as well as tips on how individual development actions can assist in the growth of your business. Check out!

How to make an individual development plan and its advantages

1. Boosts the career of professionals

Undoubtedly, the first and clearest advantage brought by the individual development plan is that it is an excellent boosting tool for a professional’s career plan.

Bring tools and strategies into your company that seek the increase of the career of its collaborators it is a significant differential for the relationship maintained with your team.

A company that invests and is interested in the professional development of its employees is also investing in:

  • efficient internal communication;
  • facilitation of processes and relationships;
  • empathy with those who make up your human capital;
  • solutions that aim to bring benefits for the organization itself.

When a manager starts using what is an individual development plan, he is demonstrating to his professionals that he has interest in your development, as well as in the continuity of the professional relationship maintained with him.

2. Offers direction

Offering direction means guide your employee to help you identify Which is the best route to be followed by him, within a context that analyzes his particularities and differentials.

In this sense, the concept of what an individual development plan is is a process that begins with the analysis and mapping of the employee's personal aspects. At that moment, a mapping is carried out that analyzes the main characteristics of the appraised, such as their strengths and weaknesses, for example.

This information is very important because it brings out characteristics and determinant aspects in the direction of the professional within the organization.

They raise questions such as:

Is the employee allocated to the correct sector?

Is he able to become the manager of his sector?

What characteristics can be “used” within the organization?

The PDI makes it possible to identify, for example, specific traits such as ability to exercise leadership. Recognizing characteristics like this is extremely interesting for the company and for the employee himself, since he can be directed to sectors or functions that best adapt to his profile.

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Thus, both the company and the professional gain, since an adequate direction is related to the increase in productivity and the quality of the services provided.

3. Self-knowledge

Every process of preparing the individual development plan requires a deep investigation about the analyzed individual.

All this research is healthy for the professional, since it brings up important aspects and situations for the development of their self-knowledge.

For you to better understand the relationship between self-knowledge and individual development plan, it is worth knowing some questions and situations that are raised to the employee through the PDI:

  • Who are you and where do you want to go?
  • What are your best skills?
  • What are your biggest difficulties?
  • What are your development goals?
  • What is most important in your career?
  • What have you been doing to develop your career?
  • What is your level of motivation to undertake changes in your career?

These examples of issues raised and discussed in an individual development plan make the understanding of the relationship with self-knowledge much clearer.

As you can see, these are deep aspects that go help the professional to learn a lot about themselves same.

Self-knowledge is always very important! For this reason, a company that invests in the personal development of the professionals who are part of its team is also investing in the development and improvement of its own business.

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4. Differentiation in the market

Finally, the fourth advantage that deserves to be highlighted when we try to explain the which is an individual development plan, is the question of market differentiation.

Today, the market is increasingly competitive, which requires professionals to be more knowledge and experience, in addition to the need for constant search for updating and improvement.

Thus, it is necessary for the professional to stand out from the rest, since competitiveness only grows and, every day, new professionals enter the job market.

With the PDI, the individual has elements that allow him to better understand his strengths, highlighting his differential and working to develop them further.

With this knowledge, it becomes much easier for the company to realize the importance of that employee, giving the prominence he deserves.

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5. Invest in the individual development plan!

As you can see, investing in IDPs is an excellent strategy for improving a company's human capital. Managers and employees who work in this type of study tend to reach the end of it very enthusiastically.

This is because it impacts not only the growth and motivation of employees, but also demonstrates that this experience reflects strongly on the development of the business.

In addition to providing a better understanding of competencies and skills of employees, companies end up obtaining information that can assist in their strategic planning and career planning, creating and adjusting job descriptions and competency management.

Now that you understand what an individual development plan is and how to make one, can you tell me where your company is at?

Have you already adopted the PDI to boost the professional growth of your employees?

What measures have you used to invest in your team's talent management? How are the human resources management planning and indicators that measure career development within the company?

Putting these issues under discussion is important for your company's growth and development, including when it comes to competing with other companies.

The market is increasingly concerned with its human capital and managers are increasingly busy investing in the development actions of their professionals. Therefore, invest in training your team and offer personal and professional development tools: your business can only benefit from it!

Your company's HR has a strategic role in the whole process of how to make an individual development plan, after all, it has competencies to:

  • make a good management of people;
  • set goals that aim to improve the capabilities of each employee;
  • create an ideal work environment.

For this to be possible, it is important that the Human Resources team has an active participation in the control of all departments in order to be able to identify the failures and needs of each sector. And, thus, apply the necessary measures to develop the skills of your team.

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