What is an uninterrupted shift in the CLT?

What is an uninterrupted shift in the CLT?

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O personal department is responsible for managing all employee contractual issues. Therefore, it is essential that the area dominates the laws that govern the relationship between employer and worker, especially with regard to working hours. A good example of this is the functioning of the uninterrupted relay shift at CLT.

This is a topic of great importance for employees, as it has a direct impact on their working hours, rest time and quality of life.

With that in mind, we have put together in this article everything you need to know to treat the subject with the care it deserves. Want to know more? Stay with us!

What is the uninterrupted relay shift?

Uninterrupted shift rotation is a work model that allows the company to work full time, without breaks.

Rather than a fixed journey, the teams follow schedules that vary between the morning, afternoon and night periods, so that the operation is always active.

This kind of workday it is very common in industrial activities, such as assembly lines for machines and automobiles. In these cases, employees take turns from 6 am to 12 pm, 12 pm to 6 pm, 6 pm to 12 am and 00 am to 6 am.

The CLT and the Federal Constitution establish some rules for applying this model. According to the art. 7, item XIV, of CF / 88, the daily shift in uninterrupted shifts should be maximum 6 hours, totaling 36 hours a week.

Overtime is allowed only if there is a collective bargaining agreement, with a limit of two per day.

You uninterrupted shifts they also depend on a series of factors, such as the order or alternation of the working hours performed in rotation.

For example: the same employee cannot work for two consecutive shifts, at risk of penalizing the company.

The purpose of these rules is to preserve the health of employees, since this work model brings greater wear and tear than the conventional day.

After all, each shift takes place at a different time, which makes it difficult for the person's body to adapt to basic needs such as sleep and food.

What are the rights of workers working on an uninterrupted shift?

In addition to the right to reduced daily workload of 6 hours, workers who work in uninterrupted relay shift have other guarantees by CLT.

Such measures were established to protect the right to rest and fair remuneration for employees.

Check out some of the main points of UK residents law on the rights of these professionals.

Weekly rest of 24 consecutive hours

According to the law, employees who work at scale are entitled to a weekly rest from 24 consecutive hours, as well as workers who work in fixed hours.

For those who work in business hours, this rest usually occurs on the weekend. In the case of uninterrupted shifts, this period may fall during the business week.

Right to Sunday off

CLT does not allow any worker to spend every Sunday without a break. The text says:

“Art. 67 – Every employee will be guaranteed a weekly rest of twenty-four consecutive hours, which, except for reasons of public convenience or imperative need for the service, must coincide with Sunday, in whole or in part ”.

When there is work in uninterrupted shifts, it is necessary to organize the scales so that all teams are able to have Sunday breaks through relay.

“Sole paragraph – In services that require work on Sundays, with the exception of theatrical casts, a relay schedule will be established, organized monthly and appearing on a table subject to inspection”.

For women working on a continuous relay shift, CLT requires that the Sunday rest be at least fortnightly.

The preference given on Sundays has an absolutely social character. Sunday is the most appropriate day for restbecause it allows the worker to recharge their batteries through contact with friends and family.

To make time off on that specific day impossible would be to take away from employees the opportunity to use their free time for leisure and recreation with people close to them.

15-minute intervals

Even on short hours, the employer is obliged to give the worker a break for rest and food.

However, in the uninterrupted relay shift, the time is 15 minutes, not 1 hour, as normally occurs.


As stated earlier, employees working on this model can do up to two overtime per day, if agreed in a collective agreement.

The rule for paying these hours is the same as for other professionals: there must be an increase of at least 50% over normal time.

Night additional

Employees scheduled to work at night also have another benefit: the night additional style=”font-weight: 400;”>.

The rule applies to all professional activities carried out between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am. The increase must be at least 20% over the average hourly rate.

The length of the working hour is also reduced: instead of 60 minutes, 52 minutes and 30 seconds are considered.

What are the consequences in case of non-compliance with the law?

Because it involves very specific rules, uninterrupted relay shifts demand special attention that there is no type of infraction.

The greatest risk is that of labor liabilities. If employees feel injured, they can go to court to seek your rights.

Depending on the case and the court decision, the figures involved can cause a great loss to the company's cash.

There are also consequences related to the quality of people management. When the employer imposes working conditions that are not in accordance with the law, employees are dissatisfied and unmotivated.

This negatively interferes with the productivity, which is bad for business results.

Furthermore, failure to comply with the Constitution harms the organization image in the market, which compromises its power to attract talent and investments.

Now that you know everything about the uninterrupted relay shift at CLT, how about putting what you've learned into practice?

This type of journey is very different from fixed schedules, but with knowledge and attention everything is easier. Just stay tuned to the details and guarantee the rights of your employees!

Did you like the article? Leave a comment with your doubts and opinions. It will be a pleasure to know a little more about your experience with shifts and scales!



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