What is B2E: understand everything about the business to employee model

What is B2E: understand everything about the business to employee model

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There is nothing more important for a company than its employees. They are responsible for discovering customers' needs, bringing new ideas and generating surprising results. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that an organization that does not value its employees has no future. And the best way to do that is to implement the model Business to Employee (B2E). But what is B2E?

Have you heard of this concept? To help you understand the subject, we have gathered in this post everything that is most important about B2E, from what it is to the main applications. Keep reading!

What is B2E?

Business to Employee is a business approach where the focus is on employees. It works like the Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Client (B2C) models, but instead of actions aimed at other companies or the end customer, the strategy aims to contemplate the company's own employees.

Main objective of the B2E model is to increase the attractiveness and retaining talent company, through recruitment tactics, benefit plans and other strategies.

That way, it is possible facilitate the daily life of the team and increase your quality of life, which generates more engagement, motivation and productivity.

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How to implement Business to Employee?

O model B2E it involves everything the company does to attract and retain employees. The term is usually used to refer to two specific initiatives: the B2E portal and the internal sales channels. Check out more details about each one below.

1- B2E Portal

O B2E portal is personalized homepage displayed in the browser of all employees of the company. The term is often taken to be synonymous with intranet, but there are some differences between the two concepts.

Intranet is an area logged with focus on the company. Works as a extra security layer to protect important business data, such as timesheetinformation about projects.

The B2E portal has focus on employees. Its resources include the tools offered by the intranet, but go beyond.

This type of system allows employees to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues, access training, travel services, market news and even e-commerce platforms.

In addition, the B2E portal allows customization and personalization to better meet the individual needs of each employee.

Importance of employee experience

One Business to Employee portal has a direct impact on an essential aspect of the company's routine: employee experience. The importance of delivering an efficient and intuitive system is often overlooked by companies, which culminates in a feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of motivation on the team.

Imagine that you, as a customer, are doing a search on a store website. If the interface is bad, slow and confusing, you will probably go out and look for a competitor, right?

Now, think about the same situation in the daily life of a company. If the internal page for collaborators is of poor quality, they will not be able to look for another alternative. They will have to settle for an insufficient platform, which contributes nothing to the routine and does not meet their needs.

This generates, little by little, a huge discontent among employees, in addition to halting internal processes and hampering productivity. Therefore, it can be said that the internal user experience is as or more important than external user experience.

Taking due care, it is possible to create an efficient B2E portal for all employees, increasing the team engagement and the sense of community in the organization.

2- Internal sales channels

Another frequent use of the B2E model concerns the internal sales channels. In this model, employees are able to purchase the company's products under special conditions, with lower prices, exclusive rewards and differentiated forms of payment.

That exclusive marketplace it must be planned in partnership with HR, being offered as a benefit to employees.

For the effect to be positive, the advantages must be generous, with good discounts, easy payment and gifts. In this way, the employee feels valued and becomes more engaged, which helps to reduce turnover.

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Advantages of selling to the employees themselves

In addition to representing a benefit for employees, the B2E sales channel brings several advantages to the organization.

The biggest one is the possibility of gather data to run external campaigns later. By analyzing internal buyers, the company gets valuable information about age group, gender and habits of consumers of each product. This makes it easier to create targeted campaigns and increase sales volume and quality.

The fact that all buyers are gathered in one place is another important advantage. With this, it is possible to go beyond the online environment to leverage sales, using the internal space to incentive actions and campaigns.

There is also the opportunity to offer the payroll discount as a payment option. This reduces the risk of fraud and default, since payment is guaranteed.

However, although it is advantageous, this should not be the only means of payment offered to employees. This would undermine freedom of choice and make the shopping experience limited.

Instead, give more incentives for employees who make purchases with direct payment by payroll: larger discounts, installments in more times or extra units of the purchased product, among other alternatives.

We come to an end in our article on what B2E is. Now that you're familiar with the concept, how about putting what you've learned into practice?

Combine the various uses of the business to employee (B2E) model and implement powerful actions focused on your company's employees! Thus, you will surely have a much more engaged and productive team on a daily basis.

With HR management your B2E model is more effective!

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