What is behavioral testing: when to apply it in the company and examples of evaluations

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What is behavioral testing: when to apply it in the company and examples of evaluations

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Each person has a profile that defines your modus operandi, or in its literal translation its “mode of operation” to work with routines and processes. Knowing what behavioral testing is and how to apply it is a way of assessing these particularities in a technical, practical and objective.

There are different types of behavioral tests, each with a specific methodology and forms of application.

The purpose of the test – regardless of which one – is to map the behavioral tendencies of an individual, using indicators that measure organizational compatibility with factors such as:

  • the personality;
  • reactions;
  • values;
  • talents;
  • experiences, among others.

Knowing the behavioral profile of employees is fundamental to assembling a team aligned with the company objectives, as the strengths and weaknesses of each are identified.

With that in mind, let’s explain how the company’s HR sector can use what is behavioral testing to optimize your productivity.

What is behavioral testing?

Behavioral testing is a self-knowledge tool used strategically, mainly by companies to identify behavioral profiles. It is through it that talents are identified, allowing professionals to be placed in an area compatible with their main personal characteristics.

In addition, HR behavioral tests help to create work teams with complementary characteristics, leaving the organizational environment more harmonious and facilitating relationships.

How does behavioral testing work?

In the past, behavioral tests were carried out using printed questionnaires. The answers were collected, analyzed and the characteristics of the employee were passed through reports, in order to identify the type of professional profile in question.

Today, with the support of technology, the tests are done with specialized software, who collect and cross-check employee responses, making their profiles with ease, assertiveness and much more agility. More modern tools still manage to cross current competencies with those desired for the future, creating a individual professional development map.

However, even with the help of technological platforms, the elaboration and analysis of the data must be done by a highly qualified and qualified HR team. Since specific interpretations will be needed to identify all of your evaluation variables.

When to apply a behavioral test?

HR behavioral tests can be applied in several situations:

Recruitment and selection

Selection processes are one of the main events, in which HR behavioral tests are used. With them, recruiters are able to assess technical and personal skills of candidates before hiring, verifying that that professional is compatible with the requirements of the vacancy and with the organizational culture.

The behavioral test evaluates goes far beyond the candidate’s profile for the occupation of a vacancy, the test analyzes:

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Relocation of employees

Bearing in mind what behavioral testing is and applying its methodologies, the HR team must have knowledge of the profile of each employee. Thus, in the event that a relocation of functions is necessary, HR will know exactly which employees are most suitable for this purpose.

If an employee is being quoted for a leadership position, HR must evaluate issues such as:

  • motivation;
  • level of satisfaction;
  • commitment to work;
  • typical skills of a good manager;
  • good communication;
  • initiative.

Thus, the behavioral test will help direct the employee to a sector in which his most significant skills can be better used – as in the case of the leadership position. This is especially valuable if your company has a career succession plan.

What types of behavioral testing do you apply?

Within behavioral management there are many types of tests, which model to choose will depend on the purposes, tastes and preferences of your company’s specialized HR team. Some of the most accurate and applied are:

1. DISC Methodology

The DISC methodology (acronym in English that means – Dominance; Influence; Steadnisess, Conscientiousness) is one of the biggest bases of behavioral profile tests in the world because it is very effective and complete. More than 70 countries use this test.

When the subject is identification of potentialities of a person, especially in their work environment, the DISC methodology is the ideal choice. It is widely used in recruitment and selection processes, in organizations of all sizes.

  • Dominance: presents data on the predominant behavioral profile. It shows how a person deals with challenges and difficulties / crises.
  • Influence: brings detailed information about how the person relates, evaluates his ability to influence others.
  • Steadnisess (Stability): shows how the person deals with changes and how he positions himself in these moments.
  • Conscientiousness: shows the person’s ability to adapt, respect the rules and follow them.

2. Animal behavioral testing

The Theory of Cerebral Dominance, popularly called Animal Behavioral Testing, addresses the most creative side of behavior. The human brain is analyzed in four quadrants (analytical, organizing, relational and experimental).

Through a test with about 120 multiple choice questions, the model identifies the cerebral dominance of each individual. Thus, your preferences, motivations, reservations, beliefs and values ​​are suggested according to your predominant personality.

Shark, the proactive

The shark is a predator, a natural hunter, one of the most complete animals in the animal kingdom. It is the top of your food chain.

People with this profile are strong and focused on results, determined and able to overcome challenges with agility and precision.

Cat, the communicator

The cat is a mythological animal, venerated with a god in Ancient Egypt. Because he has an independent profile, few people are able to see that he is an affectionate and playful animal.

Individuals with characteristics of this profile are considered more receptive, open to teamwork, easy communication and capable of pacifying environments.

Eagle, the creator

The eagle is a showy animal, with a privileged view, which flies very high.

For this reason, people with this profile are considered visionaries, capable of envisioning a more creative future.

Wolf, the organizer

The wolf is an observant, meticulous animal, with keen senses and loyal to its pack.

The individuals in this profile have a very strong sense of team, are considered meticulous and possess a powerful strategic vision. They are able to put complex plans into practice with precision and effectiveness.

Behavioral management and self-knowledge

The big question in companies is that, because they do not know their true essence, not all people are able to access their infinite potential and use their characteristics, differentials and qualities in favor of their growth.

Therefore, knowing what behavioral testing is is important for a company’s self-knowledge and strategic and organizational intelligence.

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