What is Blended Learning? The possibilities are endless …

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Wat is blended learning?

Table of Contents

Blended Learning is booming. Or at least, the term is increasingly common. But what exactly is Blended learning? Many different definitions can be found on the internet. In this article we explain what Blended Learning is, for whom it is intended and how you can keep a grip on it.

Blended Learning meaning

Blended Learning is the English name for mixed learning. And it really isn't any more than that. With Blended Learning you mix different learning forms into one learning form, which we call a Blended Learning solution.

This blended learning definition covers it well:

“Blended Learning is a mix of different learning methods, such as classroom training and e-learning, which we commonly refer to as Blended Learning.”

Of course, Blended Learning consists of more than just classroom training or e-learning modules. Just think about what forms of learning there are. Webinars, whitepapers, YouTube videos, knowledge meetings, one-on-one coaching sessions, everything you gain knowledge can be interwoven in a Blended Learning solution.

Trends in learning whitepaper

Who is Blended Learning for?

We might as well turn this question around, because for whom will Blended Learning actually not be suitable? That is the beauty of this form of learning. You, your employer or your training institution can create an ideal mix of learning methods that work well for you.

Because let's face it …

If one person finds an online training a pleasant way of learning, this does not have to be the case for you. Maybe you prefer to go to a classroom training and you prefer to do the self-study via a book (or e-book).

That is the great advantage of Blended Learning: you can put together a package that works best for you or your organization. Because Blended Learning also has many advantages for organizations. Do not focus on one type of learning form anymore, but make an ideal mix that suits your people, within the budget and your objectives.

Are your people out of the house a lot? Then it pays off to bring your employees together once a month and use the remaining study hours for online training courses (e-learning). In this way you combine one knowledge session per month and the continuous possibility to follow online training courses into one package, into one mix: a Blended Learning process.

The hardest part: monitoring

What is often forgotten, or perhaps underestimated, is keeping a grip on and monitoring all those different learning forms. Because how do you, as an employer or manager, deal with someone who uses various forms of learning?

This may still be feasible for one, two or three people. But what if you have a team of 20, or 50 or perhaps 100 employees who all have their own way of learning?

These learning forms all happen in different places and cannot be monitored in one place, right? Because are you going to check whether a Youtube video has been viewed? And that classroom training in combination with e-learning? The classroom training is often done with a classroom trainer, while the online training is done with an e-learning specialist.

Still, here's one solution for, and that's where HR Consultant UK comes in.

HR Consultant UK and Blended Learning

How cool is it when you have all the learning resources in one place? And are we talking about absolutely everything, right? A list of our blended learning tools:

  • Book everything in one place (classroom & e-learning), with the trainer you want
  • From our LMS you track all progress of every student in every form of learning
  • Learning paths: put together a mix of learning resources and package this in one learning path with an end goal (hey, Blendend Learning!)
  • Search the huge (yes, really huge!) Learning library with tens of thousands of forms of training.
  • Classroom training, online training, micro learnings, virtual labs, mock exams, youtube videos, learning paths, questions (and answers) you can find it all through our ultra-fast search functionality

Blended Learning is the future

Hopefully we have given you many examples of blended learning above. You may already notice that the possibilities are endless, but that there is also danger in it. Provide focus, purpose and grip. Then you can make blended learning a real success and you ensure that you or your company do not ‘just add'.

Are you also planning to use Blended Learning and are you looking for advice or a solution? Then contact us.



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