What is change management? Understand the impacts of this type of management

What is change management?  Understand the impacts of this type of management

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What is change management, in translation into London, that is change management. As the name implies, it is a strategic management approach structured to ensure that changes are implemented efficiently. The focus of this management model is on the major impacts of the transformation process to ensure that its benefits are always greater.

Changes are essential for the growth of any organization, as the increased competition in the global economy and the demanding expectations of consumers demand new positions.

However, it is a challenging process in nature, because change in any process is managed by human elements.

People inherently don't like change. Therefore, the change management is so important to evolutionary process of an organization.

To help you better understand what change management is and how this management profile works in the business scenario, continue this post. Everything you need to know about change management is following!

What is change management?

Change management is precisely the tool that allows the transformation process to be made possible efficient and advantageous.

The main transformations of large companies are concentrated in the elaboration of better tactical plans, whether to undertake projects or implement initiatives that optimize their performance.

For this, changes are indispensable in the processes, functions, organizational structures, types of technology used, among others.

One of its great differentials is the intimate understanding of the human side of change management, since in a simple logic, a company only changes if its workforce changes.

In addition to the planning of resources and operational structures, change management considers the organizational culture, values ​​and institutional goals, behaviors and professional profiles, among others.

Employees will be responsible for designing, executing and living the change implemented. For this reason, they are strategic instruments of this type of management.

Importance of change management in companies

Changes in the business scenario are constant and inevitable and when mismanaged can cause major problems.

Among them are:

Change management is a business structure for people and processes that develops organizational skills to adapt quickly to changing situations.

Whatever the situation, this type of management allows employees to understand events and perform new functions with quality and purpose.

Thus, the organization gains a more dynamic and agile culture, increasing productivity and the chances of having a competitive and competitive success. optimize your main results in the market.

Principles that guide change management

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There is no recipe for change management that applies to any type of company, but there is a set of practices that adapt to different situations and that can help your company to prepare.

Below are the main principles of change management:

1. Take a formal approach

As we have already said, any significant change can create discomfort with people and is part of nature.

In organizational cases, new leaders will be chosen or trained, jobs will be changed, flows will be exchanged, skills will be charged, so some employees may create resistance.

Dealing with these employees individually can jeopardize the speed of the transformation process, the morale of managers and, especially, the results. Therefore, a more formal approach must be taken to notify and implement the process.

Change management must be aligned with the organization chart and the organizational structure of the company, so that decision making enables effective improvements.

2. Identify what will be improved

Changes seek better yields. For this, processes, products, positions, among others, will be affected. To avoid the generation of noise, it is essential to clarify the focus and goals of the new approaches implemented. It is necessary to be clear what will be changing and why.

Change management can create a solid foundation in the company through transparency and thus ensure successful implementation.

3. Plan for change management

Develop clear and realistic planning on the changes to be implemented, keeping in mind:

  • the resources available;
  • the resources to be used;
  • the scope;
  • you costs;
  • the sectors involved;
  • The Benefits;
  • the risks;
  • the deadlines;
  • the indicators;
  • the forms of monitoring, measurement of actions.

It is normal for new changes to appear in the course of the process and that is precisely why this planning is essential.

4. Provide resources and use data

It is necessary to study the organization to seek funding for resources. The use of data is essential to know the reality of the team and identify their needs.

Change management may suggest the inclusion of new technological equipment, softwares, infrastructure, training courses, training, recycling classes, for employees to drive new equipment and systems efficiently.

5. Present the need

To articulate this issue, an official statement is a good alternative. Three simple steps can help align change management with the leadership team that will be responsible for passing on the processes to the rest of the team:

  1. Confront reality and present a compelling need for change;
  2. Show confidence in the proposal and conviction in the capacity of your team;
  3. Create a roadmap to guide behavior and decision making, as they must pass on these instructions to various internal audiences. Describe the changes, their importance and the impact for each individual.

6. Communicate effectively

Communication is what defines the quality of good change management, as it is directly linked to the identification, planning, integration and execution of the plan.

To communicate is to make oneself understood. So it is not enough to understand the message, it is necessary to ensure that the other receives and understands the same information.

Transparency is a factor of trust in the relationship with the workforce and ensures that the team's commitment is legitimate. Shared values ​​must be clearly presented.

Changes happen all the time in any organization, whether to adopt technology or implement operational initiatives. Therefore, these tips can help to develop an efficient change management with a great impact on your company.

A consistent change management process can help to minimize the shock that any situation other than the usual one brings and to stimulate activities that enhance performance and optimize organizational results.

Now that you know what change management is, learn how to develop leaders to implement this process in the post: “Program for developing leaders: how to build successful leaders!”.

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