What is CIPA? Understand how she works in work safety

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What is CIPA?  Understand how she works in work safety

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Do you know what is CIPA? is the acronym for internal commission of accident prevention of a company. Through it, it is possible to reduce and prevent accidents in the corporate environment, promoting health and collective well-being.

Remember that CIPA is mandatory for certain types of companies and depending on the number of employees in the organization as well.

In 2018, there was a drop in 6.2% in work accidents. And, in part, it was realized that one of the reasons for this was the implementation of the CIPA within companies.

The CIPA is even guaranteed by UK residents law through Regulatory Standard 5 (NR5) and mandatory for certain types of companies — it varies according to the sector in which it operates and the number of employees.

How about understanding what CIPA is and the reasons why you should consider implementing it, regardless of its requirement?

After all, prevent and reduce work accidents it's a benefit for everyone in the corporate environment. Check out!

What is CIPA?

Acronym for Internal Accident Prevention Commission in a company, the CIPA is an organization that is formulated by the company's own employees.

They have the important mission of overseeing the safety initiatives adopted internally, thus promoting an efficient management in the prevention of accidents and illnesses in the work environment.

And, consequently, the quality of life and well-being are strongly encouraged in everyday life.

What is CIPA for?

In the context of preventing and avoiding accidents, CIPA is alert to the activities that take place in the company and has a action plan efficient for possible risk situations.

For example: if a co-worker has an accident, CIPA is aware of all safety and emergency procedures so that the rescue is quick and efficient.

In addition, professionals who are part of the CIPA must act on different fronts such as:

  • determination and definition of conditions considered to be risky within the company;
  • monitoring whether these conditions are being met;
  • produce reports regarding such conditions;
  • promote action plans to ensure compliance with these items, as well as day-to-day safety.

A lot of work and responsibility, therefore, making this team one of the most important for the maintenance of corporate health.

When is CIPA needed?

In general, the CIPA team is made up of the number of professionals that the organization deems necessary. But it is important to have, at least, a group that covers the entire scope of the company.

In addition, there is an average that assesses two factors: the company's business segment and the number of employees working in it. Below, we highlight this dimensioning:

  • food, textiles and minerals sectors: 20 to 29 professionals for CIPA implementation;
  • paper, sound and image and other services sectors: from 51 to 80 professionals for the implementation of CIPA;
  • public administration sector: from 101 to 120 professionals for the implementation of the CIPA;
  • insurance industry: from 301 to 500 professionals for the implementation of CIPA.

In other words: relevant considerations for setting up a group that will also focus their attention on all the requirements and guidelines for a safer working environment.

By the way, we have an article that complements this subject very well. Know what the tips for increasing safety in the workplace!

How an employee can be part of the CIPA

Through a simple vote, in which the applicants intend to run for office in the CIPA, members are chosen, who will also have a term of office of 1 year.

Important: nothing prevents candidates from being reelected to the position at CIPA. Especially, because this participation comes with an interesting advantage: these professionals are protected from being fired without just cause. — which applies from the registration of your candidacy to one year after your term ends.

In addition, the company must appoint a representative directly who does not participate in voting. It can even be someone from HR, who will offer Innovative solutions and continuously for the industry and for the entire company.

Actions taken by CIPA


All members of CIPA, democratically chosen, must participate in training so that they deeply understand the risks and security measures that will guide their routines.

In addition, they will stay on top of the main actions pertaining to the CIPA, which are:

  • organization of the SIPAT (Internal Work Accident Prevention Week) which includes lectures, campaigns and awareness activities for workers;
  • inspection of all safety guidelines;
  • promoting well-being and quality of life in the workplace.

Having this team within the company makes it much easier to reduce harmful accidents and, thus, add a more comfortable environment for everyone.

Other benefits of implementing CIPA

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, CIPA is a differential for the maintenance of a more productive and harmonious environment. All because through their actions, it is possible:

  • promote continuous improvements in working conditions;
  • reduce (or even eradicate) the number of accidents and reasons for occupational illnesses;
  • add compliance to safety standards and regulations;
  • establish a benchmark of excellence in your brand's credibility and reputation;
  • improvement of the organizational climate;
  • more productivity, considering that a safe and suitable work environment makes it easier for employees to develop their activities with mastery;
  • cost reduction — especially those aimed at professionals who suffer work accidents.

There are many positive points in response to a short-term implementation with high returns for the whole company, don't you think? Therefore, consider planning CIPA in your organization now!

Optimize your HR's work

Creating and executing a CIPA is just one of the jobs the HR sector needs to monitor. Having an automated system to store staff data makes HR's routine much easier.

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