What is communication noise and how to eliminate it?

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What is communication noise and how to eliminate it?

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Communication noise can happen in small situations, but also in serious situations when there is a type of interference between the sender of a message and its receivers. In the corporate environment, solving the problem helps to make the routine more productive and free from unforeseen events.

Communication noise can be defined as the old game “wireless phone”, but without the fun part of the game.

This is because its concept is linked to any type of interference between the sender of a message and its recipients.

In the corporate environment, for example, this can happen when an announcement is made in a hurry, making each employee understand something different.

The immediate consequence of this is the fact that hinder the understanding of those involved. However, the noise in communication also opens up a series of other challenges – which makes it necessary to resolve it.

We will see, throughout this post, precisely the problems arising from these noises and some purposeful measures to eliminate such obstacles for good corporate communication. Check out!

Defining noise in communication

At first, you may find that your company is free of noise. It turns out that many everyday situations make the previously mentioned interference possible. Want some examples?

  • communications issued with misinformation – such as the date or a location;
  • incorrect deadlines passed on to other team members;
  • absence of an e-mail to align the objectives, goals and / or responsibilities and deadlines of each employee;
  • budgets sent with missing information.

Therefore, this can happen in small everyday situations, but also in serious occurrences.

A misaligned selection process can culminate in the chiring the wrong person or, in another example, the candidate may attend an interview that should have been canceled.

It is not difficult to predict the consequences of this. O communication noise it damages the company's reputation – internally and externally -, it has an exponential increase in rework and losses (material or not) and can even stimulate demotivation and the high rate of turnover in the company.

How this problem is nurtured in the corporate environment

To avoid the cases mentioned above in their daily lives, the HR sector and the leaders of each area have a great and incessant work ahead of them.

And the first step to reduce noise in communication it is through the diagnosis of its origins. Below, we have gathered some of the main factors that generate these noises:

Troubled organizational climate

Disorganized companies alone cause communication noise. It is the mistaken disposition of sectors, which need silence, glued to the most communicative teams, for example.

Or, still, the absence of walls that provides a continuous traffic of people and can impair all types of understanding of messages.

Inadequate communication channels

Incomplete e-mail messages – or misleading information – are big problems for companies. And this, regardless of their size or segment of activity.

That's because there doesn't seem to be a standardization in sending and receiving messages. Not just by email, but by all means.

An example: Meeting notices are sent via chat, individually, and some employees do not see it, while others may forget it, etc.

In turn, a formal invitation, in which everyone responds to the invitation, can be a more productive alternative for avoid noise in communication, Is not it?

The same goes for the murals scattered throughout the organization. Without a standard, all kinds of messages are displayed in these places, impairing everyone's view of a subject of collective interest.

Lack of an identifiable tone of voice

Approaching and interacting are concerns that must also surround your Business Communication internal. It is through it that identification, with the target audience, facilitating the adhesion and absorption of the message, as well as the engagement to the desired action.

If it is not possible to generate this familiarity, there is a communication noise which can be caused by the hiring without any standard, of its staff, or an absence of planning to create the culture of the brand and to exploit it in all means in an efficient way.

Understanding the noise damage in communication for the company

Let's understand what happens, internally, when one or more of these communication noises are diagnosed?

  • drop in team performance;
  • lack of adherence to projects;
  • confused goals;
  • constant rework – thus devaluing the working hours of its professionals;
  • negative impact on well-being and quality of life employees;
  • disagreements, which also leads to a series of conflicts that damage the interpersonal relationship.

To resolve the issue, how about checking ours tips for reducing noise in communication?

The alternatives to end communication problems

To ensure that there is no more communication noise – or that the problem is significantly reduced -, we point out some of the main solutions to follow. Check out!

Document messages and request responses

Want to end the problem of someone who “Did not see or received” an announcement? Ask them to respond to the messages, saying that they received and understood what was requested.

Thus, standardization occurs gradually, and people start to give more importance to all types of communication, becoming a natural reflection of their daily activities.

Promote dynamics and training

There are many alternatives in this context that help to decrease noise in communication. Promote group dynamics, training and workshops – once communication problems are identified.

Over time, problems are overcome and the HR sector can focus on new training to enhance the means and resources communication plans company later.

Standardize communication

Management has an active participation in conducting a good internal communication. And that starts with the standardization of the means used.

Meet with the leaders, therefore, and evaluate what are the reasons why they inform and guide employees, and offer a repertoire of solutions for each case. For example:

  • meetings;
  • murals;
  • emails;
  • chats.

For each need, a medium can be standardized and, thus, ensure more efficiency to the message transmitted.

Organize your company identity

It is also important to know who is the company. What is your tone of voice, the means of approaching the recipients of the message and the language adopted.

Bearing in mind that, in the same way that organizations seek to get closer to the profile of the target audience, The internal communication should generate familiarity with people.

So build – or exteriorize – the company's DNA in the media. Dialogue effectively, without existing communication noise, and make messages more objective, efficient and productive for everyone involved.

Consequently, day-to-day activities in the company will generate more quality of life and well-beingr. And all of this through the resolution of small conflicts, but that can grow gradually, as the communication noise.

Now, we want to know a little more about your daily life: is there any noise in the communication (internal or external)? How has your HR behaved to solve this type of problem? Share your experiences with us in the comments field!



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