What is competency performance evaluation and how to apply it?

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Much more than assessing whether the objectives are being met by a specific employee, the competency-based performance assessment it is fundamental for the management of human resources of the entire company.

It collaborates in the identification of characteristics, such as knowledge, skills and attitudes, and enables a complete professional assessment, contributing to the adjustments that need to be made to improve the processes and the organization.

Competencies can be divided into:

  • techniques: knowledge and skills;
  • behavioral: attitudes and personality;
  • managerial: ability to manage you, a team and the company;
  • organizational: identity and competitiveness;

Are you interested in the subject? In this post we will present the performance evaluation by competencies and how to apply it in the organization. Keep reading and check it out!

What is competency-based performance evaluation?

Competency-based performance assessment is a systematic analysis of the results obtained by each employee of the company.

It makes it possible to check how much the employee contributes to the organization based on their professional performance and the skills they need to develop their function.

This evaluation allows to find deficiencies that can be worked on for the development of the employee, as well as identified qualities that can be used for other activities.

How does the evaluation work?

There are some methodologies used, where, based on the one chosen by the organization, they must be applied, individually or not, to employees.

As an example we present 3 of them that are widely used in organizations:

45º evaluation

In the 45º method, the appraised person has no participation in the process.

Only your superior is the one who measures your individual performance in a given time.

90º evaluation

In addition to the assessment made by your leader, in the 90º method, there is also self-assessment, that is, the employee himself also determines scores for his performance which, compared to his superior and in agreement with him, results in the result.

360º evaluation

In the 360º method, also known as a multivision model, in addition to the employee himself and his leader developing the process, managers, leaders, colleagues and even customers and suppliers are also included to contribute with their evaluations.

The results, in this case, enable a very broad view of the needs existing in the evaluated, demonstrating what needs to be worked on for their professional growth and highlighting the points that deserve appreciation.

What is the importance of competency-based performance assessment for the company?

With the performance assessment by competencies carried out by the company, it can focus on the improvements of each employee, knowing exactly the points that need to be improved.

In addition, the company may submit a feedback for employees regarding their performance and how they see the future of each professional.

It is also clearer for the employee what is expected of him and what are the points that need to be improved and maintained.

How to apply the assessment?

The application of the performance evaluation by competences needs to be carried out every period, which can be:

  • weekly;
  • monthly;
  • bimonthly;
  • semiannual;
  • Yearly;

This definition is up to the company, but it needs to be concise.

The choice of periodicity depends on the situation in which the business is in terms of the performance of its employees.

From this definition, and the choice of the methodology to be applied, it is time to put it into practice.

The high point of the evaluation is in the conversation with the employee, where, through it, it is possible to discover talents and assess whether a certain employee has the appropriate profile for the position he is aiming for.

Who can apply it?

As already mentioned, the evaluation will be applied according to the methodology to be adopted.

However, the area responsible for the application must be Human Resources, which must have specialists in the subject and knowledgeable of the techniques and methods so that the process can provide the desired results.

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