What is corporate social networking? Benefits and main care when using it!

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What is corporate social networking? Benefits and main care when using it!

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Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and the like are some of the main channels used by people and companies to exchange information and ideas, publicize a product or even share experiences, suggestions and criticisms. But you know what is corporate social network?

Due to the expansion of the internet, social networks are increasingly present in the routine of companies, contributing to:

However, care must be taken not to extrapolate this interactivity. Understand what it is corporate social network is a two-way hand, which can either benefit as much as harm the company. So, you need to:

  • keep the corporate social network up to date;
  • monitor what they say about the company;
  • answer what they ask.

Anyway, escape from traps!

Thinking about it, let's count what is corporate social network and what mistakes should be avoided.Check it out!

What is corporate social networking?

With the expansion of the internet and the need to modernize the company's internal communication, managers started to adhere to solutions that:

  • offer greater engagement among employees;
  • more practicality on a daily basis;
  • high connectivity, as is the case with corporate social network.

A corporate social network can be compared to traditional social networks, however, with innovative features.

We can define what is a corporate social network as a space in which several people who have the same interest can exchange information for a given topic.

It is an environment in which employees, customers, suppliers and other people who are part of some form of the company's daily life interact.

The functioning of a corporate social network is similar to other social networks, however, it is aimed at internal business communication.

This means that each employee now has a profile in the tool, which makes it possible to:

  • share opinions, information, photos;
  • start debates;
  • encourage interactivity among employees, just like on Facebook or Twitter.

Companies that use corporate social networks see significant changes in all areas of the organization, from the strategic to the operational.

Many managers have already realized the strategic value of communication and endomarketing and are looking for alternatives that go beyond traditional marketing and sales.

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What are the benefits of a corporate social network?

Now that you have learned what corporate social networking is, it is important to understand the benefits of adopting it in business.

One corporate social network it is characterized by being an important tool for the work environment, used mainly to assist in internal communication between employees.

The main advantage of using this channel is the rapid ability to disseminate information when compared to other media.

In addition, a social network acts as a learning vehicle for all employees in the organization, as it allows sharing files, spreadsheets and other information and data, replacing the old intranets.

Other benefits related to the corporate social network stand out when gain in speed in the execution of internal processes and ease of access. This is because it is a means of communication that strengthens:

  • connectivity;
  • participation;
  • information sharing among the members.

In other words, it provides for the implementation of a more participative management among all hierarchical levels of the company.

The corporate social network requires training and qualification of employees and guidance.

Management must provide all employees with adequate preparation for access to the internal network. This is because it doesn’t make much sense to have a social network if the access is restricted to a small internal group or if the adherence to the tool is low.

How not to fall into traps?

THE implementation of what is corporate social network enables the evolution of the company and its employees. This means reaching a high level of agility in the communication process, as well as a greater interactivity and affinity between managers and others involved in the institution.

However, it is necessary to be aware of some errors that can compromise the productivity and performance of the whole team, for example.

Post personal content

A corporate social network is not a personal social network. This means that the messages exchanged, photos, files and other content must relate to the organizational environment, since it is a corporate channel and allows an integrated communication involving people, areas and even simultaneous companies.

Through a corporate social network, each employee starts to have a profile on the tool, in which it is possible to publish videos, information, photos, initiate debates, just as they do on Twitter or Facebook.

That is, similar to the sites that people are used to using in their personal lives, but aligned with the objectives and goals of the company.

Use and abuse all the tools and possibilities of the corporate social network. However, it is necessary to define how the communication will be made and what can be used, such as:

  • videos;
  • communicated;
  • images;
  • banners;
  • posts, etc.

This definition is important to maintain the coherence of the company in the eyes of employees.

Share other people's information

The implementation of what is a corporate social network is revealed as an important strategic tool for the company.

When used properly it increases:

  • the scope of the information;
  • engagement;
  • adoption and integration by employees.

However, it is necessary to be aware that the entire communication process within the organization must be transparent. When speaking what is not known or sharing information from other people, there is a risk of making mistakes and causing a bad experience to other employees.

So it is necessary to be judicious in the corporate social network, knowing that it is a public information sharing space, not private.

Engaging in discussions can be not only unproductive, but bad for the company's image.

Make exaggerated publications

Before posting or sharing any information, you need to be sure that that content or opinion should actually be conveyed.

When the company has an effective corporate social network that fulfills its real objective, it is possible to:

  • reduce rework, since the information related to tasks and activities will be shared simultaneously;
  • decrease the receipt of labor fines for errors caused by lack of data and information and;
  • avoid delays in the delivery of tasks important and priority, fulfilling the established goals.

Often, important information ends up not reaching everyone involved, or even because there is no space for employees to seek the information they need to perform their tasks, they end up impacting the operations efficiency and productivity.

So, did you like to know what corporate social networking is, how and why to implement it?

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