What is data governance and how important is it to the company?

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What is data governance and how important is it to the company?

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Data governance is an efficient management of all digital information generated in your company. A great differential to generate insights, increase productivity with less use of resources and with total security of your intellectual property.

Big data is there, the concept of RH 4.0 it is already a reality and the question then remains: is there a plan for data governance in your company to deal with this volume of information?

Just as a comparative example: in 2015 we already generated an average of 2.5 quintillion bytes per day!

And, if the company where you work is aware of the relevance of digital transformation, you should already know that all this virtual information corresponds to growth opportunities.

Therefore, in this post we will highlight not only the concept and the importance of data governance for your business, but how to apply it and, thus, create competitive differentials for the company to grow gradually.

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What is data governance?

Data generates insights, and they are everywhere today. It is possible, for example:

  • evaluate the company's growth rates in the market;
  • identify, in real time, strategies that are not performing as expected;
  • evaluate employee productivity and absenteeism;
  • calculate various internal indexes and metrics.

Diverse opportunities that arise from our online browsing habits. And this is where the data governance it emerges as a centralizing environment for so much digital volume.

After all, technological solutions to generate, monitor and store information are essential at this time. Everything, of course, keeping the company's intellectual property safe.

How it works?

Data governance is a management that involves, directly or indirectly:

  • company policies;
  • its production processes;
  • human resources;
  • the use of technologies.

The objective for this is clear: the structuring, organization and strategic use of the digital data generated and absorbed in the company.

As a result, this collective effort between the IT and HR sectors strengthens the organization, as the data translates into insights capable of assisting in the planning decision making of the entire company.

What is the importance of data governance in the company?

Just pay attention to the technological resources that you and the other teams already use on a daily basis. They perform activities (automatically or not), compile and analyze data and are the structural basis to establish new strategies.

Management software, for example, is already moving in that direction. And if you already practice this type of solution in your company's strategic HR, you understand the benefits of this.

Another technology present in this context is the Cloud HR. Information mobile, flexible and secure on a server that no longer occupies the company's physical space.

After all, the providential technological assistance keeps us productive, optimizes working time and can even turn company employees into strategic pieces.

It is the end of mechanical and repetitive activities that can generate easily avoidable human errors – such as filling out the payroll or calculating fees.

Data governance adds more agility, security and production to companies, all because it can be used to:

  • improve internal processes;
  • generate insights for strategic decision making;
  • anticipate demands;
  • reduce operating costs;
  • generate greater transparency between the teams.

Of course, so far, we are talking about the general plan. Therefore, below we will identify the steps that the HR manager and your team should consider before considering that investment.

How to structure data governance in the company?

Implementing a transformation – however small – is always a challenge. To make it easier, we will highlight some points that can serve as a guide for your company invest in data governance with the fewest possible obstacles. Are they:

Identification of the sectors that generate the most data

O human resource planning it is already a fundamental issue for the use of data governance. in the end, all information goes through this strategic sector.

However, many other areas also make intense and ceaseless use of virtual data. The commercial, the marketing, the sales sector … The list is extensive.

Hence the care to ascertain, first, which are the areas that most use this data so that means of access can be generated so that those involved access, edit and share The informations.

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Make sure the company has the infrastructure for it

It is not enough to implement without planning. This goes for any implementation in a company, regardless of its size or industry.

For this reason, it is advisable to evaluate the market, analyze trends in data governance and keep a close eye on the movement of competition, in this sense.

It is also worth mentioning the current moment of your company. Is there infrastructure to accommodate new technologies? If so, what are the potential challenges of this change and the benefits to be reaped from it

Empower the teams involved

In addition to the previous topic, once the needs, objectives and challenges of implementing data governance have been identified, it is time to involve teams.

This means a series of meetings that will highlight the anticipated changes, the stages of this transformation and, of course, the training of its employees.

New technologies generate resistance from people, and demand time for everyone to get used to the changes. Therefore, training is essential.

Better yet, when done in advance. Thus, the new processes and activities are already familiar to those involved, reducing adaptation time and potential errors.

Is it worth investing in data governance?

It is the dream of every company today: to produce more, with less resources and in less time, and with an exponential increase in the level of excellence.

Because data governance is a set of tools that, strategically, can generate this immediate and medium-term impact for organizations.

Everything must be done with care and taking the initial attention to identify the needs, challenges and objectives of the company. Aligning, then, with market solutions.

Therefore, this evolutionary leap has been configured in a need for companies to remain competitive, promoting a quality work that generates a better brand perception, for the consumer, and engage your human resources more.

Here, on our blog and also on social networks, we highlight the qualities mentioned above and many other benefits of joining your company in the digital – corporate transformation and in our society as a whole.

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