What is employee experience: improve the professional experience of employees

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The employee experience is a set of initiatives aimed at a gradual improvement in the company's organizational climate, focusing exclusively on building meaningful experiences that focus on the development of each employee.

A lot is said today about the consumer experience and its differential in building a valuable brand. Proof of this is the result of a survey conducted by the French consultancy Capgemini.

In it, the company proved that 80% of consumers accept a greater investment, in products or services, when companies are concerned with generating a memorable shopping experience.

We can make an interesting comparison of this information: your company's workforce is also a day-to-day consumer.

And as such it has demands, requirements, needs and goals. This is where the employee experience stands out.

This concept provides a productive way to value your brand through the care in generating memorable experiences for the company's human resources.

Learn in this post what employee experience is, how to use it, what are its benefits and the role of HR in its implementation and maintenance!

What is employee experience: concept

At first, there's not much that adds up to the difference between the customer experience and the idea of ​​the employee experience (or, if you prefer, the employee experience).

After all, both are about creating and establishing situations that promote well-being at work and encourage the engagement of individuals.

However, experiences soon differ when we consider their respective purposes and applications.

In the corporate context, the employee experience is involved in innovative initiatives aimed at a gradual improvement in the organizational climate.

This can be revealed in many ways within an organization, but it usually takes the form of:

  • significant experiences in the work environment;
  • differentiated support from leaders, and focused on the development of each employee;
  • present and inspiring leaders who engage their subordinates and work with them;
  • an inclusive environment that embraces diversity and encourages its employees to continually challenge themselves;
  • a solid, transparent and lasting relationship with the entire staff.

But not only that: when strategically conceived, its implementation also provides greater added value for retaining talent — and also attracting them.

This is because the employee experience helps to reinforce a positive image of the company in the market, arousing the interest of professionals who seek this appreciation.

Why invest in team appreciation?

We use the term “appreciation” because this innovative experience of the employee experience promotes the well-being of one of the most valuable assets of the enterprises: its human resources.

And when the actions taken provide positive results and aligned with the profile of its workforce, the benefits accrue.

And for you to understand exactly how these qualities are exploited on a day-to-day basis, let's introduce the main benefits of the employee experience!

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Benefits of the employee experience for companies

Let's assume that corporate environments are infected by the majority of your workforce. When there is a lot of lack of motivation, productivity levels drop, results are slow to appear and conflicts multiply.

In turn, satisfied and happy employees are more aggregators, raise the company's level of excellence and naturally engage with new challenges.

But this is just one of the many benefits that can be realized from implementing the employee experience. Shall we go to them?

1. More engagement and productivity

Exactly what we discussed at the opening of this topic. The employee experience aims to adapt the organizational culture to the preferences of the company's professionals.

As a result, employees perceive the leaders' dedication and interest in creating a stimulating, challenging environment focused on people's development.

This is often the difference that was needed to add a much more collaborative, united and consolidated team for a long time, without seeing the need to jump from position to position in other companies.

2. Talent retention

As a complement to what we talked about, the employee experience deals with an important index: that of talent retention. And, especially, because of this valuation generated.

It is important to note that turnover (or turnover rate) is an indicator of high costs for the company. Especially, when motives influence a stampede — whether motivated by the company or the employee himself — overall.

But that's not the only problem with high turnover. Companies often lose talent that reinforce competition once they leave their old position.

Now, with the employee experience this can be much more controlled. It is enough to know the profile of employees and propose strategies that reinforce — and strengthen — the pleasure of being there.

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3. Professional development

This concern of companies has enormous foundation. When there is a concern with polishing your talents — whether through training, a career plan or a performance appraisal system — the environment becomes stimulating.

Here, a joint work between the leadership and the HR sector is in order. Thus, the idealized alternatives are increasingly personalized.

This brings together actions that further empower employees and, consequently, enhance results in the company.

Steps to develop the employee experience

So, did you feel how the employee experience can be a valuable tool for the development of your company internally?

Because it's time to assess how this trajectory is defined and what are the steps to be taken to put the concept into practice in your enterprise:

  1. The strategy, as a whole, consists of aligning the expectations of employees with the respective solutions that HR and leaders can propose to generate a rich experience;
  2. Involve employees in the process. Consider what they are looking for in their career development before making unpopular decisions;
  3. Making mistakes is part of every process. The important thing is to build an employee experience that remains in constant evolution;
  4. Create an implementation agenda, with defined objectives, to add more organization and control to the process;
  5. Attention to aligning the essence of this experience with the entire organizational structure (the DNA) of the company;
  6. Meet periodically with leaders in each area to gradually align objectives.

In this last topic, it is even possible to observe the relevant role of HR in this endeavor to develop the employee experience.

Role of the HR sector in this process

Increasingly, HR is building a facade of profound impact on corporate development. And that includes the attention paid to the well-being of employees.

Therefore, in consolidating the employee experience, it is essential that actions go directly through the sector. Which, in turn, will discuss with leaders and employees.

This flexibility is essential for the experience to be, in fact, designed for employees. And for them too. Thus, they feel more and more that they are really part of the decisions made in the company. Especially the ones that involve themselves.

So, did you understand what the employee experience is, its benefits and how to implement it in the structure of your company?

If you have any questions or have had an experience in this regard, share them with us in the comments field of this post!

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