What is employee onboarding: learn from 4 successful companies

What is employee onboarding: learn from 4 successful companies

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Do you know what onboarding is and why it is so important in companies?

Onboarding is essential today. Companies can no longer waste that much time preparing a new employee. It is necessary for it to integrate as quickly as possible. In this way, the company's productivity is not affected.

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The first moments of a new employee in the company are essential to dictate his performance in his activities. It is from this that he will build his view on the organization and the role he will play.

Because of this, companies have developed the employee onboarding method to show new members the importance they have for the company and what it expects of them.

Keep reading and understand what onboarding is, how to perform onboarding of new employees and examples of reference companies in the adoption of this technique.

What is onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the term that represents the process of integrating new employees into a company. It aims to adapt and train new professionals who have just been hired to the corporate culture.

Through the techniques used in onboarding, it is possible to reduce the time that a newly joined employee takes to get used to the work environment. Thus, he is closer to being able to reach his full potential.

This entry ritual requires great planning on the part of HR. He is able to engage employees the moment they arrive. O onboarding in companies has become a basic people management strategy, used to motivate its new employees, through:

  1. Guidance
  2. Supervision
  3. Follow-up
  4. Training.

Many companies still ignore the importance of employee onboarding and end up giving only a brief presentation of the company. However, it is necessary to bet on other activities and processes.

Only in this way, it is possible to show new employees the attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviors expected of them by the organization.

Onboarding new employees

Before the first day

The process must begin even before the first day of the new employee. For an integration process to be successful, it must be started now during the recruitment process it's the admission process.

It is important for the company to explain everything before even conducting the interviews. The organization must, when announcing a new vacancy on its team, insert as much information about the work, the environment, the organizational culture, among other important data.

In this way, interested people will already be prepared for the moment of the interview. Candidates will already know a lot about the company.

This can help to attract the candidates most engaged with the objectives and the high performance culture of your company. And that have the greatest potential to be highly productive.

In addition, it is possible to send an employee manual before the new employee's activities start. This way, he will be able to access all the useful information that the company would like a new member of its team to have.

On the first day

The first day can be very scary for most professionals. Therefore, a successful onboarding of employees can alleviate this situation. When the company sends the necessary information in advance, it arrives on its first prepared day and avoids the bombardment of information.

It is essential that he is accompanied by another employee on his first day, who will show how everything works. However, one should avoid presenting too many things, as it is unlikely that the new hire will remember later.

Therefore, present basic information and in a simple way. A good option for the first moment, is to show the different things of the organization, so that the employee is not caught off guard in his first days.

After the first day

Some experts believe that employee onboarding should extend for at least three months after hiring the professional. Only in this way, it is possible that he will be able to absorb the values ​​of the company and its functions in the new job as much as possible.

In the coming days, training, activities and other valuable procedures need to be carried out. This will help the new employee to clearly understand the tasks he or she must perform, as well as the organization's values ​​and goals.

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4 examples of successful onboarding

Many companies excel in their procedures and are famous for using innovative and effective methods to work on the integration and adaptation of their new members.

Usually, large companies are one step ahead in their strategies and practices used. They aim to offer a new first day for their new employees.

Therefore, they have some interesting traditions that can inspire your company to improve its employee onboarding process.

1. LinkedIn

The company that owns the famous network of professional relationships, focused on business, has a ritual to make the first day of your new professional special.

The novice, upon arriving at his workplace, finds a welcome kit, a notebook and a copy of the book “Start with you”, written by the company's founder, Reid Hoffman.

In addition, there are specific items in your kit, which may vary according to the person entering the company and the role they will perform. Thus, it is not possible to predict, with any certainty, what will come on the stock exchange.

To complete the reception, the professional's table is decorated with cards that say “You're [In]”, Which can be translated, freely, as“ You are in ”, phrase that plays with the logo of the social network.

2. Facebook

THE Mark Zuckerberg's social network it also stands out in employee onboarding. The new members spend six weeks in a training camp, learning what their role in the company and the organizational culture will be at the same time.

Instead of lectures and presentations that would take a long time, the goal is to give new team members the tools they need to develop their activity.

Thus, the training program promotes integration and helps professionals to become productive more quickly.

3. Apple

THE technology giant surprises its new employees by giving them an iMac, the brand's computer, which can be configured by the employee himself.

In addition, Apple provides the employee with a T-shirt that contains the year in which he is starting his career at the company, which indicates the period in which he was hired.

4. Google

Known for its famous organizational culture, Google it also uses successful strategies in its employee onboarding process.

The corporation is very concerned with the integration of its new members. She believes that for them to adapt better, it is necessary that they are received by small groups of employees.

When a new employee joins the team, he gets a colorful hat, with a propeller and the word “Noogler” (which is the combination of the words New and Googler) embroidered. The company seeks to make the moment more relaxed so that the professional feels good with his new team.

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What we can see from the strategies used by these large organizations is the personal and comforting way in which they seek to treat their new employees.

This strategy has been effective and has helped many companies, as they “break the ice” quickly and help the new employee feel comfortable in their new job.

Employee onboarding is a key part of any company's people management strategy and, therefore, deserves attention. It is vital to the success of a new employee over time and is a great solution against personnel turnover in the company.

In addition, through this process, it is possible to retain talent, increase profits and achieve the highest quality of employees.

Does your company have any employee onboarding strategy with any differential? Leave your comment below.

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