What is empowerment: how it works and the benefits for the company and employees!

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What is empowerment: how it works and the benefits for the company and employees!

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A few years ago, the management style that prevailed in the corporate world was the vertical model. Decisions were made by a small group of leaders, while most of the team had little or no voice in the company’s strategy. With the arrival of new generations in the job market, the scenario has changed, and ideas like what is empowerment gained strength.

Have you heard of this concept? Today’s professionals seek to create their own projects and bring innovative suggestions whenever they can. What is empowerment it came precisely to open up this possibility in organizations. To learn more about the subject, keep following the post!

What is empowerment?

The term empowerment, in free translation, means empowerment. It is a form of administration in which the decision-making is decentralized, guaranteeing greater participation in the company’s strategy.

Thus, it is possible to make the most of the potential of human capital and distribute fair levels of responsibility among employees.

The idea arose around the 1990s, based on the concept of self-managing teams and multidisciplinary. Since then, the model has been gaining more and more space in the market.

But what are the advantages of adopting empowerment in management?

Organizations with guidelines for empowerment:

  • gain more agility in projects;
  • increase their power of innovation.

With more freedom to act and less bureaucracy when optimizing processes, teams are able to develop their work in a more fluid way, putting into practice really interesting and competitive ideas for the business.

What are the main characteristics and how does empowerment work?

Management with a focus on empowerment must follow some fundamental pillars. Check out more details about each one below.

1. Autonomy

For empower employees, it is necessary to ensure that they have autonomy to do your job.

Allow them to make their own decisions regarding their activities, without having to go through each stage for the approval of the manager.

O leader should evaluate only the results of the projects, giving guidance whenever changes need to be made.

Autonomy must be guided by vision, mission and values of the company, so it is essential that all employees are aware of the organizational culture.

This helps to create trust between people within the organization, in addition to encouraging employee development. After all, promoting autonomy makes everyone in the company achieve some level of authority and responsibility.

2. Sharing information

Release important informations and circulate them at all levels of the organization. They must be communicated in a clear, transparent manner and adapted to the needs of each particular team.

General information for a good understanding of the business should be shared with all employees. Others, which are more restricted and confidential, can only be passed on to the public of interest.

The important thing is that everyone has access to the maximum amount of useful knowledge for the progress of their tasks. Internal business communication gives power to people and helps to direct their attitudes, so it is essential for decision making to be accurate and appropriate.

3. Horizontal management

To put empowerment into practice, there needs to be a paradigm shift in the way business leaders act.

This can only be done with a conscious effort by managers, who must have a full understanding of the importance of empowering employees.

THE vertical management, with a rigid hierarchy and excessive bureaucracy, prevailed for many years in the market, so it is difficult to break free from certain habits. However, this way of thinking does not favor empowerment, as it leaves the performance of the teams slow and plastered.

To guarantee autonomy and agility in the processes, the strategic management of people in a horizontal manner, must be predominant in the organization. The idea here is to create teams:

  • collaborative;
  • with fewer managers;
  • more pairs working together.

Without so many strings attached, with all employees working on the same page, it is possible to adopt a posture of flexibility at work and aligned with the idea of ​​what empowerment is.

All of this involves building a company culture that:

  • value people;
  • stimulate the initiative;
  • don’t be punitive.

Remember: mistakes must be corrected, not punished. Otherwise, the desired autonomy will remain only on paper, without ever being put into action.

4. Bureaucratization of processes

Bureaucracy makes processes slow and rigid, causing some ideas to lose their timing certain implementation.

Imagine, for example, an advertising campaign that uses the meme from the moment. If it takes a week to go through all the approvals, it will end up getting dated and will not be aired. With that, all the time and resources invested in the creation of communication pieces will be wasted.

One of the biggest benefits of how empowerment works is reduce risk this kind of problem.

By giving employees more freedom to put ideas into practice without so many approval steps, self-managed teams are able to achieve high performance more easily, bringing a higher level of excellence to the business.

5. Employee development

Investing in employee development, whether personal or professional, is essential for empowerment to be successful.

There is no point in being free if employees are not properly trained to manage themselves.

Propose training and qualification of employees and the sharing new techniques, always according to the needs of the team and the interests of the organization.

Always keep an eye on the team’s performance to evaluate what capabilities need to be worked out best for each employee.

Awakening leadership in professionals is also interesting for empowerment to have more effect. This implies guiding them to develop this skill, through:

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We have reached the end of the secrets of empowerment in business management. Now that you are familiar with the subject, how about putting what you have learned into practice in your daily life?

To empower professionals, it is necessary to plan and implement the model gradually, accustoming the team to the new guidelines. So, the results are sure to be much better!

The role of HR is fundamental in this whole process. For the department to be able to act on strategic issues of the company, such as the adoption of what is empowerment, you must optimize day-to-day activities in the sector, freeing up time for strategic management.

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