What is horizontal management and how to implement it in your company

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What is horizontal management and how to implement it in your company

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In any business, regardless of the segment, making a good plan is one of the most important steps. It is from him that the goals are established. Horizontal management will show a new methodology. And you know what is horizontal management and how does it benefit companies?

Management is a process determinant that the entire company needs to be successful in its segment to thrive in business.

The manager is not someone who is simply charged with overseeing behavior, giving orders and dictating rules. Much more than that, he is the person responsible for acting with a political-administrative role within the company.

Keep reading and understand what horizontal management is and its role in building a successful organizational culture.

What is horizontal management?

A company with competent horizontal management is able to positively influence all areas of the business: people, structure, processes and finances.

Increasingly, the market demands from businesses an optimization of time, agility in bureaucracies and even a reinvention within the area itself and the segment.

In any area, good management aims to balance all sides of a company, so that its growth is exponential.

Whereas the idea of ​​vertical management – based on a hierarchical system, in force for years – is outdated. It is for this reason that companies are looking for a new model of how to manage a company and horizontal management can be applied as opposed to traditional formats.

Thus, horizontal management is in no way based on hierarchy. Thanks to this, employees can feel more free to make certain decisions and, in this way, provide themselves with a higher income.

In this management model, employees are encouraged to have greater freedom, engaging them and making them have more autonomy for decision-making in the internal work environment.

Large multinational companies are based on the horizontal management format, as Netflix, Google, Grupo Ideal Trends and Tesla.


Among the main advantages of adopting horizontal management are:

  • versatile and plurivalent team;
  • interested employees;
  • decisions made more quickly;
  • best cost-benefit for the company;
  • better done jobs;
  • greater agility of employees.

Not having the need to report directly to a manager does not mean that the project is disorganized.

The differential of horizontal management it is investing enough in the training of employees so that they are capable and have full knowledge of how to make the best decisions to perform their tasks in the best possible way.

How to implement horizontal management


Management does not have to be complex to be efficient. In fact, the simpler and more assertive the better for all employees.

Horizontal management gives the company a certain emancipation, as it makes internal processes more effective, which can reflect positively on the external environment.

When a company invests in digital marketing, it becomes clear to them the importance of a good relationship with their audience, as it is also essential to develop identity and strengthen the brand.

The future lies in horizontal management!

Horizontal management can be one of the ways to implement a corporate culture – a set of philosophies and values ​​- with which your employees identify. In fact, the ideal is for everyone to work together in that same culture.

An example of this in Brazil is the Ideal Trends Group. The work culture of the Ideal Trends Group believes that its employees know how to deal with problems that appear as a form of ‘freedom with responsibility', because they believe that the two always go together.

Thus, 10 horizontal management principles were created in the Ideal Trends Group:

  1. dream big;
  2. meritocracy;
  3. train leaders;
  4. be an example;
  5. results;
  6. act as owner;
  7. simplicity and openness;
  8. lean company;
  9. work hard;
  10. integrity.

Evaluating all this strategically, it can also be an arm of digital marketing since it also serves to strengthen the brand of Ideal Trends Group. All horizontal management can serve as an objective to develop the company's identity.

In addition, there is an increasing public concern not only about the quality of the product that the company offers, but mainly in what are the values, ideals and what the brand believes.

That way, the more a business is transparent and believes in its employees to the point of letting them make the decisions, the more attractive it can be to the public.

Discover the channels of the Ideal Trends Group: site, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.




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