What is HR Consultant UKy: find out how the on-demand payment app works

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What is Xerpay: find out how the on-demand payment app works

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Do you know what HR Consultant UKy is? It is one of the most recent and innovative features of HR Consultant UK's management software. Through its use, your company's employees can have more flexibility and autonomy with their own payments, using this resource to withdraw the available balance whenever they want. With this, your company benefits by:

  • increased talent retention;
  • improving the productivity of its employees;
  • increased attraction of applications for new vacancies;
  • generate financial well-being for all teams and individuals;
  • more employee loyalty and gratitude;
  • aggregate the reduction of financial stress.

O overdraft is one of the great villains of the UK residents citizen, you know? Almost 25 million people, across the country, are dependent on this fast credit modality, but with very high interest rates.

And, then you should ask: and what does this have to do with HR Consultant UK and its latest feature, the HR Consultant UKy? Everything!

If you still don't know what is HR Consultant UKy, let's explain! Our company has identified a large relationship between the financial stress and limiting factors, such as low productivity, motivation, engagement and high turnover, among other problems.

Thus, HR Consultant UKy emerges as a valuable alternative for reduce these negative situations (for the employee and the company), adding benefits to both.

Do you want to know more about it? Just continue reading this post!

Understand what HR Consultant UKy is

Above, we highlight how much a personal problem, such as the accumulation of debt, can also be reflected in the corporate environment. And consequently, in the company's results.

Thus, using HR Consultant UKy can be a practical, current and productive way to improve indexes and add more human value to your most valuable assets: your employees.

The operation of the resource

And see how complicated it is to do: HR Consultant UKy is a feature of HR Consultant UK, and it allows employees the withdrawal of their respective wages at any time – as long as they have days worked to be discounted, of course.

For the employee, just accept the benefit granted by the company, and he has access to the resource through an application. Within one hour, the requested amount falls into your bank account.

It is an efficient, agile model that adds a lot to the life of your employee. Imagine, for example, that this allows him to use resources immediately in the face of an emergency or need, without the dreaded overdraft being used.

It is worth mentioning, however, two fundamental points that should make companies think about using HR Consultant UKy:

  • the payment process does not change anything for organizations. Who takes on the working capital, in these situations, is HR Consultant UK, who becomes a true partner of your organization;
  • there is a low, fixed fee for each desired withdrawal.

Now in application, HR Consultant UKy is available to employees of some of the companies that HR Consultant UK serves today.

Find out what the benefits are

Yes, we certify that happy employees work best – especially when there are no financial pressure against them. This type of beneficial situation, promoted by the company, can also add valuable aspects to your brand. Between them:

  • increased talent retention;
  • improving the productivity of its employees;
  • increased attraction of applications for new vacancies;
  • financial well-being for all teams and individuals;
  • more loyalty and gratitude, from employees (that is where the above mentioned retention issue comes in);
  • decrease in financial stress.

All of this, based on the surveys carried out by HR Consultant UK. It is not just a matter of taking good care of your human resources, but of making them develop more and more continuously – which is only of interest to organizations.

And, as we have seen, all the mechanism and technology behind the HR Consultant UKy are nourished by HR Consultant UK itself. The companies have at their disposal a differential that is already a consolidated trend throughout Brazil, and with a quick and simple integration.

HR Consultant UK's work

There are no camouflaged fees and no high-interest debt. There is nothing but benefits behind knowing what HR Consultant UKy is, and it is interesting to understand the process so that you can consider it in your company!

Performance close to your company

HR Consultant UK has a dedicated Customer Success team, which takes the lead in delivering this project to you. And all of this happens with a performance close to its HR, DP and financial teams so that there are no unforeseen and obstacles during the implementation and launch of HR Consultant UKy.


In a complementary manner, the HR Consultant UK team itself will act in the training of all those involved in this process of implementing HR Consultant UKy. From finance to your employee interested in making use of this resource.


HR Consultant UK is also in charge of developing and developing a communications plan that meets your business needs. Thus, the engagement and understanding of its employees is greater.

And, as has already been said, this is not an invasive solution: HR Consultant UKy has no effect on your payroll. The mode is already connected directly to your point control – this choice is optional. No worries, no problems.

It is worth noting that HR Consultant UKy runs in a very short time. Basically, the feature can be implemented in up to 24 hours, but HR Consultant UK tends to launch it in around 3 to 5 business days. Then, it is enough for your employees to sign the term provided by HR Consultant UK to take a certain step in the direction of their financial freedom!

Now that you know what is HR Consultant UKy and what are its features and differentials, can you already consider it as an element of high added value for your company?

Meet HR Consultant UKy

HR Consultant UKy is the platform that transforms personal finance through pay, allowing employees to access their money instantly 24 × 7. The liquidity that our products offer represents a modern and healthy alternative to traditional debt products, such as personal loans, overdrafts and payroll loans.

Want to know more about HR Consultant UKy? Fill out the form below to receive more information on how this benefit can help the financial health of your company's employees.



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