What is hunting in HR and how to apply this recruitment technique? Understand the benefits

What is hunting in HR and how to apply this recruitment technique?  Understand the benefits

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When we talk about what is hunting in HR, we are focusing on an active recruitment and talent selection methodology, in which Human Resources studies a specific job market in the search for specialist professionals for a given position.

Every Human Resources professional, who works with recruitment and selection, knows that finding ideal candidates is not one of the easiest tasks. Especially, when they are senior management positions which require very high levels of professional specialization. It is precisely there that the concept of what hunting in HR enters into action.

Unlike traditional selection processes, in which the candidate seeks an opportunity in the company, in hunting, the seeks part by the company. HR is responsible for:

  • Search for;
  • address;
  • offer an assertive proposal to recruit this differential professional.

This happens even though the talent don't be looking for a new opportunity.

To better understand, we will explain in this post all the functions of this activity and show how knowing what hunting in HR can transform the success of your company's hiring process. Check out!

What is hunting in HR?

Hunting is an expression of the English language that means “to hunt”. What is hunting in Human Resources is literally “a hunt for talent”, which the HR sector does to find qualified candidates, in specific cases.

Prospecting is active, therefore, it is the company that seeks professionals according to their organizational objectives and what has been established by goal management. But how does HR find this specialist if he may not be applying for new positions?

Networking explains what is hunting in HR! In the hunting process, the recruiter is called a headhunter, who is, roughly speaking, a “head hunter” with a powerful network.

He is, in general, very well connected and conveys confidence, so the selection process through networking is strategic. The assertiveness in the search for suitable professionals for executive areas and leadership is enhanced.

What is the difference between Search and Hunting?

Both are selection processes, but applied in different contexts. Understand:


Search is traditional recruitment, in which the HR sector carries out the selection process, considering the available candidates in the business market.

Generally, a vacancy announcement is made and the candidate himself submits his resume or fills out forms on job sites to compete for the opportunity.

Search is an option for operational vacancies, which seek a more technical professional profile. This is because they are vacant with clearer and more direct definitions of their requirements, allowing the automation of the process.


The concept of what Hunting is in HR addresses a type of recruitment for more specific needs, in which the department goes in search of the professional, regardless of their current placement in the market.

As we have already explained, the headhunter hunts the most suitable professionals, through its network, considering the main needs of the vacancy.

It creates a smart approach in post sale, and depending on the advantages of the proposal, the professional decides whether or not to accept the recruitment for this new job opportunity.

It is very common that, in these cases, offer goes beyond what is found in the market, since the goal is to attract talent. For this, it is essential to maximize the advantages of this business.

What is hunting in HR is an option for vacancies that have more subjective selection criteria, such as:

In addition to technical selection criteria, such as level of education and training. That is, high leadership positions.

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How does HR hunting work?

Now that you know what HR hunting is, it's time to put the mechanism into action.

The first step is to get to know the vacancy profile and its fulfillment criteria.

Consider the most important features that the professional must have to occupy this position.

Create one list with requirements to get this professional. If your company doesn’t have a headhunter or the right tools to carry out this recruitment with quality, consider hire a specialized HR consultancy.

In a second moment, with a action plan established, the candidates are approached to find out what are your real skills and current market situations. Thus, the preparation of the proposal can be done with more precision and assertiveness.

After an analysis of the professionals considered, an list with the most suitable options must be presented to managers. The strengths and weaknesses of a professional should be well detailed, considering the vacancy needs in question.

The next step is draw up an official proposal that is aggressive and puts your company ahead of the competition.

It is very likely that the ideal candidate is already working in another organization, so the proposal needs to be meaningful.

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Why is hunting in HR important to your company?

Excessive turnover costs, or employee turnover, is a serious problem. In addition to spending on:

All this without counting the frustration at the lack of compatibility that harms the company.

The concept of what hunting is in Human Resources is a recruitment solution assertive and cautious – it's an investment!

This mechanism promotes a intelligent search for high impact professionals, which can enhance the organizational results, occupying management and leadership positions.

Understanding what hunting is in HR is essential to transform this search process and optimize the work of the sector.

One qualified hiring it can even influence the confidence and satisfaction of the entire company.

What are the most common mistakes in hunting?

The process is robust and complex, be careful not to make the following mistakes:

1. Thinking that anyone can do

Know-how and networking define well what is hunting in HR, so it is not anyone who can apply this type of recruitment.

The headhunter is a specialized professional, who has mastered the most strategic, confidential and ethical to select the ideal candidates.

2. Doubt the efficiency of the mechanism

Hunting is not LinkedIn. This social network is an incredible tool to find professionals of the most diverse types and levels of training. However, there is no guarantee of data update and not all curriculum options.

Professionals who can really be a differentiator for your business may not be on LinkedIn. O hunting selection process goes beyond the social network.

This recruitment mechanism makes use of a strategic network, who finds ideal professionals, regardless of their situation in the market and use of social networks.

3. Not knowing the market

A careful study of the market is essential to understand which professional profile is available.

There is no point in idealizing a super professional, it is necessary to know the best options that the market offers for your company's vacancy.

What is hunting in Human Resources is a tool that goes beyond the traditional recruitment process and generates more accurate results for the organization.

In the medium and long term, a staff of excellence, with greater engagement and a lower turnover rate, can be created.

Knowing what hunting in HR is fundamental to enhance this search for transformative leaders and take your company to another level. With this strategic mechanism, the “hunt” will be for success.

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