What is IBP and 5 Strategies to Improve Your Results

What is IBP and 5 Strategies to Improve Your Results

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What is IBP? Integrate Business Planning (IBP), or Integrated Business Planning, is a planning process that integrates two or more sectors or departments within a company, with the objective of maximize your profit.

This means that your role is to increase company profits based on the adoption of strategies for aligning plans and business management.

The concept of what IBP is allows the organization to achieve its goals by incorporating insights from different professionals and departments involved in the process.

Overall, this is an applied strategy.the monthly and that considers:

  • the demand for supplies;
  • product development;
  • financial plans;
  • strategic projects.

When applied correctly, the IBP stands out for becoming one of the main management processes for the execution of the business.

In this article, in addition to explaining what IBP is, we have prepared a list of amazing strategies of IBP application focusing on the excellence of results. Check out!

What is IBP and 5 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your Results with the Tool

1. Mastery of knowledge about the Supply Chain

The supply chain involves all activities related to the processing of customer orders, from pre-production (acquisition of inputs, project design, manufacturing planning) to final delivery. That is, it deals with the chain that relates:

Knowing the entire supply chain that integrates the reality of the business is essential for the manager to be able toand map the reality of your company, identifying strengths and weaknesses and visualizing how it is possible to apply the concept of what IBP is, with the aim of improve your results with process optimization.

Understand how the production network works and apply proper management:

  • reduces costs throughout the process;
  • ensures efficiency for the business;
  • adds quality to the product or service produced.

As the supply chain involves different sectors and professionals with different technical knowledge and different work routines, it is essential to master the information about the entire process.

In this way, it is possible to undertake a search for more interesting solutions within the characteristics of the business.

2. Development of a Custom IBP Plan

The adjectives of a business are individual, which means that each company has different peculiar processes and techniques that are applied in its supply chain.

In this way, to improve results with Integrated Business Planning, you need to develop a customized plan that takes into account issues such as:

  • supply chain work routine;
  • results achieved by the business;
  • objectives to be achieved with the Integrated Business Plan;
  • company and employee profile;
  • profile of the client portfolio served;
  • market projections.

The development of a personalized plan allows the business to be more inclined to meet expectations, which provides greater efficiency in achieving the results sought through the integrated planning process.

It is worth mentioning that the individualization of the company, and the investment in a personalized plan, makes all the difference when evaluating the results obtained.

In other words, using the understanding of what IBP is, it is much easier to maximize profit if your company aligns its strategies with the business profile of the business.

3. Alignment of expectations and goals

Another powerful strategy for improving results with IBP is achieving alignment of company expectations and objectives.

Often, Integrated Business Planning does not achieve its results due to divergence of concepts and expectations between the professionals and sectors involved.

Thus, for better results, it is imperative that the professionals involved have full knowledge of the common objective to be achieved with the strategy. It is also important that everyone understands what expectations to consider when executing the plan.

Goals need to be realistic to motivate those involved and should reflect a common goal.

The teams must act in concert, clearly understanding what IBP is for the business and dedicating efforts to achieve the integration project objective.

4. Alignment of projects between teams

One of the IBP keywords is alignment. In order to achieve interesting results for the business, teams and departments must keep in mind that the work must be carried out jointly and harmoniously.

This means that the projects of the departments must be in communion and must integrate efforts, aiming to achieve a series of results, which can be:

  • profitability of the developed products;
  • improving manufacturing operations;
  • optimization of supply chain processes;
  • valorization of business capital;
  • improvement of business processes;
  • improvement in the demand/supply curve in the market;
  • development of competitive strategy.

When responsible teams and managers understand that everyone has the same degree of importance in the result to be achieved, it becomes easier optimize processes, and visualization of results becomes faster.

5. Collaboration with suppliers

Understanding what IBP is allows the company to involve its entire supply chain in decisions that impact business results, including suppliers.

This means that, instead of thinking only about the data generated within the company itself and its respective processes, it is possible to take advantage of external information and experiences to add knowledge to the internal planning procedures.

As an example, just think about the reality of your company and the business information your customers hold. Sharing this information increases the possibility of providing an even more excellent service or product to your partners and also helps your company to obtain more information that can be applied in the internal business strategy.

The importance of the IBP

Integrated Business Planning is a process focused on alignment of company actions. The processes for applying this strategy follow a standardized line, but they can — and should — be adapted to the individual characteristics of each business.

Throughout the process, the teams involved must evaluate the results and ensure constant analysis and change of strategies, if necessary.

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In this way, it is possible to develop a joint plan that helps in predicting results and allows for better control of business management. A job well done includes:

  • planning;
  • analysis;
  • control;
  • effort.

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