What is it and how to have an automated admission process?

What is it and how to have an automated admission process?

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Over the years the HR was seen as a extremely bureaucratic sectorhowever, this scenario has changed over the years. This is mainly due to automation of HR processes.

If everything was done before manually, increasing the chances of errors and rework, today the sector has become more strategic. Among the changes made to this routine is the automated admission process.

As a result, there is greater security in document management and process efficiency which always demanded a lot of effort and time from the responsible sector. And this type of innovation is a reality in the current market.

Deloitte revealed in recent research what 56% of organizations would agree to use some kind of automation tool for their HR processes.

This is mainly due to the countless facilities that the current management software bring the routine of the organization. Decreasing the chances of error, offering greater security in data protection and optimizing the time of the processes.

Want to know everything about the automated admission process and what are the legal issues surrounding it? Check out our article and find out how technology can contribute to your company's results.

The automated admission process

An admission process is filled with bureaucratic processes, especially when we talk about document management. Often the manual process accumulates an innumerable pile of papers regarding hiring, firing, exams, contracts, paychecks, etc.

With that, the chances of losing a document are much bigger, not to mention the difficulty in finding employee data. Furthermore, in the manual process the incidence of errors is very high.

Whether due to a mistake in typing or inattention to fill in the data for a collaborator. And each such mistake does not only cost the company time to rework, but it can generate labor lawsuits.

Therefore, the automated admission process offers a more effective and secure management, reducing the time and efforts of the sector.

Whether in the filing of a document, in the digitization of a signature or in the scanning of employee IDs, CPFs and personal data. But is this legally allowed?

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Legal validity of the automated admission process

The digital transformation has become a reality in most companies in the market. Those who do not update themselves end up lagging behind the immense daily competitiveness for good results.

For this reason, automation has been part of the routines, mainly HR, which has always been seen as a bureaucratic sector. As a result, the area was able to become more strategic, valuing actions that focus more on attracting and retaining talent.

However, what are the legal issues of scanned documents? What is their legitimacy? Below we will talk a little about what the law says.

Document storage

THE scanned document storage became a legal practice in 2021, offering greater legal certainty for companies that use such practice. Thus facilitating the automated admission process and data archiving.

This resolution is provided for in the LAW No. 12,682, which changed after the provisional measure n ° 881 of april 2021.

Art. 2-A. The storage, in electronic, optical or equivalent media, of private documents, composed of data or images, is authorized, in compliance with the provisions of this Law, those of other specific laws and regulations.

Legitimacy of digital documents

Another important issue that requires attention from the company is about legitimacy of scanned documents. Item 2 of the LAW No. 12,682 refers to this type of document with the same evidential value as the original.

Even having the same effect for legal uses. With that the automated admission process not only does it become an effective and safe practice, but legal before the law.

2º The digital document and its reproduction, in any medium, carried out in accordance with the provisions of this Law and specific legislation, will have the same evidential value as the original document, for all legal purposes, including to meet the State's supervisory power. .

The benefits of the automated admission process

But which ones are real benefits of the automated admission process? Below we will present the main advantages of digitizing this routine.

Cost reduction

One of the main benefits of the automated admission process and the cost reduction. In the manual process, the company usually has high expenses with copies, prints, besides having to delimit a physical space to store the documents.

Already in automated admission process all files are stored in the cloud and information and documentation are scanned.

In addition, prints are made only when there is demand, saving on ink, printing paper and equipment maintenance costs.

Less chance of errors

One of the great strengths of the automated admission process is the lower incidence of errors. This is because in manual work a repetitive task such as filling in admission data can facilitate failures.

Whether in case inattention or tiredness, the chances of error are much greater when everything is done manually. Resulting in more time spent than necessary in the task due to corrections, decreasing productivity and making the company Lose money.

Already in automated admission process the tool allows greater management control and agility in data corrections. This way, typing errors or misplaced information can be avoided.

Process agility

You admission processes for being one bureaucratic routine within companies usually create a large physical volume of papers. As a result, finding them in the company, no matter how organized the sector is, is not an easy task and requires a lot of time in some cases.

In many situations it is even possible that the document has been lost or thrown away in some cleaning and so on.

At the automated admission process that question is healed, because everything will be digitally stored. This makes it easier to handle and search for a specific document. All done in a few clicks of the PC, Tablet, cell phone and etc.

Offers greater security

The numerous documentation that is part of the pmanual admission process not only can they get lost, but something can happen unforeseen events such as floods, fires, losses and so on. Therefore, important data can be lost forever.

At the automated admission process the documentation is scanned in the cloud, avoiding major losses and offering greater storage security.

Not to mention that access can be restricted where only certain people can access it, preventing sensitive data from leaking out.

Standardization of the admission process

Every company wants to organize its processes so that they work quickly and with the same quality standard. However, when there is a manual process it is impossible for the workflow to be standardized.

This increases the chances of errors in filling in some data on admission or the delivery of some document, which in the future may generate a labor process.

This reality is different in automated admission process, since all software has a standard.

This makes it easier to fill in the data for employees, without constant typing errors, for example, since the software signals possible errors.

Invest in the automated admission process

THE automated admission process it is a reality and a great facilitator of one of the biggest bureaucracies within companies.

When achieving transform a manual process like this through technology the company not only gains in time, but cuts its expenses and has greater control and security in the management of documents.

With this, the bureaucracy works automatically and the HR can dedicate itself to more strategic questions of people management<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Automation has become not only a competitive advantage, but synonymous with good results.

And to adopt this model it is necessary, mainly, that the companyunderstand the reality of the current market and discover how automation directly impacts results.

And for that, it is important to be willing to change and consequently offer tools so that HR and the entire company are trained to use technology effectively.

Do you want to know how to create and join a digital admission process? Click here and check out the tips we have for you!



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