What is LinkedIn for? Understand what it is and know the reasons for investing in the channel

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What is LinkedIn for?  Understand what it is and know the reasons for investing in the channel

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If you still don't know what is LinkedIn for, here's a good summary: he is one of the main links between contractors and professionals, and also between companies.

Through this corporate social network it is possible to put your brand name on the market and gradually work on your reputation.

In the search for talent, LinkedIn is a perfect opportunity for candidates to identify with the culture of their organization, which starts to generate interest in sending their CV to those responsible for their HR.

So, you want to know more about what LinkedIn is and what is the social network that already accumulates more than 300 million active users? Just read this post and find out, at once, what LinkedIn is for!

What is LinkedIn and what is it for?

What is LinkedIn? Unlike most social networks that focus on day-to-day features – and that are taken advantage of by companies – LinkedIn came up with a unique proposal: to serve, primarily, as a virtual meeting point for the corporate environment.

The result? A fast and constantly growing success and innovation, in order to consolidate itself as the largest network of professional contacts in the world!

In fact, take the opportunity to learn more about the subject in the article; “Social networks and the labor market: what is the relationship between them?”. In it we talk exclusively about the relationship between social networks and the job market.

LinkedIn was founded in May 2003, becoming this professional epicenter on social networks, with a long time on the road.

We can point out a series of attractions and answers to the question: after all, what is LinkedIn for? Keep following and discover some of them.

3 Reasons That Answer What LinkedIn Is For

1. Networking

Whether you are a beginner, veteran or a company – regardless of your size or industry – here's a tip: network.

If you've been wondering what LinkedIn is for, here is one of your great strengths. Like Facebook, it can be used to connect people with similar preferences and tastes. This contributes to the construction of a network of contacts capable of generating business and career opportunities.

Not to mention that for companies, LinkedIn also serves as a virtual structure capable of building and sustaining its image as a reference in its niche and / or specialization. Hence, the importance of generating relevant content, in addition to interacting with other users, discussing and debating new ideas.

2. Professional credibility

As we highlighted above, knowing what LinkedIn is and what it is for allows the social network to become a powerful corporate communication tool.

For those who are already part of the institution, LinkedIn can show a little more about the differentials of the organization to deal with everyday situations – such as resolving conflicts in the company or maintaining an environment focused on well-being at work and quality of life. life.

For the foreign market, sharing cases can help add more credibility to the company, serving as a reliable material to publicize your successful actions.

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3. Professional opportunities

Companies can use LinkedIn for recruitment and selection.

Firstly, composing job descriptions that will help funnel people, ensuring more precision to the final result.

Then, it is worth noting that on LinkedIn your company can become connect with professionals that, in the medium or long term, show interest in participating in the next selection processes.

This fosters an interesting database of resumes for the company's recruitment to be:

  • assertive;
  • agile;
  • with the least possible cost.

What are the main features of LinkedIn?

Now that you know what LinkedIn is, it's time to get to know some resources that are worth paying attention to, to ensure an efficient use of the tool. Are they:

  • connections. Correspond to the contacts (of people or companies) that you request and / or accept the invitation to follow the professional news;
  • groups. They are spaces focused on specific subjects or niches. The ideal place, for example, to start a debate or conversation with other people who will be interested in your opinions;
  • Pulse (or LinkedIn Pulse) has as main focus content production. Users share articles with their connections. This helps to build the referential base that we mentioned earlier.

Did you like the tips? Check out the video below to get access to more insights into what LinkedIn is for and how to use it within your company.

However, is it still worth knowing some more interesting tips to get the best out of your actions? Then check out the step by step below.

What is LinkedIn for your company?

We have already seen what LinkedIn is and what it is for. How about, now, we understand how to use this social network in the workplace in the best possible way?

We recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. create one company page, which differs from the personal profiles page. With that, people and other organizations can follow the profile of your company, transmitting a more professional view;
  2. publish relevant content periodically. This is an elementary tip: by generating articles of public interest, more people will seek to know what your company has to say;
  3. join groupsbecause, as we said before, this is an efficient way to debate ideas, show your credibility and reference in the subject that your organization dominates;
  4. create ads. This is something to consider about what LinkedIn is for, as you can compose ads so that the right content reaches the right person, at the right time.

LinkedIn must be worked on constantly. In other words, nothing about creating a professional profile, paying attention to the contents and interactions with other users, for a few weeks, and then disappearing.

Just like all marketing strategy, dissemination and attracting or retaining customers and / or professionals, LinkedIn demands time, discipline and organization strategic with objectives.

With this, your actions will generate more results constantly and not just immediately, then slowly fade.

Have you seen what LinkedIn is for and how it can make all the difference to boost your brand on social media? And speaking of them, how about checking out the super cool articles and posts that we post on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn? Just like our page and follow us to stay on top of all our news at first hand!



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