What is Nota Fiscal Paulista? How does the registration work?

What is Nota Fiscal Paulista?  How does the registration work?

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The Nota Fiscal Paulista is a program developed by the Government of the State of São Paulo which returns part of the amount paid with ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services) to the consumer through the inclusion of the CPF in the invoice.

The idea is to offer a financial benefit to stimulate contribution and reduce tax evasion.

If you want to know how the tax withholding in service invoices works, we recommend reading the article: ‘Withholding tax: how is the tax withholding taxes on the service invoice‘.

To better understand what the São Paulo invoice is and the advantages of adopting it, continue reading the post. We separate all the information you need to redeem your benefit. Good reading!

What is the Nota Fiscal Paulista?

As we introduced, the Invoice Paulista it is a program of the government of the State of São Paulo, created in 2007 to combat tax evasion and increase the collection of the state.

If you are or have already visited the state of São Paulo, you have undoubtedly heard the question “Will you want CPF in the note?” at the checkout of some commercial establishment, isn't it?

O CPF of the consumer is used as a way of recording the purchase, giving him the right to receive back part of the tax embedded in the goods (up to 20% of the amount spent). This benefit can be received in several ways that we’ll cover later.

With each registered purchase, credits are accumulated in the Treasury Department system that can be redeemed in specific periods.

The rescue happens twice a year, one in April (credits from the 2nd semester of the previous year) and the other in October (referring to the 1st semester of the current year) and can be done within 5 years.

In addition, special sweepstakes are also offered for to benefit the consumer.

Why choose the CPF in the note in SP?

The inclusion of the CPF in the Invoice assures some benefits to the consumer. Check out!


The discount varies from state to state, but in the case of São Paulo, it is possible to deduct the credits accumulated in the Nota Fiscal Paulista in the IPVA (Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax) the following year.

For this, the operation must be done in September or October of each year.


Another benefit of the Nota Fiscal Paulista is the receipt of credit in cash. The amount, which can reach 7.5% of that recorded on the invoice, can be redeemed every six months and will be made available through bank transfer (checking or savings account).

The percentage is defined according to the type of establishment where the purchase was made and the tax it collects monthly.

Prize draw

Finally, the cash prize draw. When accumulating R $ 100 in credits on the Nota Fiscal Paulista, the consumer receives a numbered electronic ticket from the State Finance Secretariat to participate in the sweepstakes.

Usually, the disclosure of the awards happens in the day 15 of each month.

How the invoice from São Paulo works: main rules

Yea! It is necessary to pay attention to some special rules:

  • the amount released will be limited to ICMS paid to the Treasury of the State of São Paulo;
  • will only receive credit PJs with annual gross revenue up to R $ 240,000.00;
  • credit will not be given to consumers who are part of government bodies or entities (direct or indirect) of the Union, the states and municipalities;
  • consumers who do not qualify for Simples Nacional will not receive credit;
  • operations for the supply of electricity, piped gas and communication services will not receive credit;
  • operations without ICMS taxation will also not receive the credit.

How to register in the Nota Fiscal Paulista?

To be included in the Nota Fiscal Paulista program, simply inform the CPF or CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities), for companies, at the time of purchase, that is, there is no need to pre-register.

However, you will need to generate an online password at official note website to check the credit score and select how to receive this benefit.

How to consult available credits

The official website of the Nota Fiscal Paulista informs the credits accumulated by consumers. To consult them, just follow the following step by step:

  1. Access the site;
  2. Register to generate a password;
  3. Fill in the fields, pass your account details and indicate if you are an individual or legal entity;
  4. There, you will be able to consult the credits released by Secretariat of Finance;
  5. On the website it is also possible to choose how to enjoy the benefit. For credit above R $ 25, just select the desired option.

What type of establishment is part of the program?


Check out the types of establishments that can help you accumulate credits in the Nota Fiscal Paulista program.

Food, variety store and markets

Establishments offering food products in general such as restaurants, bars, cafeterias, bakeries, enter the system. In addition to them, large magazines, small establishments, markets in general.

Sporting goods and leisure

The purchase of leisure and sport products in general such as bicycles, toys, musical instruments, equipment, can generate consumer credit.

Household articles

Companies that sell household products such as furniture, beds, towels, decorative items, pots, brooms, and so on, participate in the Nota Fiscal Paulista program.

Vehicles, motorcycles, accessories and fuel

The purchase of land motor vehicles like cars and motorbikes, as well as lubricants, parts and accessories can also help you collect credits in the system. In addition, fueling is counted in the same way.

Computers, stationery, books, communication and electronics

The acquisition of electronic devices in general, such as computers, televisions, blenders, as well as books, magazines, office supplies, among others, are also part of the Nota Fiscal Paulista program.

Construction material

Merchants that sell materials for construction or renovation such as paints, coatings, hydraulic, electrical material, among others are included in the system credit score of the Nota Fiscal Paulista.

Fashion, health, beauty and optics

Clothing companies, footwear, jewelery, watches, eyewear, optical material, medicines, medical and orthopedic materials, cosmetics, perfumes, also generate consumer credit.

Pet shops and pet supplies

Finally, trade in accessories and general consumer goods for animals are also accounted for by the program.

Now you know everything about paulista invoice and how the program contributes to the legal inspection of taxes by the State Government. Inform the CPF in your purchases and enjoy your benefit.

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