What is organizational innovation for the future of work?

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As repetitive as it may seem, the first piece of advice for companies is to look to the future with more attention. Therefore, lately there is no way to not think about organizational innovation.

Even at different stages, the arrival of business transformation is a reality with no return.

Do you want to know how we can connect talent and transformation in the job market?

Watch the first episode of the Web Series “Connecting Talent with Transformation” with guest Daniel Martin Ely, Corporate Director of Planning and HR for Randon Companies:

Follow the reading of the post to learn more about organizational innovation.

Organizational innovation concerns generations

When we analyze the future of work, there is no way not to look at our society. The job market is a reflection of it.

Studies that point out that in 2021, approximately 64% of the Earth's population will be composed of people born after 1980. Each generation brings with it new behaviors, values ​​and expectations. And it is this generation that will increasingly be the largest share of the workforce in the world.

It is important to highlight and not to forget are people with different expectations, who look for something very different from their parents, have an easy time dealing with technology, in addition to other ambitions.

That is why it is essential to maintain the organizational climate survey in companies in order to understand and what engages and satisfies employees.

This is how transformations begin to gain power. There are new needs, new technologies and, mainly, new interests and expectations.

And, in this way, we reinvent business through new methods and formats so that we can be successful in this transformation. This concerns leadership and people management as well.

But how to innovate in organizations?

Obviously, this does not mean to leave everything that was built behind, but to reframe values, learn and relearn, question current status. Adapt to the new context.

We believe that in order to look at the new and seek the necessary innovations, we urgently need to relate to this “new business world”, to this “new society”, often so different from what we think.

We will only be able to advance as professionals, executives or entrepreneurs when we see this new world that is moving faster and faster and transforming markets much faster than we imagined.

There are so many opportunities to observe that we often feel lost in the face of this avalanche of news that arrives. They are new technologies, new competitors, new concepts.

We can start to relate to the new by looking for reliable information on the internet, new readings, through development programs or simple conversations.

You need to be more curious. The important thing is to be open to this new context of innovation that we live in.

When we overcome this obstacle, without a doubt, it will be easier to think about organizational innovation.

Fábio Souza

Partner & CEO



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