What is organizational psychology and how to apply it in the company

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What is organizational psychology and how to apply it in the company

Table of Contents

Organizational psychology has as its main objective the promotion of quality of life and good relations in the corporate environment. For this, its actions range from the hiring process to the application of training, among other responsibilities.

Whether for company leadership or for the development of human relations, we cannot dissociate organizational psychology from this process.

After all, relationships have a structural basis based on conflicts, objectives, desires reflections – issues intrinsic to the psychological.

No wonder, the HR sector is popularly known for having many professionals trained in psychology.

And it is about this area that is so fundamental to people management that we’d like to talk to today. Throughout this article, we will explore what organizational psychology is.

To that end, we are going to explore this idea applied in the corporate context, its relevance, applications and the positive impact that psychology can cause in the company – and in its collaborators. Check out!

When did psychology start to be applied in companies?

When commerce and industry began to organize in a standardized way – in the middle of the 19th century – the importance of organizational psychology in companies was already pointed out.

Not with the uniformity that is perceived, nowadays, but as a consequence of the need to develop relationships in the corporate day-to-day.

Terms like quality of life, organizational climate, corporate culture… All of this was based on the psychological notions applied in the routine.

And organizational psychology?

As a result of this reactive development to the corporate demands generated, organizational psychology was an anticipation of needs.

And the concept is based on the study of human behavior – as well as its psychic reactions – to situations that unfold in companies.

Therefore, organizational psychology aims to promote quality of life, well-being and good relations, in the corporate environment, offering:

  • quality organizational climate;
  • good working conditions;
  • personal development;
  • harmonious and productive relationship between employees.

Ahead of these innovations is the HR sector and the whole idea pertaining to people management. Especially, with regard to the idea of ​​associating common well-being in the work-employee-company relationship.

How did organizational psychology come about?

As we have highlighted, its relevance was perceived in the face of a scenario in which the alignment of profiles and expectations made up a more productive work environment and less conflicted.

A simple example of this: today, we understand that there are different professional profiles, and that each company has one of them more aligned to its own identity.

However, decades ago this was very little (or not at all) clarified. However, its importance extends widely to the example cited – as we will see below.

Importance of organizational psychology

If, until then, the foundations of organizational psychology attested only to good conditions and the promotion of good internal relationships, the 21st century added even more importance to its application.

Just take into account how much we relate to technologies today. THE millennial generation it is born, practically, supported by these digital solutions.

It turns out that, in the corporate context, the human factor has been placed in a “gray area”, in which its importance can be mistakenly delegated to the supporting role.

Therefore, a another challenge for HR supply and convert into an alternative to make the human element more strategic and permanently fundamental to organizations.

After all, no matter how big the investment in new technologic solutions, a company's most valuable assets remain human resources.

Benefits of organizational psychology

When you have a different area and focus on improving your human relations in the company, the benefits reaped from this strategic practice accumulate.

Among the main ones, we can highlight the following:

  • organized structuring of organizational culture from the company;
  • strategic solution of problems related to professionals and their routines;
  • promoting quality of life without losing productivity;
  • benefit management;
  • continuous improvements in working conditions;
  • development of its own identity, for the company, as well as the disclosure of an immaculate reputation;
  • reduction of turnover rate in the company;
  • less costs in areas related to employee satisfaction, such as occupational diseases, stress leave, demotivation and layoffs, among others.

In order for these benefits to be duly clarified, in the corporate routine, the following points out the areas in which organizational psychology can be applied!

Organizational psychology applied in people management

Check out some of the areas that benefit the most from strategic planning from the studies of organizational psychology below:

Recruitment and selection

The area of recruitment and selection is one of the major beneficiaries of the application of organizational psychology.

Because it is based on a series of techniques and methodologies that HR professionals effectively evaluate the profile, skills and behavior of candidates. For this, they can be used:

With good planning and the definition of the type of professional that the company needs, the hires are going to be more impactful, in a positive aspect.

Training and capacity building

Identifying problems and areas for improvement is part of HR's responsibilities. And, through the realization of trainings, the company is continuously qualified.

To this end, the professionals in the sector develop training that, in the short or medium term, is configured in promising results.

And that goes for both to anticipate or remedy situations in which the training will help to train employees.

Organizational climate management

O organizational climate it is the result of a quality environment. I.e:

  • healthy;
  • constructive;
  • positive;
  • collaborative.

Something that is built and maintained according to the actions taken to generate the qualities mentioned above.

For example, organizational psychology can make a difference to stimulate motivation everyone, or even more productivity and health with solutions that dissolve internal conflicts.

Career path

It is possible to identify the objectives, needs and obstacles that the staff faces in their day-to-day activities.

Consequently, organizational psychology helps to identify the best career path for each professional profile of the corporation.

A great differential to keep the teams motivated, satisfied and competitive in order to ascend in their careers – individually and collectively.

Organizational diagnosis

Often, the fall in productivity is not a common symptom, but the result of a dissatisfaction that may have infected employees.

Diagnosing the problem – and remedying it – is a fundamental part of the work of those who deal with organizational psychology in companies.

Performance evaluations, dismissal interviews, surveys or even collective conversations help to identify the problem at hand.Ergonomics

Health in the workplace is a bedside issue for professionals involved in organizational psychology. That includes:

  • employee comfort;
  • arrangement of objects and furniture in rooms and departments;
  • ergonomics so that the work is done with quality;
  • adjustments for the good accommodation of people with special needs.

Among other specific actions aimed at maintaining the well-being and quality of life of all employees.

Benefit plan

Another aspect that, when aligned with the profile of the company's employees, becomes a powerful tool for motivation and engagement.

Through a benefit plan flexible, for example, employees feel heard and respected by the company. And, in return, they work harder, willing and willing to grow, internally, and ascend in their respective careers.

Performance evaluation

With the performance evaluation carried out periodically, HR is aware of the minutiae of each employee.

Learn more about them, identifying the talents, potential leaders and points of improvement that must be worked on – individually and collectively.

Influences of organizational psychology at work

As we have seen, throughout this article, organizational psychology plays an essential role in the growth of a company.

After all, it is involved – directly and indirectly – with the development and maintenance of well-being, human relations and the productivity of employees.

We can reinforce this importance based on some of the responsibilities of these professionals, such as:

  • study and identification of the most appropriate professional profiles for the company;
  • behaviors and attitudes aligned with the enterprise's organizational culture;
  • diagnosis of solutions to promote health, well-being and collective productivity;
  • increasing everyone's level of satisfaction;
  • the reduction in the turnover rate;
  • the eradication of relationship problems (such as the lack of respect for the company's cultural diversity);
  • assessment of motivational factors at work.

A lot, therefore, that influences the results that the company accumulates, throughout the production period.

The application of organizational psychology interferes with the physical and mental health of employees. With good planning, this is reflected in a consolidated added value to your brand.

It is worth noting, however, that organizational psychology, by itself, does not work miracles. It must be used in combination with several other tools, techniques and methodologies intrinsic to the Human Resources sector.

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