What is payslip and what are the most common payslip models on the market?

What is payslip and what are the most common payslip models on the market?

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Payslip is the document issued by the company that proves the monthly payment to employees for the service provided. This document is fundamental for the financial control of the company and also of the professional.

It is through paycheck that the employee can know what he is entitled to receive and what discounts will be made on his gross salary.

In addition, the pay stub also serves as proof of income for individuals. Being a fundamental object in opening accounts, loans, financing and etc.

There are two payslip models on the market and we have prepared material for you explaining how HR use each of them. Check out!

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The origin of the word payslip

The word payslip is derived from the name of the American entrepreneur Herman Hollerith, creator of a machine called “Hollerith”. This technology at the time performed tabulation and statistical counts, using the punched card.

The perforated card was the precursor of the memory of computers and appeared at the end of the 19th century. It was used for mass data emission, where the technicians inserted information and command data in the machines.

What the law says about the emission of payslip

THE CLT law mentions payslip in its article 464 and determines that the company must issue the receipt that proves the payment of salary to the employee. In this case, it is done through payslip.

Despite this, it is not mandatory, but it must be issued as a form of financial protection for the company and for employee control.

Art. 464 – Payment of salary must be made against receipt, signed by the employee; in the case of being illiterate, by means of his fingerprint, or, if this is not possible, at his request.

Single paragraph. The receipt of the deposit slip in a bank account, opened for that purpose on behalf of each employee, with the employee's consent, at a credit establishment close to the workplace will have the power of receipt. (Paragraph included by Law No. 9,528, dated 12.10.1997)

Art. 465. Payment of wages will be made on working days and at the place of work, within the service hours or immediately after the end of the service.

Information required on payslip models

The creation of a payslip depends on some factors that require a lot of attention from HR. Any problem with one of the pay stub models can create problems with labor justice.

It is necessary to have as a basis for filling in the data the payroll, to make all discounts and deductions correctly.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the category in which the employee is inserted, so that all mandatory rules are complied with.

Among the necessary information that they need to contain in the payslip models are:

Holerite Models

Two payslip models appear as the most common within companies. One uses an older culture and the other takes advantage of technology to optimize time and save on printing expenses, they are:

  • payslip printed version
  • payslip online version

Below we detail each of these payslip models. Check out!

Holerite printed version

Among the most common payslip models is what is printed on paper. It is common for them to be built from a Excel spreadsheet.

With the Excel format, managers have advantages at hand, such as:

  • çcontrol of expenses with the automation of spreadsheets;
  • broad view of costs;
  • projections of hiring and layoffs.

Still used for a long time, among the payslip models, this required the company to print two copies and signed by the employee and the company.

Companies that still use the pay stub in printed format, are able to define with standard printers a standard format for printing.

This way, only the payment data is changed monthly, eliminating the most bureaucratic filling in data.

However, with the evolution of technology, companies began to adopt the online model. That's because in addition to saving on printing costs, they can easily be corrected.

Holerite online version

With the evolution of payslip models over time, the online version started to become more common and advantageous for companies.

This is because in addition to being a economy for the organization, it is a way of preservation of the environment for avoiding printing on paper.

Usually the online version is like the old printed version, but digitalized, making it easier for the employee to access it. In this digital document it is possible to have access to all necessary information, by cell phone, tablet or PC.

In relation to shipping, companies usually send the pay stub via email or sharing in the cloud, on Google Drive, for example.

Thus, it is even easier to store and control documents by employees and the company, without the chance of a paper that can be lost.

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Payslip is part of the company's organization

Regardless of the payslip models, it is essential that companies see this document as mandatory in their routines.

Organization is the keyword for those who adopt payslip models in internal processes. Even if the law does not require the delivery of it to the employee, this is a way of havingcontrol over your spending.

Controlling the company's payment and receipt costs can be a way of minimizing unnecessary expenses and avoiding possible labor lawsuits.

For the employee, it is a way of proving his income, as well as having an exact access to how much he is receiving for the work performed.

Tell us, leaving a comment, about which payslip model you use in your company and what are the main difficulties.



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