What is recruiting and how to do it more efficiently!

What is recruiting and how to do it more efficiently!

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The recruitment process is a task of the Human Resources of the companies responsible for attracting the best candidates for the vacancies available in the corporation.

This process is carried out through tests and interviews that serve to assess the technical and behavioral skills of potential candidates.

The set of techniques and procedures used in recruiting should be based on the organization's present and future needs. This is critical in order to identify the ideal candidates.

After all, the better the capture and evaluation of professionals, the better the company's results will be in the short, medium and long term.

This task requires a lot of attention and preparation from the companies' HR professionals. Knowing how to choose the right person for each position is critical to keeping the internal team working productively and unified.

Recruiting poorly can generate several setbacks in the future and even financial losses for the organization. The main problems when this happens are:

Therefore, HR must act to prevent this from happening. He must guarantee high levels of teamwork and cooperation among everyone.

Therefore, it is necessary invest in professionals who will really make a difference for the team.

Does your company know what recruiting is? And how to put it into practice? Check out the best tips to carry out this process and identify the best qualified professionals to fill the vacancies available in your business.

What is recruiting?

Recruitment is the most important stage of hiring a new employee.

It is the first step for companies to get their hires and, thus, build high performance teams.

To carry out the recruitment, HR searches the market for candidates who have qualifications or potential to fill an open vacancy. Thus, these identified people can participate in a selection process.

Attracting the right professionals to your company is not an easy task. Therefore, HR needs to develop increasingly efficient recruitment and selection processes.

What are the types of recruitment?

There is three types of recruitment carried out by the companies, which are: internal, external and mixed. They all have different characteristics, risks and benefits.

Internal recruitment

The intern is the one where organizations seek to fill their vacancies with people who are already employees. In this way, it is possible to allow employees to be promoted, reassigned or transferred.

This is the most economical and fastest recruiting compared to others. It has other advantages, such as:

external recruitment

Meanwhile, external recruitment is one that the filling of vacancies is done with candidates external to the organization.

It requires HR to use recruiting techniques to find the best candidates in the job market.

Its main benefits are:

  • hiring new talent;
  • renewal of internal practices and ideas;
  • greater options for occupying the position;
  • enrichment of the company's intellectual capital.

mixed recruitment

Mixed recruitment is the union of the two previous models and is often used by large and medium-sized companies.

It aims to seek out the best candidates, whether they are people who already work at the company and want to change positions or professionals in the market who are looking for new opportunities.

Learn great recruiting and selection tips here!

As you can see by now, what is recruiting for a company will depend a lot on the internal policy adopted.

Those who value their employees usually offer them growth opportunities. There are also corporations that follow the premise of change and renewal, carrying out external recruitment.

What are the techniques used in recruiting?

To improve your organization's recruitment results, it is necessary to invest in the following practices:

1. Search on LinkedIn

One of the current recruitment techniques is the use of LinkedIn to advertise the open position. This social network is known precisely for connecting people and companies. Thus, it becomes easier to choose the candidate

2. Count on indications

Indications made by professionals from within the company, partners and even customers can help with this task. After all, these people are already familiar with your company's environment and can more accurately recommend someone who fits the job.

3. Use behavioral analysis software

To recruit the ideal candidates, you need to know the candidate's profile well. Therefore, behavioral analysis software can help recruiting techniques.

They provide detailed charts and reports on candidates' experiences. Thus, the organization can analyze which ones are aligned with the job's objectives.

4. Apply tests

HR must apply tthese psychological and knowledge to professionals who will participate in the recruitment. The first type will help the company to analyze the candidates' logical thinking, intelligence and personality. The second identifies the person's level of experience and skills.

5. Show the candidates the company culture

Even though they are great professionals, many of the candidates may not fit the organizational culture of your company. Therefore, it is necessary to present the organization's culture and values ​​to them.

This prevents newly hired professionals from becoming dissatisfied and wanting to leave the company in a very short time on the contract because of a lack of identification with the organization's culture.

What is the step-by-step way to optimize recruitment?

In order for your company to know exactly what recruitment is and be able to carry out a successful procedure, it is necessary to follow 7 steps. Check out:

1. The creation of the vacancy

Before recruiting begins, HR must begin the job creation process. She must follow the job description correct, following the need to fill or create a certain position or position in the company.

2. Definition of assignments and salaries

After establishing the need to be filled with the vacancy, it is necessary to establish the details of the position, such as: the profile of the person to be hired; functions that will be performed; salary; work schedule; benefits, among others.

3. Choose selection type

Each of the three types of recruitment mentioned above have their specificities. Therefore, the organization needs choose which model is the best for your business.

4. Disclosure of the vacancy

After choosing the type of recruitment, it is necessary to do the vacancy announcement. It should contain the job title, description of activities, benefits and salary to be offered. In addition to the company contacts you want to apply for.

5. Selection of CVs and interview

After receiving the candidates' CVs, HR must select those that best fit the desired profile. Then, you must contact the selected ones and mark the interviews, which should serve to assess the profile and skills of candidates.

6. Evaluation and feedback

After carrying out all the interviews, HR and the team manager with the available position must evaluate the candidates to select the best option. Is important call the other professionals and let them know that the process has come to an end and unfortunately they were not selected.

7. Hiring

Finally, the hiring the new employee. He must receive a list, informing all the necessary documents so that the contract can be drawn up. Thus, he can start his activities and receive the necessary training.

Once you know what recruiting is, your organization must implement it through these 8 steps. They are crucial for the correct progress of the process. When HR has the best practices, it is possible to attract and recruit the best professionals to be part of its team.

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