What is Scale up: the business model of companies of the future

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What is Scale up: the business model of companies of the future

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What is scale up? These are the companies that address the main technological and management trends to establish themselves in the market, regardless of the sector's competitiveness. They are few, corresponding to about 1% of the total number of organizations in the country, and they can help inspire new management and investment techniques for your company.

The digital transformation has driven the massive arrival of startups, whose business models are easily implemented and allow the entry of new players in their respective sectors.

However, in practice, not every entrepreneur gets the desired result right away, having to deal with multiple challenges in order to stand out in his field. And that's where scale ups can inspire business!

We are talking about companies that grow at least 20% per year and then. They correspond to only about 1% of the organizations that really develop in the market.

In this article, we will see what is scale ups and in what ways they can contribute new perspectives and insights to your company's growth. Follow here with this reading!

What is scale up?

It is interesting to think that entrepreneurship in the UK has to do with a large offer of jobs, currently, and corresponds to a high market share in number of companies in the country.

Added to this is another relevant fact: scale ups are not just big companies. After all, a study by Endeavor Brasil highlighted that they correspond, in fact, to approximately 92% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Therefore, the term is more associated with the scalable development of a company, regardless of its size or even the sector in which it operates – helping to refute the myth that the concept of scale ups comes mainly from the technological sector.

Scale ups are startups?

Yes and no. Or better: a scale up can be a startup and a startup can become a scale up over time. However, this is not a rule.

The concept of scale up is related to companies that assumed a prominent position and, because of the rapid development and implementation of startups, many started to associate both concepts.

However, a company with five, ten or fifteen years of experience can participate in this select group of scale ups in the market. Including, in general, the average age of the scale ups is 14 years.

Therefore, the level transition that the company is in may start fast – as it tends to happen with startups -, but the consolidation path, later, takes more time.

How to become a scale up?

Let's be serious: every HR sector knows that your company has the potential to be among the few scale ups on the market. To do so, one must go far beyond that backward idea that a creative space for employees is enough for the company to develop exponentially – although this measure is, yes, effective.

The problem that many specialists in the sector may face on this journey is precisely the assertiveness in strategies and decision making that always focus on the sustainable development of the organization.

Otherwise, it takes more time to reach a consolidated and balanced level, more and more immune to unforeseen events that slow down organizational growth.

Check, then, our tips for your company to understand what scale up is and start to behave as such!

1. Exchange experiences

How about meeting with your employees periodically and suggesting exchanges of experiences?

Through this activity, professionals who have already visited other organizations can share their experiences (based on a pre-defined theme) and, thus, add more to the organizational culture.

Imagine, for example, that you want to qualify the company's benefits plan: by meeting with other employees for this exercise, HR can leave the meeting with valuable insights to apply internally, based on the types of professionals' profiles and the employee himself. DNA and the cultural intelligence of the organization.

2. Add flexibility

Marketing and business plans are fundamental, but they are not instruments that hamper your processes. On the contrary: flexible companies are able to anticipate new demands and, thus, create competitive differentials with more agility and efficiency.

No wonder, scale ups are also known as the “companies of the future”, which adapt to changes (social and / or technological) with fluidity, so that it maintains its identity and manages to accumulate new results from these transformations.

>> Want to discover all the characteristics of the companies of the future? Check out this article that we have prepared for you: The 6 outstanding characteristics of the companies of the future.

3. Dream big

Scale ups are ambitious and bold, but that this is not to be confused with impulsiveness and inconsequence.

With strategic planning and full awareness of its market, your organization can work to keep itself developing without going crazy along the way.

For that reason, the aforementioned flexibility is necessary. Companies must anticipate market fluctuations, and not simply react to them.

Hence, the importance of having a multidisciplinary team and as focused on professional goals as your organization is. Your professionals are the engine and the rudder of the corporation's growth.

Therefore, companies that respond to scale ups are distinguished by value their human resources.

Great leaders understand, after all, that the growth of their employees also translates into more quality in the development of companies that they manage.

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4. Persistence

The definition of scale up is related to innovation also because they create a shorter and optimized work cycle. This includes waiting time between a good idea and its implementation.

In other words: here, we rediscover the value of daring and, especially, the persistence to rebuild if the initial impact has not lived up to expectations.

Remember that it is crucial to know not only your organization, but the market and competition.

Even the most daring companies take action based on data that corroborate your strategies.

However, this does not exclude the importance of knowing how to get up, learn from the lesson and do even better at the next opportunity.

For this reason, being part of the country's scale ups concept is a long, extensive and incessant work.

However, its benefits can be seen in the added value of these organizations in the market.

How about taking a definitive step in the implementation of what is scale up in a more consolidated business model?

Since human resources are so prominent in the development of what is scale up, it is important that you implement HR solutions to maintain elements such as employee satisfaction, training and more.

An option for HR in startups is the investment in an automated people management system. It does not replace strategic functions with the sector, but assists in daily procedures.

HR Consultant UK is software for HR, with a system that acts in the optimization of processes such as:

  • overview;
  • admission and dismissal;
  • hiring;
  • holeries;
  • vacation control and more.

In addition to being a way of improving productivity at work, it also reduces 30% of your HR costs.

Get in touch with HR Consultant UK and find out about our solutions.

To do this, share this post on your social networks and schedule, as soon as possible, a conversation with teammates who may also be delighted with the possibility of planning a scale up internally!


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